Mariko Yashida

Mariko YashidaFinally, some pics from the upcoming The Wolverine surface, and they give us a look at some of the movie’s major characters. First of all, we’re going to speak about Mariko Yashida, Wolverine‘s main love interest in the film. She’ll be played by Tao Okamoto, and she seems to be pretty much like her comicbook counterpart…but for one little particular: the actress said in an interview that she’ll do some fight sequences, and that Mariko herself is a good martial artist in the movie. Well, that’s something different from the original character. Let’s see together.

Mariko’s family surely is a wide one: being a Yashida, she was born the daughter of Lord Shingen, head of the Yashida Clan, and the half-sister of Kenuichio Harada, the powerful mutant and warrior better known as the Silver Samurai. She was also the cousin of Shiro and Leyu Yoshida, the Japanese superheroes known as Sunfire and Sunpyre. She didn’t have voice in the rule of the Clan, since, being a woman in a world of traditional men, she wasn’t even allowed to speak in public. She never felt this cultural bonds as an imposition, until she met the X-Men, an American team of mutant superheroes who came to ask for her cousin Sunfire’s help. Among them, there was Wolverine, a man with no memory of his past who was simply called Logan, a feral and tormented hero who at first scared Mariko, but who ended up charming her. The two fell in love, and, when Logan came back to US, she followed him with using as a pretext her father’s business, and the two started a relation during the time she was in New York. Unfortunately, when Mariko came back to Japan, Lord Shingen had organized her wedding: she had to marry Noburu Hideki, a criminal associate of Yashida Clan, to strengthen the bond between the two criminal marikoyashidacomics1organizations and to settle a debt. Unable to resist her father’s will, Mariko married Noburu. He was a cruel man, who beat her and despised her, and Logan came to Japan to free her from him; Mariko refused to flee with him, since her honor was bound to her father’s desires for her. Lord Shingen, understanding far too well the real feelings between his daughter and Wolverine, ordered one of his personal assassins, lethal Yukio, to drug the mutant, and then he challenged him to a duel, since Logan had attempted to Mariko’s honor. Even if Wolverine was drugged and not in his best shape, he still held his ground against the expert samurai Shingen, but, when he went on a rampage and was about to kill his opponent, he saw Mariko looking at him with fear, and, losing his will to fight, he ended up losing the duel. His life and honor now beloged to the Yashida Clan.

When Katsuoyori, a rival clan, threatened Yashida, he ordered Wolverine to assassinate him, thus wanting to make Mariko despise her lover, looking at his beastly and murdering side. While Wolverine and Yukio battled in the campaign against Katsuyori, Mariko finally understood her father’s evil nature, and swore to him that she would have killed him, since he was ruining the Yashida’s name, and she would have committed seppuku immediately after. While in the family fortress, the Yashida Clan suffered the attack of Wolverine and Yukio, now looking for vengeance against Lord Shingen: Noburu Hideki tried to take Mariko and flee, but he was killed by Yukio; meanwhile, Wolverine challenged Shingen in a honorable duel, and killed him, thus preventing Mariko from murdering her father and committing suicide. With her father and her husband dead, Mariko became the head of the Yashida Clan, and vowed to clean it from the criminal activity that had ruined it over the years. She became officially engaged with Logan, but, some times before their marriage, the criminal Mastermind used his psychic powers to make her break the engagement and come back to Yashida’s criminal nature. When marikoyashidacomics2Mastermind was defeated and his mind control broken, Mariko refused to marry Logan all the same, ashamed for the things she did under the criminal’s influence and feeling that she would have been free to marry the man she loved only after cleaning her family’s name. During the time she spent dismantling her father’s empire, Mariko clashed with her brother, the Silver Samurai, who didn’t apreciate what she was doing with the Yashida Clan. Wolverine met her once again, when he entrusted her young Amiko Kobayashi, an orphan girl who became her surrogate daughter. Unfortunately, one of Mariko’s greatest opponents was Matsu’o Ysurayaba, prominent member of the ancient cult of The Hand. Wolverine helped Mariko fighting The Hand on her behalf, but when peace seemed to be reached at last, Ysurayaba had one of his assassins, Reiko, poison Mariko with blowfish’ tetrodotoxin. Facing a long and painful death, Mariko asked Logan to give her a quick and clean death: heartbroken, the mutant complied. From that day, on every anniversary of Mariko’s death, Wolverine chopped a different piece of Matsu’o’s body as revenge.

Mariko Yashida is a gentle and refined woman in a world made of cruel and ruthless assassins. Despite her peaceful nature, Mariko possesses an incredible inner strength and willpower, and she is able to rule the Yashida Clan with authority and firmness. Divided between two countries and the love for her man and for her family, Mariko fights to bring order and balance in her world and in her life.



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