Thaal Sinestro (Green Lantern)

sinestrofilmWhile we were busy with cameos, Injustice: Gods Among Us introduced another playable character to its roster: Thaal Sinestro, nemesis of every Green Lantern. We will speak about him in two times, like we did for Norman Osborn, since his story is quite a long one, and the version of the character portrayed in the videogame is the Sinestro Corps one, so featuring his second super identity. Sinestro was first portrayed on screen by late Charlie Callas in the tv special Legends of the Superheroes, while he was trying to spoil Retired Man‘s party (…). He received a much more dignified portrayal in Green Lantern, with Mark Strong playing Hal Jordan‘s ambiguous mentor, a veteran Green Lantern with some secrets. Let’s see how Sinestro became a Green Lantern in the comics…

Thaal Sinestro was born on planet Korugar, a planet similar to Earth, whose humanoid inhabitants displayed red skin and an elongated skull. Fascinated by past civilizations and driven by an unborn need to bring order into chaos, Sinestro became a renowned anthropologist, specialized in the reconstruction of ruins of Korugar’s long lost civilizations. One day, while he was working on one of the sites he discovered, a Green Lantern crash-landed nearby: it was Prohl Gosgotha, protector of Space Sector 1417. The Lantern was severly wounded, and, with no energy left, gave his ring to Sinestro, just in time to allow him to fight against his sinestrocomics1attacker and wounder, a Weaponer of Qward, member of an evil race of weapon smiths. Sinestro proved to have an instinctive understanding of the Power Ring, and fought the Weaponer on even, until he managed to lock the alien into a cave and to made it collapse over him, thus destroying the ruins he had spent so much time, enrgy and passion on. Back to the wounded Lantern, he found him still alive. Prohl Gosgotha asked him to have his own ring back, so that he could stay alive long enough to be saved by the incoming reinforcements. Sinestro, however, enjoyed the power granted to him by the ring, and understood quite well that, if Gosgotha survived, he would have never had the chance to take his place again. Without sharing a word, he stood still by the dying Lantern’s body, watching him passing away. When the other Lanterns arrived, Sinestro told them that Prohl Gosgotha had died fighting valiantly against a Weaponer of Qward, and that he had given him the ring wanting him to be his successor. Even the Guardians of the Universe, unaware of the truth, were impressed by the prowess shown by Sinestro, and by his unique will of order, and allowed him to become the new Green Lantern of Sector 1417.

Thaal Sinestro almost totally skipped the training part, since his natural ability with his Power Ring was impressive already. He soon brough the entire Sector 1417 to complete peace and order, and was universally recognized as the finest officer in the Green Lantern Corps. He became close friends with Abin Sur, fellow Lantern of Sector 2814, and even married his sister, Arin Sur. The two had a daughter, Soranik Natu, and the family bond made Sinestro and Abin Sur think of each other as they were brothers. Despite this, not even Sinestro believed to the prophecy discovered by Sur on the lost pages of the Book of Oa. He was extremely saddened by Abin Sur’s death, and saw with clear disregard his successor, Earthling Hal Jordan. Despite this, Ganthet, one of the Guardians, ordered Sinestro to train Jordan, just sinestrocomics2as he already did with other rookies. Despite Hal was at first baffled by Sinestro’s totalitarian vision of order, the two soon became good friends, and together they managed to annihilate Abin Sur’s murderer (in the first version the collective being known as Legion, in the last one the demon-like Atrocitus). While faithfully serving the Corps, anyway, Sinestro’s ideas and behavior became more and more hinged and firm, and his thirst for order brought him to impose a strict law to his own planet, Korugar. The Korugarians weren’t happy at all, and started to threat his family; Arin Sur, understanding both the danger for Soranik and the evil path her husband had taken, gave her daughter away, without telling Sinestro where she was; she died shortly after, for unknown reasons. Sinestro strenghtened his grasp over the planet, and established a dictatorship, forcing his people to worship him. Hal Jordan discovered his tyranny, and tried to put some sense in him in the name of their frienship; Sinestro unexpectedly understood that he had made mistakes, and followed Jordan on Earth, hiding in a prison. Unfortunately, Green Lantern Tomar Re, along with the leader of Korugarian resistance Katma Tui, had revealed to the Guardians Sinestro’s true nature, and he was captured and brought on Oa for trial. When also Hal Jordan testified against him, Sinestro swore revenge against the Corps and his former friend in particular, just before being banned to the Anti-Matter Universe.

Thaal Sienstro is, in his own unique way, a rightful man, who firmly believes in order and peace. Understanding that common people is incapable of mantaining peace on its own, Sinestro thinks that, sometimes, it’s better to force people to follow the law, instead of stopping them anytime they make mistakes. Sinestro is one of the most powerful Green Lanterns of all times, and his willpower gives his Power Ring a never before seen strength. He’s able to survive in open space, to manipulate many forms of energy, to understand any known language and to create mind constructs, characterized by a certain refinement, thanks to his ring. Determined and unstoppable, Sinestro is the terror of whoever tries to break the order he himself created.



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