Christopher Genovese (Red Mist)

redmistfilmFirst trailer for Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, new characters to speak about. First of all, let’s see together who the main villain of the movie is. In Kick-Ass, we knew Chris d’Amico, portrayed by Christopher Mintz-Plasse: he was the son of the mobster Frank D’Amico, who tried to help his daddy facing the “super” heroes by pretending to be one himself. In the comics, the character’s name is Chris Genovese, and he has quite a role in making Kick-Ass‘ life a living hell. In the second movie, we’ll see the second part of Chris’ criminal career, but we’ll start from the beginning: we’ll start from Red Mist.

Christopher Genovese, Chris for friends (if he had any), apparently was a regular teenager, a comicbook geek who enjoyed reading superheroes stories and stuff. Actually, he was the son of John Genovese, the biggest and baddest mafia boss in town. Growing up a spoiled child, Chris never cared for anyone but himself, and also managed to disappoint his daddy, who wanted quite a different kind of redmistcomics1son as a heir to his empire. Chris’ comicbook “culture” came in handy the moment the Genovese family had to face an unexpected enemy, the superheroes’ duo Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, a couple of murdering maniacs who were literally tearing to pieces John’s entire organization. Since another popular hero, not exactly the “super” kind but popular enough, was hitting the scenes at the same time, Chris developed a plan to rid his father of his tormentors, using the third hero, Kick-Ass. Chris created a masked identity for himself, Red Mist, and, after calling some Russian drug dealers from his father’s empire to a rendezvous, he had them arrested by the police. Soon, Red Mist’s fame rose, and, thanks to his expensive gadgets and his higher success, he stole some of Kick-Ass’ fandom. When he was sure he had brought the hero’s attention on himself, Red Mist asked for a meeting, and the two met in an alley. At first, Kick-Ass (quite jealous of his rival’s success) tried to convince him to give up on the dangerous way of the lonely superhero, but when Red Mist showed him some of his toys, especially the Mistmobile, Kick-Ass changed his mind, and they became friends. On their first mission together, Kick-Ass and Red Mist tried to save a “baby” (actually a cat) from a burning building, but they ended up being trapped inside in the flaming hell and got saved by the firemen.

Kick-Ass soon thought he had found a friend and a partner to his crime-fighting, and arrived to trust Red Mist to the point of revealing his secret identity to him. Red Mist’s plan finally arrived to a complete success when Kick-Ass invited him to a meeting with Big Daddy and Hit-Girl: as soon as Chris knew the location, he informed his father, who sent his men to take care of the couple. When Kick-Ass and Red Mist arrived on the scene, Big Daddy was severely wounded, and Hit-Girl was redmistcomics2incapacitated; before the green-suited hero could do anything, Red Mist drew his gun and pointed it to his “friend’s” head, revealing himself as the son of John Genovese. John, arrived on the scene, shot Hit-Girl out of a window, and took Kick-Ass and Big Daddy as prisoners. Back to the hideout, Chris enjoyed seeing Kick-Ass tortured for a while, but then got bored and came back home with his father, who ordered the two heroes to be killed. Unfortunately, Hit-Girl was still alive, and, even if she wasn’t able to save Big Daddy’s life, she released Kick-Ass, and the two attacked the Genovese family together. When the battle started, Chris hid in his room, with a handgun as protection: terrified by all the screams he heard coming from the other rooms, the boy tried his best to stay hidden and silent, but when he heard Kick-Ass shouting his name, his pride gained the upper hand, and he came out to confront his former ally. Believing that two sticks could do nothing against a gun-armed man, Red Mist underestimated his opponent, who disarmed him and knocked him unconscious. When he woke up, Chris was alone, surrounded by corpses, and even his father was dead. Hiding from Hit-Girl and leaving his uncle Ralphie take over the family business, Chris Genovese started plotting his revenge.

Chris Genovese is a spoiled and cruel child, used to get anything he wants without having to ask for it twice. He’s driven by a frustrated need to impress his father, his hated-loved role model, and tries everything to make him proud of him. As Red Mist, he doesn’t possess any particular power or ability, he’s just a man in a costume, swinging a gun around.



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