Cobi (Starro)

starrofilmThe number of characters present in Injustice: Gods Among Us keeps rising: another popular DC villain has a cameo in the game, Starro, the galactic conqueror, who appears in the Fortress of Solitude prisoner of something like a fishball. The alien warlord already appeared in Smallville, in the episode Prophecy, in quite an unexpected version: in this portrayal, he was a mechanical device built by the Toyman, and the villain used it to force Stargirl to battle her fellow heroes. Tess Mercer discovered the device and found a solution to mind control, thus foiling Toyman’s plans. In the comics, Starro is no device at all…

At the beginning of Justice League of America‘s activity, the heroes were forced to battle a giant alien starfish, able to produce millions of little clones of himself, who attached themselves to people’s face and controlled their mind, transforming them in puppets at the orders of the alien conqueror. The League almost lost the battle, since some heroes fell under Starro’s control and started battling their own teammates, but eventually starrocomics1the common effort of Superman, Wonder WomanBatman and the others defeated the monster, who escaped from Earth (after absorbing much of the planet’s knowledge thanks to his underlings). For years, Starro battled Earth’s heroes, and for years the League and the other teams believed that the giant starfish was the actual Starro…but they were wrong: the real Starro never showed himself and acted from the shadows, controlling the Star Conquerors and using them to subjugate entire worlds to his thirst for power. The alien controlling the Stars was once named Cobi, inhabitant of planet Hatorei. People on Hatorei had developed a unique global psychic link, which connected everyone’s mind with everyone else’s one, and the planet soon became the most ethical and stable culture in the entire universe. Cobi lived in peace with his beloved brother Andrez, in a world ruled by mutual love and respect. The paradise known as Hatorei was destined to break apart the moment a Starro Motherstar arrived on the planet: the Motherstar was the queen of the predator species known as Star Conquerors, psychic parasites who travelled in the universe in search of a suitable planet for a queen’s nest. After enslaving the population thanks to their immense psychic powers, they used people as vessels to build their nest, until a new queen was born and they were able to start their wandering again. Unfortunately, Hatorei people shared a mind link already, and this made the “usual procedure” much more difficult.

The inhabitants of the planet, conquered by the Starros, shared their deep hatred towards the enemy and the indignation for their new starrocomics2condition of slavery, even if their actions were completely controlled by the aliens. Andrez became the physical embodiment of Hatorei’s collective outrage and will of upheaval, and managed to free himself from mind control. He snuck into the queen’s nest to kill her before she was born, and started to destroy the eggs. One of the hatchling, desperately trying to protect the queen and his siblings, took control of Cobi, and used him to kill Andrez: this only transferred Hatorei’s hatred from Andrez to Cobi, and plus Cobi went mad seeing himself killing his beloved brother. His rage gave Cobi a tremendous strength, and he ripped the parasite off his face, gaining his trademark star-shaped scar. The newborn queen, still small (at least for being a gigantic space starfish), tried to attack Cobi, but with no effect: she sticked to the boy’s chest, unable to take control of his mind. Cobi decided he would have kept the queen as a personal trophy, and destroyed the remaining hatchlings. He then used his own psychic powers combined to the queen’s ones, and overlapped Hatorei’s mind link to the Star Conquerors’ one, gaining control of the entire species of space predators. Cobi, still fueled by the rage and the madness that took over him after Andrez’ death, renamed himself Starro the Conqueror, and started a war against the entire universe, starting to use the Star Conquerors to subjugate worlds and populations. Thanks to the mind link with the parasites, Starro became able to absorb the knowledge and the power of every creature enslaved by his minions, becoming one of the most powerful beings in the universe. The most valuable enemies who tried to stop his conquest were “rewarded” with a Star Conqueror attached on their backs: as long as they served him loyally as his generals, Starro let them retain their free will, turning them into mindless zombies at his comand if they tried to rebel against him.

The man once known as Cobi, now Starro the Conqueror, is an extremely powerful warlord, a general driven by a destructive madness, whose psyche is irreversibly fused with the collective coscience of the Star Conquerors. Able to control the psychic parasites, Starro uses them to conquer entire planets, whose inhabitants lose their free will and become servants to his cause. His power, strength and knowledge grow the more beings he turns into mindless pawns: at the moment, he has conquered nine whole galaxies.



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