Rudolph Jones (Parasite)

parasitefilmHere we are, again for casualgamer‘s request. Latest Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay videos revealed yet other characters who have a cameo in the game, and among them there is one of Superman‘s deadliest enemies, Parasite. In the game, he’s seen in Iron Gates Penitentiary trying to get out of his magnetic cell. The character appeared in his first live-action portrayal in Smallville, played by Brendan Fletcher. In this version, Rudy Jones is a teenager meteor freak recruited by Tess Mercer as a part of her team to track down Doomsday, but goes rogue and, after absorbing Clark Kent‘s powers, he uses them to hunt down Mercer. In the comics, the character is quite older, and his powers work differently. Let’s see together.

There was a Parasite prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, who was called Maxwell Jensen, but his existence was erased after the cosmic event. Only Darkseid seemed to remember him, and the lord of Apokolips decided that it was time for another Parasite to be born. He chose Rudolph Jones, a janitor, as the new incarnation of the villain, and he manipulated his psyche to make him parasitecomics1become a deadly foe for Earth‘s heroes. Jones was working at the Pittsburgh branch of the S.T.A.R. labs and, as many workers, he believed he didn’t get paid enough for his work; unlike many workers, he chose to take for himself what he believed to be his by right, and started searching for something valuable to steal. Darkseid tricked his mind to make him open a canister containing a stone Superman himself had brought from space for research: the radiations coming from the stone mutated Rudy’s DNA, and transformed him into a green-skinned monster. Jones’ blood became extremely unstable, and the man discovered he needed to consume other people’s life force to stay alive, driven by an insatiable hunger. Every time he fed, Rudy Jones, now the new Parasite, left behind him smoldering skeletons. The Parasite was easily captured by government forces, and, against the opinion of Amanda Waller and Rick Flag, he was recruited into the Suicide Squad, a team of villains working for the government. When Firestorm, acknowledging he was dying, decided he would have destroyed every nuclear weapon in the world, US Army decided to take him down, and sent the Suicide Squad to stop him; unfortunately, also the Justice League of America was pursuing the same objective, and the two teams ended up clashing, as always. The Squad, being unable to subdue Earth’s mightiest heroes, released the Parasite… who went berserk and started killing anyone on his path, including supervillain Multiplex. It took the common effort of the JLA, the Suicide Squad and Firestorm to stop the Parasite, but he was eventually defeated.

After his first killing spree, Rudy Jones was sent to Belle Reve Prison, where some scientists tried to cure him from his condition… but the only result the therapy obtained was to turn his skin from green to pink-purple, and, above all, to increase his absorption power: now Rudy was able to absorb also other forms of energy, such as electricity, heat, radiations and so on. When Superman was overloading on solar energy, the Parasite was unleashed in a desperate attempt to save the hero from the energy surplus. The two battled on the moon, and the Man of Steel hit the Parasite without restraining himself, with a massive blast of his parasitecomics2heat vision; the shot allowed Superman to discharge much of his overloaded energy, but had consequences on Rudy, who mutated even further. He grew in size, becoming a massive monster with leech-like teeth, and his absorption powers increased again, this time allowing him to feed also on psychic energy and on fast-moving object’s inertia. Unfortunately, being so big, the Parasite now needed to feed more and more often, becoming an unparalleled threat. Back to Belle Reve, he ended up absorbing Torval Freeman, one of the doctors trying to cure him; unlike the previous times, Rudy retained some part of Freeman’s intelligence inside of him, becoming just as brilliant as the scientist was. After many battles with Superman and Supergirl, the Parasite mutated once again, when he was hired to absorb part of Strange Visitor‘s (some sort of female version of the electric-blue Superman) electromagnetic energy, since she wasn’t able to control it. Rudy gladly accepted the task, but the exposure to the superheroine’s powers changed him again: he found himself able to fully and permanently maintain the intellect of the people he absorbed, and to maintain the stolen energy for some hours; he also became able to duplicate to the detail the genetic makeup and the appearance of his victims, thus becoming a shapeshifter of some sort. Stronger than ever, the Parasite came back to his old love: trying to absorb the energy of one of the most powerful beings on Earth, the Kryptonian Superman.

Rudy Jones wasn’t exactly an evil person before Darkseid’s schemes, he was just a mediocre, embittered and grumpy man, seeking for a better life. With power, he has become extremely greedy and ambitious, and the hunger always driving him is a curse and spur for his continuous search of energy. As the Parasite, he’s an extremely dangerous being, capable of absorbing any kind of energy to increase his strength, agility, durability and intellect; he can also take the appearance of his victims, and, in the case of metahumans, he can replicate their powers for a short amount of time, twenty-four hours being the maximum until now. Always hungry, always on hunt, the Parasite won’t stop until he has devoured everything.



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