Doris Zuel (Giganta)

gigantafilmIt seems that casualgamer‘s request will be a long one to reply to, since Injustice: Gods Among Us is introducing many and more characters, both as playable ones or just as cameos. In one of the latest Battle Arena match, we saw some heroes and villains appearing: in the Hall of Justice stage, on the background, there are a couple of giants fighting. One is Atom-Smasher, a hero; the other is Giganta, a villain. The latter had one live action appearance in the tv special Legends of the Superheroes, portrayed by A’leshia Brevard. She didn’t have much of a role, and she issued an interview for announcing her future marriage with The Atom. Let’s see who she is in the comics.

Giganta’s origins have been retold and quite shaken up with the years. The first version of the character has been thankfully doomed to oblivion: in here, Giganta was an ape, who, thanks to the experiments of villainous Professor Zool, artificially evolved into a large-sized red-haired woman, quite strong but with nothing superhuman. She fought with Wonder Woman and, subdued and taken to Paradise Island for rehabilitation, she allied herself with Saturnian slave Eviless and started a riot; she would have later been experimented on once again by Doctor Psycho and made even larger… and blonde. Don’t ask why. Her new origin story was completely different. This time, she was originally a scientist, Dr. Doris Zuel, who worked into an elite medical facility. She was suffering from a fatal blood disease and, with little time left to live, she developed a machine that allowed her to transfer her mind into other people’s body. Fate wanted that Wonder Woman, badly gigantacomics1wounded in a battle, fell into a coma shortly after the machine’s invention, and Zuel decided she would have taken possess of the body of a real goddess. The process started as planned, but, when the two personalities were still switching, Wonder Girl intervened, and stopped the intervention. Both Doris Zuel and Wonder Woman were declared dead, surely a premature diagnosis. While Wonder Woman came back to life shortly after, Zuel’s mind was still trapped inside the machine; it was her assistant, Branson, that discovered his former mentor’s trapped into her own creation, and, with nothing else at hand, “freed” her transferring her mind into the body of one of the test animals, the female gorilla Giganta. While Doris was surely happy not to be a machine anymore, she wasn’t satisfied at all in the body of an ape. She used her machine once again, and stole the body of a comatose young woman, a “strong-woman” from a circus, named Olga. Finally, Doriz Zuel was back into a human body… but not everything was normal.

Zuel discovered that Olga had fallen into a coma after a fight with a shaman, started for unknown reasons. Apart from the coma, the shaman’s magical powers had also given Olga a mystical ability, which resulted in the power of growing in size and strength to become a real giantess. With her power (and height), also Zuel’s ambition grew to gigantic proportions, and she decided to use her abilities to become rich, famous and powerful. She started to use the gorilla’s name, Giganta, for her criminal activities, and became a supervillain. She discovered a handicap in her powers, since her intelligence decreased the gigantacomics2more she grew in dimensions, but becoming more and more brutal and violent didn’t seem a flaw at first. She allied herself to Queen Clea, a feminist terrorist from Venturia (an outpost of Atlantis) who wanted to enslave and kill as many men possible. Along with other female villains, Giganta and Clea formed the team Villainy Inc. and tried to conquer the lost world of Skartaris, but they were ultimately stopped by Wonder Woman. After this first defeat, she entered the Secret Society of Super-Villains (now known with the more dignified name of The Society), but she was always defeated. In the years, she became part of many teams, and, along with Cheetah and Doctor Psycho, she battled to an even Donna Troy (the former Wonder Girl, going for a while under the alias of Wonder Woman) in an attempt to find the “real” Wonder Woman, Diana, who had disappeared; the heroine also allied herself with the new Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark, Robin and Agent Prince (an alias under which Wonder Woman was hidden) to battle Giganta and her allies, but the giant woman ended up being defeated by Hercules. Driven by an immense ambition and by her hatred towards Wonder Woman, Giganta came back many times during her career chasing the princess of Themyscira.

Doris Zuel is an extremely brilliant scientist, expert of mechanical engineering, biology and many other fields. As Giganta, she is able to grow in size, strength and durability, to the point of becoming a nearly unstoppable giantess; with the years, she also managed to retain her full intellect at any size. Villainous and greedy, Giganta is a dangerous woman, who uses her powers for personal benefit, to satisfy her thirst for power and to prove her superiority over males.



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