Morgan Jones

Morgan JonesFinally back to The Walking Dead: this week’s episode Clear brought back a character we didn’t see from the first season, Morgan Jones, portrayed on screen by Lennie James. Last time we saw Morgan, he was effortlessy trying to kill his zombified wife Jenny, while striving to survive with his son Duane. It turned out that Jenny ultimately ate Duane, and poor Morgan, after killing both of them, went mad and became some sort of hermit, after transforming a big part of King County into a booby-trapped shelter. If Morgan’s first appearance resembled almost literally the comics’ one, he is now quite different: let’s see together.

Little is known about Morgan Jones’ life before the zombie apocalypse. He lived in CynthianaKentucky, and was married to an unnamed woman (in the tv show she’s called Jenny), and had a son, Duane. Whatever life or job he could have before the outbreak, it all ended once the dead rose from their graves to hunt for the living. Morgan tried to protect his family from the walkers, but his wife was bitten and, after a high fever, she became a zombie herself. Morgan knew he had to kill her, but he just couldn’t, and let her morganjonescomics1be, roaming in the streets. When his neighborhood became overrun by biters, Morgan took his son, Duane, and left, in search of a safer place. They settled into another neighborhood, a less-infested one, and went from an abandoned house to another until they stopped in an easily defensible one. After some days spent scavaging and stealing for survival, Morgan met a man, walking around in a visible spin. Duane, believing him to be a zombie, hit him with a shovel, but Morgan stopped him before he could kill the guy, and took him inside “their” house. The man was Rick Grimes, former police deputy, and he had just awaken from a coma, not knowing anything about what happened in the world. Morgan explained to him everything he knew about the outbreak, and, when Rick told him he had a family to search for, he suggested him to go to Atlanta, since big cities should have been safer, at least listening to what authorities said before the end of communications. Rick apreciated Morgan’s help, and, after going to the local police station to collect some weapons, he left. Morgan and Duane kept living in Rick’s neighbors’ house, and, while Morgan still hoped for the world to come back to normal sooner or later, Duane seemed to have adapted to the new condition better than his father.

Something like five months later, Morgan and Duane left the house, since Cynthiana had been conquered by the dead, and started moving around the country. They celebrated together their first post-apocalypse Christmas in a barrack somewhere on a snowy mountain, and Morgan found a gameboy for his son. Back to what they used to call civilization, Morgan and Duane started their survival routine once more, but Duane ended up being bitten by a morganjonescomics2walker, and turned. Just as with his wife, Morgan couldn’t kill the monster that used to be his son, and kept him in their house in Cynthiana, chained. His mind broke, and the sense of guilt for not being able to protect his family got rid of him: he killed four men and some dogs, and fed them to zombified Duane to keep him “alive”. Roaming around in search of some looter to give to Duane, Morgan ended up hitting Rick, back in Cynthiana to scavenge some supplies and weapons along with his son Carl and his right-hand man Abraham, with a shovel. Before killing him, anyway, he recognized his old friend, and his mind, after an emotional breakdown, finally came back to a “normal” state. Broken, Morgan told Rick everything that happened since they parted, including Duane’s transformation and the way he fed him. Rick, in pain for his friend’s fate, invited him to join his group; after a long hesitation, Morgan eventually accepted the offer. Before leaving, he came back into his house, and, from the outside, Rick, Carl and Abraham heard a gunshot. At first, they believed he killed himself, but when Morgan came out and joined them, they silently assumed that he finally killed the zombie Duane. Morgan, in reality, had just shot to Duane’s chain, allowing him to walk freely in the house: he tried to kill him, but, as all the other times previously, he couldn’t.

Morgan Jones was quite the average guy before the apocalypse, a good man trying to do his best in life, and a family man who loved his wife and his son. The outbreak however changed him deeply, and now Morgan is a broken man, unable to adapt to the new world. He still feels guilty for “stealing”, even to dead people, and, most of all, he cannot avoid to see in the walkers the people they used to be, thus making him feel an assassin everytime he’s forced to kill one of them…something he would regret, considering the fate he destined his family to, but this only strenghtens his sense of guilt.



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