Uxas (Darkseid)

darkseidfilmFinally, we arrive at the last cameo character present in Injustice: Gods Among Us, at least among the ones revealed so far who ever had a live action appearance. In the Hall of Justice stage, one of the most famous and popular villains of DC Universe appears, just to beat up the players a little bit: Darkseid, the mighty ruler of Apokolips. He appeared in the tenth and final season of Smallville as the main villain, but his protrayal was quite different from the comics: in the tv series, he was introduced as a cosmic corruptor, an evil force who travels around the universe implanting his evil seeds in many cultures, just to annihilate them with the arrival of his homeplanet Apokolips. He never had a direct portrayal, appearing only in CGI, but he possessed Lionel Luthor, played by John Glover. However, let’s see who he is in the comics.

Before being one of the most formidable threats universe had evern known, Darkseid was Prince Uxas, second born of King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra of Apokolips. Young Uxas had an insatiable hunger for power, and he longed to sit on the throne of Apokolips, but his older brother Drax, a peaceful and just man, had the right to become king before him. When the king was lost in the Source Wall, the barrier that prevented mortals to reach the Source, the edge of the universe where all answers lie, only Heggra anddarkseidcomics1 Drax stood in Uxas’ way to the throne. Searching for more power, and testing his ability of corruption, Uxas travelled to New Genesis, the paradise home to the Gods of the Fourth World. In here, he met a peaceful young boy, who became his first guinea pig: the boy loved his pet animals with all his soul, and lived with them as his only friends. When Uxas freed his pet bird and told the boy that the cat ate it, the boy, overtaken by grief and rage, ended up killing the cat; the bird, then, came back, and the boy was driven mad by guilt: he killed the bird too, destroying everything that was left of his innocence. Uxas renamed him DeSaad, and made him his most loyal servant, and the closest thing he ever had to a friend. Together, they came back to Apokolips, where Drax was about to claim for himself his godname (his name as the ruler of Apokolips) and the Omega Force, an incredible power of entropy, the opposite of the Source’s creative power, the distinctive trait of an Apokoliptian ruler. Uxas interrupted the ritual, and took the Omega Force for himself: he turned into a rocky and massive creature, and claimed the godname Darkseid; as a first act as a “god”, Darkseid killed Drax with his Omega Beams, extremely powerful lasers coming from his eyes, able to destroy an entire planet. Unexpectedly, Heggra liked Uxas’ ruthlessness, since she always hated Drax’s pacifism.

There were other pretendants to the throne, starting from Heggra’s brother, General Steppenwolf, commander of the planet’s army. Darkseid tricked him to hunt New Gods for sport, and Steppenwolf killed Avia, wife of Izaya, the Highfather lord of New Genesis. Izaya killed Steppenwolf in turn, but Darkseid, with his new powers, resurrected him as his loyal servant, and a neverending war between Apokolips and New Genesis began. In his first days as a ruler, Darkseid fell in love with Suli, a pacifist sorceress, who tried to teach him to use his power to serve the weaks instead of crashing them. Heggra didn’t approve their union, but the two married in darkseidcomics2secret, and Suli gave Darkseid a son, Kalibak. Seeing that Darkseid was becoming “weak” as Drax, since, changed by his love for Suli, he wanted to stop his bloody battle for the throne, Heggra convinced DeSaad to poison Suli, killing her. From that moment, Darkseid’s heart hardened, becoming as cold and impenetrable as his rocky skin. Haggra found a more suitable mate for his son in Kareev, daughter of the king of a nearby planet rich with chemical deposits (she planned to have the girl killed after the marriage). During the engagement ceremony, a grey skinned beast crashed on the planet, and started destroying everything in his path, killing many people, included Darkseid’s long time friend Mayhem: the alien creature, who would have later been known as Doomsday, seemed unstoppable, and Darkseid knew fear for the first time. When the beast brought the planet to the edge of destruction, Apokolips’ royal family left it, leaving everyone on its surface to their doom. Back on Apokolips, Darkseid married Tigra, the woman Heggra wanted him to marry since the beginning, and she gave him a son, Orion; he then learnt of his mother’s and his friend’s role in Suli’s death, and put DeSaad in front of a choice: or to poison Heggra, avenging his beloved wife, or to die at his own hands; DeSaad made his choice, and Heggra died. Darkseid was finally alone on Apokolips’ throne, with no friends to trust, nor enemies to fear. He came to a truce with Izaya of New Genesis, The Pact: Orion was sent on New Genesis, while Izaya’s son came to Apokolips. As long as the two princes stayed on the enemy planet, the Pact would have lasted. Scott Free (this was the name Granny Goodness, the orphan’s military trainer, gave to Izaya’s son) would have soon escaped Apokolips, while Orion was trained to be a force of good on New Genesis. With both his sons, the biological as well as the adoptive one, turned into his mortal enemies, Darkseid was eventually alone, an almost almighty tyrant, surrounded by enemies, ruling over a hellish world, seeking the secrets of the universe.

Darkseid is a pitiless, ruthless, hateful and evil warlord, whose unlimited intellect is continuously plotting new ways of bending the secrets of the universe to his will. His New God phisiology grants him immortality, invulnerability, and nearly unlimited phisycal attributes, such as strength, speed and durability. The Omega Force gives him many powers, among which the destructive Omega Beams, teleportation, possession, telekinesis, mind control, telepathy, size alteration, time bending, energy and matter manipulation, and many others. Always seeking ancient and new powers, Darkseid is one of the most dangerous beings in the universe, a creature of pure evil driven by a twisted genius, a power hungry mass-murderer who will never stop in front of anything to achieve knowledge and power.



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