Abin Sur (Green Lantern)

abinsurfilmToday we come back to casualgamer‘s request, and back to Injustice: Gods Among Us. Before anything else, we were about to finish the list of the Green Lanterns who have a cameo in the game. This time is the turn of Abin Sur, a legend of the Corps…and of the corpse, since he’s long time dead. He appeared in Green Lantern movie, portrayed by Temuera Morrison. His role in the movie is quite the same as in the comics: the dying alien who gives Hal Jordan his Power Ring. Anyway, in the comics his backstory is much deeper, and goes back in time. Let’s see together.

Abin Sur was born on planet Ungara, home of a highly technologically advanced species of red-skinned humanoids, renowned for their culture and their wealthy society across the galaxy. Abin Sur lived a normal and serene life: as a child, he grew up with his best friends Ruch Ehr and Munni Jah, and, growing up, he fell in love with the latter. Munni Jah ended up marrying Ruch Ehr, and Abin Sur, who had never confessed her his love, was satisfied in having her just as a friend. He grew up to be one of the most brilliant minds of his planet, and became a renowned history professor. Sometimes in his life he had a son, Amon Sur, but the relation between the two was never exactly idyllic. Abin Sur’s life changed forever the moment he met Starkaðr (or Stakoar, depending on the spelling), Green Lantern of Sector 2814, who had been mortally wounded by Devlos Ungol, an alien conqueror known as Traitor from the moment he killed all his people. The dying Lantern found Abin Sur worthy of replacing him, and asked him to take his Power Ring. Abin accepted, and left Ungara for Oa, home of the Guardians of the Universe, where he would have been trained as a Green Lantern (actually, leaving his homeplanet for abinsurcomics1becoming a Lantern made Amon Sur hate him and the Corps even more). During the time spent on Oa, Abin Sur became a respected Green Lantern, and his indomitable will made him one of the most powerful members the Corps ever had. He became friends with two of his colleagues: Tomar Re, wise and calm, and Thaal Sinestro, proud and mighty. After a period of normal patroling his Sector, Abin Sur finally met Traitor, who had recovered from his battle against Starkaðr. The two fought, and when the criminal cyborg escaped on a little, primitive blue planet, Earth, Abin Sur followed him. On Earth it was the year 1882, and America was in the middle of the Old West era. On the planet, Abin Sur was helped by a local, Henry Lee Jordan, deputy in SmallvilleKansas: the two together defeated Traitor, and became friends. Abin Sur swore he would have kept a special eye on Earth, and left, coming back to his regular job.

Abin Sur had the chance of coming back on Earth many times. During World War II, Abin Sur was on Earth, and he teamed up with two earthlings, two superheroes, Starman and Bulletman, in order to stop a dangerous Venusian worm, a sentient psychic parasite who on Earth went under the name of Mr. Mind. The worm escaped capture, but the alien being he was using as a vessel was stopped, and his plans thwarted. Abin Sur came back also during the ’50s, when he teamed up with Alan Scott, who went under the name of Green Lantern despite not being a member of the Corps: Scott’s Ring was powered by the Starheart, a magical construct exiled millennia before by the Guardians themselves; during their shared adventure, Scott also lent his Power Ring to Abin Sur the moment his one went out of charge. He also met a Martian refugee, J’onn J’onzz, and the two became friends. When Abin Sur found out that some pages of the Book of Oa were abinsurcomics2destroyed by the Guardians of the Universe, he became curious of what secrets they used to keep, and started a research on his own. His investigations brought him on Ysmault, the planet of magic, defeated during a war that saw the Guardians emerge as winners, and science and technology becoming the new law for the universe. On Ysmault, Abin Sur learnt the content of the missing pages: it was a prophecy about the future coming of The Black, an antithesis to the Emotional Spectrum which would have consumed all life, and the fall of the Green Lantern Corps; Qull from Ysmault also foresaw Abin Sur’s death, and told him that his successor would have become the most powerful Green Lantern of his time. Shaken by the revelations, Abin Sur tried to warn the Guardians, but they ignored his words as “superstition”, and only two of them, Ganthet and Sayd, listened to him. Upset by Guardians’ reaction, Abin Sur tried to prevent the prophecy from coming true by himself, but he ended up being fatally wounded by the collective being Legion (or by Atrocitus, depending on the version), and his ship crashed on Earth. On the planet, he chose the pilot Hal Jordan, descendant of his friend Henry Lee Jordan, as his successor, thus fulfilling the first part of the prophecy.

Abin Sur is a determined and rightful man, with an indomitable will and a wide knowledge of the history of the universe and its laws. He believes serving the Corps to be his greatest honor, and he’s ready to sacrifice anything, his family included, to the commitment of keeping peace. As a Green Lantern, he is one of the best Corps members ever existed, earning the nickname of the Only Law West of Andromeda. His Power Ring allows him to survive in open space, to understand and speak any known language, to manipulate many forms of energy and to create psychic constructs empowered by his willpower. As long as Abin Sur breaths, Universe will be protected from any form of injustice or arm.



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