Dwight McCarthy

dwightmccartyfilmToday I take a break from all the Green Lanterns and Injustice in general, since Robert Rodriguez has posted the first pic from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, his upcoming movie from Frank Miller‘s graphic novels. The image sees a first rendering of Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy, the private detective portrayed by Clive Owen in the first movie. Well, Brolin and Owen don’t look alike at all… but everything makes sense since A Dame to Kill For takes place before The Big Fat Kill (the episode of the first movie), and between the two something happens to Dwight. Read on, but be aware: there are some spoilers.

We know little of Dwight McCarthy’s past, apart that he lived in quite a reckless way, even above the average of Basin City‘s inhabitants, which is quite something. It is possible that he killed his own father during one of his “incidents”, but this has never been confirmed. He was a photographer for an important newspaper, and he had a beautiful girlfriend, Ava, maybe the most beautiful woman in town. Unfortunately for him, Ava was far too ambitious for spending her life with a mere photographer, and left him, marrying billionaire Damien Lord. This led Dwight down a dwightmccarthycomics1dangerous path, and, after a first period of total depression, spent getting drunk at Kadie’s and sleeping with the pub’s waitress Shellie, he embraced his old life of anger and violence, causing many troubles. With a violent temper and quite an issue with alcoholism, Dwight ended up losing his job. Reaching the bottom, he decided to stop drinking and to do something about his aggressive character, becoming an extremely insecure man, who avoided every possible pleasure and who was dominated by the fear of coming back being the violent brute he used to be. His only weakness left from his previous life was his old-fashioned chivalry, a trait that brought him to help any damsel in distress he met on his path: that’s how he met Miho, a young prostitute from Old Town, who he saved from Tong gangsters. Cleaning himself up, Dwight managed to find a new job as a private detective, and his main activity was to take pictures of adulterous husbands on their wives’ order. Happy with his new self, Dwight seemed to enjoy his new life, even if it wasn’t even nearly as exciting as the previous one.

Everything changed when, after four years they broke up, Ava came back to him, asking for his help. They met at a bar, with Dwight still angry with her for the way they parted. Ava confessed him she was afraid for her own life, and in that very moment a giant brute appeared: Manute, the chief of Damien Lord’s private security. The colossus took Ava away, but Dwight followed them to Lord’s estate, just to see if Ava was right. Manute found him first, and brutally beat him. Bruised and angry, Dwight came back to his apartment, just to find Ava in his place: the dwightmccarthycomics2two argued, but ended up sleeping together. Ava told Dwight that her life wasn’t happy at all, that Damien enjoyed to torture her and to see Manute beating and raping her, and again asked for his help. In that moment, Manute broke in, and beat Dwight once again, throwing him out of his apartment’s window. Back on his feet just in time to see his beloved Ava’s terrified face looking at him through a car’s window, Dwight finally came back to his old, violent self. He went to Kadie’s to look for some reinforcement, and found the help of Marv, a former boxer and an ugly giant, who accepted to help him seeing him as a friend. The two of them arrived at Lord’s estate, and while Marv took care of the security (he even clobbered Manute with no difficulty at all), Dwight reached Damien’s room. The two fought, and Dwight managed to kill his rival, the man who hurt the woman he loved. Unfortunately, nothing of Ava’s story was true. The woman showed up, and told Dwight that he had been used by her since the very beginning: now that her husband was dead, she would have inherited his fortune. After mocking Dwight for his credulity, she shot him in the face. Marv, hearing the shot, intervened and took away Dwight’s still alive body; with his last energies, Dwight asked his friend to take him to the Old City, the prostitutes’ quarter, where an old flame of his, Gail, lived. Dwight used the debt of honor that Miho had with him from the time he saved her for getting the women’s help. They provided him with a new face and helped him with his rehabilitation. More aggressive and furious than ever, Dwight McCarthy was finally ready for his vengeance.

Dwight McCarthy is a man with violent and brutal tendencies, who strives to keep his nature at bay, but always ends up surrendering to it. He falls in love very frequently, and he deeply and truly loves every woman he meets; he’s often driven by a sense of chivalry that puts him in danger most of the times. He’s a good fighter, with Olympic level strength, speed and durability; he hates to skin his knuckles, so he prefers to fight using kicks and, above all, guns. Dwight surely isn’t the worst guy in Sin City: at least, he tries to do the right thing, every time his nearly-non existent luck puts him in an odd situation… something that happens frequently.



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