Thaal Sinestro (Yellow Lantern)

yellowlanternfilmTime today for the second and last part of Thaal Sinestro, speaking of the super identity he appears in the upcoming videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us with: the Yellow Lantern (even if the term is quite inappropriate, and he himself used it only a couple of times). At the end of Green Lantern movie, in a mid-credit scene, we see Sinestro, portrayed by Mark Strong, wearing the Yellow Power Ring he had the Guardians of the Universe create to fight Parallax, transforming into something else. There’s no particular reason in the movie for Sinestro to do such a thing, while there are plenty in the comics: let’s see together.

When Sinestro was banned by our universe by the Guardians, following his dictatorship on his homeplanet Korugar, he was sent to the Anti-Matter Universe, an opposite reality created eons ago by mad scientist Krona during one of his experiments, ruled by laws of matter and energy reversed to the normal ones. During his imprisonment, Sinestro arrived on Qward, home of the Weaponers, the same race to which belonged the killer Sinestro owned his entrance into the Green Lantern Corps to. Sinestro’s fame preceeded him, and the Weaponers knew him as one of their greatest foes…but the former hero of the Corps had fallen from grace, and he appeared to them alone, unarmed and full of hate and resentment towards the Guardians of the Universe. Firmly believing the Guardians were damaging the Green Lanterns, and thus the entire universe, he conceived a plan to destroy his enemies, and to strenghten the Lanterns in the meanwhile. Allied with the Weaponers of Qward, he managed to forge a Yellow Power Ring, born from the yellow impurity that made every Green Power Ring helpless against yellow objects or creatures. Thanks to his new powers, he managed to come back to the normal universe, and to battle the entire Corps single handedly, but his former friend Hal Jordan defeated him thanks to his indomitable will. Part of Sinestro’s plan succeeded and, despite being seen as an enemy, his yellowlanterncomics1continuous assaults made Jordan the most powerful Green Lantern ever lived. After a fierce battle, Sinestro seemed to be killed, but he actually managed to transfer his mind into the Central Power Battery on Oa, deactivating it and making every Green Lantern powerless. Inside the Battery, he met Parallax, the living embodiment of fear and the source of the yellow impurity; the two spoke, liked each other, and came to an agreement. When Hal Jordan entered the Battery to confront Sinestro, the two fought, until the latter was left powerless and defeated, trapped forever in the Battery itself…but, unseen, he had infected Jordan with Parallax, turning him into an avatar of fear. When Parallax took complete control of Jordan, and made him kill many Lanterns and most of the Guardians, the surviving leaders of the Corps chose to free Sinestro as the lesser of two evils, and he and Jordan fought once again; instead of coming out of the Battery, anyway, Sinestro sent a light construct made by his ring, and when Jordan “killed” the false Sinestro and destroyed the Power Battery absorbing its power, the real one was able to break free and flee. The battle with Sinestro brought Jordan over the edge, and he was utterly defeated soon after, becoming the new Spectre.

Sinestro appeared once again to battle Jordan’s successor, Kyle Rayner, along with the Justice League; he utterly defeated any opponent, until Jordan himself was forced to come back to his old body and to battle him. Secretly welcoming his old friend back, Sinestro returned to the Anti-Matter Universe, happy he made the Corps regain their most powerful member. After a brief time in Lex Luthor‘s new Secret Society, Sinestro allied himself with the Anti-Monitor, the supreme being in the Anti-Matter Universe. With his help, he founded a new Corps, composed of Yellow Power Rings wielders, which he humbly called the Sinestro Corps, a lethal army that used the power of fear as a source of yellowlanterncomics2strength. With his Corps, Sinestro attacked the Green Lanterns, starting the Sinestro Corps War; while pretending to be a cosmic conqueror-wannabe, Sinestro was in reality trying to force the Guardians of the Universe to allow their Green Lanterns to use lethal force again, something that was almost completely forbidden in the past, so that they could become once again an effective and feared force of order. The Green Lanterns defeated the new foes, and Sinestro himself was vanquished by Jordan and Rayner; he was taken back on Oa, where he was sentenced to death by the Guardians. While he was being brought to Korugar for the execution, Sinestro ended up being caught by the Red Lanterns, a new Corps powered by rage and founded by Atrocitus. Crucified on the Red Corps’ homeworld Ysmault, Sinestro kept mocking Atrocitus and his empty threats, declaring he didn’t fear pain nor death…until Atrocitus discovered the only thing Sinestro really cared about: his long time lost daughter, Soranik Natu. After a fierce battle, during which Sinestro was saved by his own Corps and Hal Jordan (who was told by Saint Walker, a Blue Lantern, that Sinestro had to survive due to his role in the upcoming Blackest Night), our man finally made it back to Korugar, when he met his daughter, and revealed himself to her. Sinestro marked her daughter with a microscopical mark, resembling their family’s coat of arms, which was also a transmitter, so that Sinestro could always knew where his daughter would have been. Under disguise, he came back to Korugar to see Soranik receive her degree in medicine, her entrance in the Green Lantern Corps, and other important moments of her life; he became proud of his daughter, since she was accomplishing the goal he could not: make Korugarians accept a Green Lantern of their own. Back to Qward, Sinestro kept leading his Corps, using fear as a weapon to bring order in the universe.

Thaal Sinestro is, under his point of view, a rightful man, whose anger against the Guardians of the Universe comes from his belief of their weakness and uncertainty in bringing peace in the universe. He accepts any possible means for preserving peace and imposing order, even if extremely violent, and conceives, thanks to his superior intellect, intricated plans to strenghten his own Corps and the Green Lanterns too (even if never directly). His Yellow Power Ring, which has the same powers of a Green one, also allows him to understand and manipulate other people’s fear, thus making him an incredibly dangerous opponent, able to read anyone’s heart at his own advantage. A determined and strong-charactered genius, Sinestro will do anything to purify the universe from evil and chaos.



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