Loki Laufeyson

lokifilmHere we are, for the last character featured in the first trailer of Thor: The Dark World: fan-favorite Loki, once again portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. In the first movie, we saw how Loki’s friendship with his step-brother Thor was utterly ruined when the real origins of Loki, son of Laufey king of the Jotuns, were revealed, and his envy towards his brother grew to cosmic proportions. In The Avengers, he tried to conquer Earth allying himself with Thanos and his army of Chitauri, but was stopped (and humiliated) by a team of Earth heroes formed by Nick Fury. In this third appearance, it seems that Loki will be Thor’s uncomfortable ally in his hunt for Malekith, who has kidnapped Jane Foster. Let’s see together who the god of mischief is in the comics.

Loki’s origin story is just as twisted and complex as the character is: it was Loki himself, from our present/his past-self future, who set in motion the events that would have made him the god he was. From an uncertain point in time, in fact, Loki came back to the past, and used his magic to appear as a Jotun in a battle between the Frost Giants and the Aesir, led by the mighty Bor. The Jotuns lost the battle, and Loki, knowing Bor’s pride, allowed himself to be pursued by the Asgardian. When Bor reached what he believed to be a Jotun, Loki lokicomics1revealed himself, and, knowing that he wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Aesir in combat, he turned him into snow with a spell, then making himself invisible. After a few moments, Bor’s son, Odin, arrived, just in time to see his father melt before his very eyes. Odin was crowned as the rightful king of Asgard, but future-Loki followed him, and started haunting him in the shape of Bor’s ghost. In despair, Odin finally arranged a deal with the shadow following him: he would have adopted the son of the next enemy he would have found worth of his spear, and raised him as his own. The very next week, the Jotuns attacked once again, and Odin killed in duel Laufey, king of Jotunheim. In his enemy’s palace, Odin found an infant, the deformed, short-sized son Laufey had kept hidden from his own people: driven by pity, by the will of giving honor to a valuable adversary, and by the promise made with his father’s “ghost”, Odin adopted the young one, Loki Laufeyson, who would have become his adoptive son, so that he would have grown up along with his legitimate sons Thor and Balder. Happy with his achievement, future Loki vanished, coming back to the time he belonged to, while young Loki started his life in Asgard, along with a brother who he equally admired and despised.

During their very childhood, Loki and Thor grew up to be very different one from the other: while Thor was big, strong and beautiful, Loki was skinny, weak and hideous (at least, for Asgardian average); while Thor excelled in the arts of combat, Loki was more a tactician and enjoyed studying more than fighting. Envious of the attentions Odin gave to Thor, Loki started studying magic and Asgardian science, becoming one of the most powerful sorcerers in Asgard when he was still a teenager. Along with his knowledge, also his malice grew, but at first he only used his cunning intelligence for pranks (particularly famous was the one through which he turned his brother’s blonde girlfriend into raven-haired Sif), every time lokicomics2hiding his hate and envy towards the other Asgardians behind nasty humor. When Odin gifted Thor with Mjolnir, his war hammer, Loki enchanted the forge so that the handle was to short for that kind of weapon (that’s why Thor’s war hammer is actually a throwing hammer). Finally, with Thor’s glory rising day after day, Loki abandoned all appearances and swore he would have become the most powerful warrior in Asgard, and that he would have made everyone love and admire him just as they did with Thor. During centuries, Loki tried many time to conquer Asgard by force, manipulating one race or another from the Nine Realms, until Odin, exasperated by his adoptive son, imprisoned him in a tree. It was only some hundred years after that Loki managed to escape his magical prison, with even more resentment towards his adoptive family. He started planning and plotting, becoming an enemy also of the Greek pantheon (Zeus himself locked Loki in Haides, but Loki seemed to enjoy the time spent there and went under the name of Devil for a while); when Thor became attached to Earth, Loki started attacking our world, trying to manipulate the powerful Hulk for his plans, only obtaining to create a threat dangerous enough to force some of the most powerful Earthly superheroes to ally, forming the Avengers.

Loki Laufeyson, the god of mischief, is without a doubt one of the most intelligent and twisted minds in the universe, able to amplify his perception of reality behind the borders of dimensions and Realms. Being a Frost Giant, Loki possesses natural superhuman physical attributes, such as strength, speed, agility, senses and stamina, but his most formidable resource is his knowledge of magic and ancient arts, that allows him to cast spells, to travel in time, to shape-shift, to control the minds of other sentient and non-sentient beings, and many other things. Ambitious, evil and unstoppable, Loki is ready to do anything to achieve his goals, and his plans, often thought and developed in the course of centuries, are just as hard to understand as they are to stop.



siffilmAlmost at the end of our overview of the characters appeared in latest Thor: The Dark World trailer. This time, we’re speaking of one of Asgard‘s most famous femmes fatales, Lady Sif, warrior goddess portrayed on screen by Jaimie Alexander. In the trailer, she’s only seen in the middle of a battle against Dark Elves, and while she accompanies her beloved Thor somewhere in the Nine Realms, staring (jealous?) at Jane Foster. In the first movie, she proved to be a loyal friend and a brave warrior, always toe to toe with the Warriors Three, able to slaughter many Frost Giants and even to stand for a while against the mighty Destroyer. Let’s see together who she is in the comics.

Sif was born as part of the second generation of Asgardians, the one started with the merging of Aesir and Vanir. She, along with her brother Hemidall, showed from her very childhood to be a proud Asgardian, stubborn and determined. As every Asgardian, she was born with golden hair, which she proudly showed. She was the constant companion of games of the royal children, Thor, Balder and Loki. When she grew up in a beautiful adolescent, she fell in love with Thor, and he felt the same for her; even Odin blessed that union, believing it to be a good royal couple for the new Asgard. Their love was so strong that when Sif fell captive of a Frost Giant, who offered her to death goddess Hela in exchange for immortality, Thor offered himself at her place; Hela, impressed, released both of them, taking the Giant instead. Loki, however, grew jealous of his brother’s happiness, and decided to play a prank to the detriment of Sif: while the girl was heavily sleeping, he cut off the golden hair she was so proud of. She woke up completely bold, and, humiliated and anger, cried over her sifcomics1beauty’s loss. Thor, enraged and well aware that his brother was behind the prank, forced Loki to remedy his girlfriend’s condition, and the god of mischief went to some Dwarves he knew, Brokk and Eitri, asking them to forge new hair for Sif out of pure gold. Loki didn’t want to pay the Trolls for their job, and stole the hair before the treatment was complete (they were lacking a special, magical potion only the Trolls new about). Sif was at first happy when she was magically bond to hair even more beautiful and golden than they were before, but, as minutes passed, her new mane became darker and darker, until it was raven-black. She kept mourning the loss of her beauty until her parents, tired of her vanity, sent her to a warriors’ school, having her trained to become a shield maiden. In that moment, Sif’s life changed, she was separated from her friends and her beloved Thor, and was sent into a world she didn’t know… but that she would have soon learnt to master, and to love.

Even during he training days, Sif was sometimes allowed to see her friends, but Thor had grown arrogant and distant from her heart. She soon started to feel jealousy towards other Asgardians who were Thor’s acquaintances, first of all the seductive Amora, the future villainess known as the Enchantress, and Brunhilde, the future heroine known as the Valkyrie. Loki, seeing an opportunity to get his brother into trouble, convinced Sif that she could have won Thor’s eternal love through the magic Mirror of Mycha, an artifact hidden in the castle of Karnilla, the Sorceress Queen of Nornheim. Sif, desperately jealous, agreed to steel it, and, thanks to her training, she completed the task… only to be robbed in turn by Amora, who had another kind of agreement with Loki. Amora used the Mirror on Thor, who immediately fell in love with her. Brunhilde, seeing what happened, offered her allegiance to Sif, casting their disagreements away, and the two warrior women sifcomics2managed to break the Mirror’s spell. When they told Thor what had happened, he got angry at Sif, who had tried for first to win his love with an enchantment, and from that moment the romantic relationship that was between the two faded away, replaced by a strong loyalty and a true friendship on the side of Thor, and a neverending love and admiration Sif’s one. When Thor was exiled on Earth by Odin, Sif went completely into her training, and became Asgard’s fiercest and strongest female warrior, second only to Brunhilde the Valkyrie. When Thor came back, he was seriously impressed by Sif’s improvements, and she was even more admired seeing that he had finally learnt some humility; with Thor heartbroken since he had recently lost any hope to marry his beloved mortal, Jane Foster, Sif comforted him and stayed close to him, until the two fell in love again, promising to get married. Unfortunately, Thor felt a great responsibility towards Earth, and spent many time on Midgard, while Sif, even if she tried to live on Earth for a while, would have always preferred Asgard’s majesty. Now belonging to two different worlds, Thor and Sif got separated again.

Sif is a brave, stubborn and strong woman, with a will just as sharp as her sword. From the vain and conceited girl she once was, she has become one of Asgard’s truest and most valiant defenders, ready to sacrifice her own life for her people’s safety. Apart from Asgardians’ superhuman natural abilities (super strength, speed, stamina and durability, accelerated healing, augmented reflexes and senses) she is an incredibly capable swordsman, and her warrior’s abilities are surpassed on Asgard only by the Valkyrie’s. Thanks to Odin’s magic, her sword allows her to cut through the very bonds of reality, creating dimensional passages following certain patterns in the air. Desperately and stubbornly in love with Thor, firmly loyal to Asgard and its people, Sif is proud to be both a woman and a warrior, a steadfast resource for every world in need.


friggafilmHere we are, for another character seen in the trailer of Thor: The Dark World, another veteran from the previous movie: Frigga, portrayed by Rene Russo. In the first Thor, poor Frigga had most of her scenes cut from the final release, quite a shame for the queen of Asgard. She was just seen trying to guard her husband, who had fallen into Odinsleep, and to assure her adopted son Loki about the love his parents feel for him even if he’s in reality a blue monster with red eyes. She showed some guts in killing a Frost Giant and facing Laufey himself, trying to defend Odin, but nothing more. In the trailer, we can see her standing between Jane Foster and Malekith, in an analogue scene. Let’s see who this goddess is in the comics.

Frigga was born the daughter of Freyr and Jord, two Vanir gods. The Vanir spent eons in a war against their cousins, the Aesir, both being sub-races of Asgardians and wanting to gain control over their world. Along with her sisters Fulla and Gullveig, Frigga could do nothing but to watch her country’s men go to war and fall one after the other, and every time she prayed war could end soon. The occasion came when Freyr signed a treaty with Asgardians, and sealed peace between two people with a marriage. From the Aesir’s side, the mighty Odin was chosen; Frigga an her sisters admired the proud warrior and, during a banquet, they competed with each other to gain his attentions for a night. Frigga managed to conquer Odin’s heart, and the two got married soon after, thus uniting Aesir and friggacomics1Vanir in a single country and ending war between the two peoples. Wise and loving, Frigga accepted to raise Odin’s son Thor as her own, even if he had been conceived by her own mother, Jord (also known as Gaea, goddess of Earth). With her husband, she conceived three sons: Balder, the beautiful god of ligt, Asgard’s heir to the throne; Hermod, the cunning god of speed, who would have become Odin’s messenger; and Tyr, the courageous god of war, the strongest of warriors. Among those three, Frigga loved Balder the most, but she soon received a prophecy, according to which Balder would have been killed, and his death would have ignited Ragnarok, a cosmic event that would have erased the Asgardians from the universe. In order to avoid this, Frigga cast all the spells she knew to make him invulnerable, but among all plants, animals and inanimate objects, only mistletoe “refused” to comply to Frigga’s prayer, so Balder was still vulnerable, in a certain way. Odin, believing that the simple fact that everyone knew about the prophecy involving his firstborn was a danger, chose to remove Balder from the court, with him being raised by another family, unaware of his origins; Frigga, desperate but understanding, agreed, and separated herself from her beloved son.

Around 1000 AD, the Council of Godheads (an assembly of the main gods from all the Earth’s pantheons) foresaw the coming of the Celestials, extremely powerful cosmic beings who would have arrived on Earth in the upcoming centuries deciding if human race was worth existing. While most of the male gods wanted to declare war on the Celestials (a war that they could not possibly win) Frigga and the other goddesses had another idea. Led by Jord, Frigga and the others activated the genetic potentials of some human beings, turning them in the so-called friggacomics2Young Gods. Frigga offered herself to watch over the Young Gods, keeping them into a centuries-old sleep, and stayed on Earth with (in?) her mother. When the Celestials came, Frigga awoke the Young Gods from their slumber, and the Celestials understood humanity’s potential, thus judging them worth existing. Satisfied with her mission, Frigga left Earth and came back to Asgard, at Odin’s side. Frigga left Asgard one more time when the eternal city was invaded by Surtur, demon Fire Giant who led his troops to invade Asgard; the queen took all the children present in the realm and brought them to safety, but when she came back home, she learnt from Thor that Odin had fallen in battle. She was reunited with him when Thor freed him from Seth, who had Odin’s soul in his dead realm. Odin’s reign lasted many centuries, and Frigga was always at his side; when, after Ragnarok and after the invasion at the hands of the Serpent, Odin renounced to the throne, Frigga formed a triad with her mother Gaea and Idunn, heroic keeper of the Golden Apples: the three goddesses together formed the All-Mother, new ruler of Asgard, a powerful and wise guidance for any Aesir or Vanir.

Frigga is a wise and loving woman, the goddess of marriage for Asgardians and an appreciated queen. Despite not being trained in combat, Frigga possesses Asgardians’ superhuman abilities nevertheless, and she’s incredibly strong, fast and durable, with heightened senses and reflexes and accelerated healing. She is very skilled in magic, and has proven more than once to be a powerful sorceress. Just as wise as Odin, but not so harsh and severe, Frigga is the mother and the queen everyone can trust, truly attached to her people as everyone were his son or her daughter.

Odin Borson

odinfilmLet’s keep speaking about the characters shown by the first trailer of Thor: The Dark World, second solo adventure of the God of Thunder. This time, under the spotlight there’s the Allfather himself, Odin, played by Anthony Hopkins. Odin is the rightful king of Asgard, father of the Aesir (the Norse gods), a powerful warrior and a wise ruler. In Thor, he’s been portrayed as an old and tired king looking for a heir in his two sons, the hot-headed Thor and the cunning Loki, only to understand that Asgard needs him a little longer, at least as long as his son is mature enough to take the throne’s responsibility upon himself. In the second movie, we’ll see an even older and weaker Odin facing Asgard’s most dangerous threat since the ancient times. But let’s see together who the mighty Odin is in the comics.

Odin Borson‘s true origins are shrouded in mystery, history fused with myth and legends. It appears that Odin was born the second son of Bor, one of the first Asgardians ever and ruler of Asgard itself, and Bestla, a mountain giantess. While his older brother, Cul, also known as the Serpent, was kept a secret in Odin’s tales, his younger ones, Vili and Ve, were remembered as the closest friends of his youth. Bor saw little Odin as the best heir to his throne, and taught him how to fight, how to rule, and how to defend his dreams. Odin was forbid, anyway, to have his own dreams: he had just to defend Bor’s dreams on him. When Odin tried to pursue his own vision of the future and created mankind, Bor went mad over his son, and, unable to undo what had been done, he created any kind of sickness, fears and sufferings for mankind. From that very moment, Odin’s relationship with his father became extremely cold and full of odincomics1unspoken rage. When Odin accompanied Bor on the battlefield in a war against the Frost Giants, the two of them faught valiantly, and defeated their enemies; not satisfied with victory, Bor chased the enemies’ leader, who was actually present-day Loki in disguise; with a spell, Loki turned Bor into snow, and Odin, arrived just in time to see his father melt, refused to help him and to search a sorcerer to heal him from his condition, leaving what remained of Bor be scattered by the wind. Odin became the new king of Asgard, promising to himself he would have been much a wiser king than Bor was. Along with Vili and Ve, young Odin traveled to Muspelheim, the kingdom of Fire Demons, and battled the lord of that wasteland, the powerful Surtur, the first real enemy that was threatening Asgard after his coronation. During the battle, Vili and Ve were overwhelmed by the power of the Fire Demon, and were killed; upon their deaths, Odin inherited their powers and, having become an incredibly powerful Aesir, he defeated Surtur single-handedly. As the ruler of Asgard and the most powerful Aesir ever lived, Odin forged an alliance with Trolls, and entrusted the defeated Surtur to their prisons at the center of the Earth. Finally, Asgard didn’t have any powerful enemy in sight: with the Giants defeated and the other races turned allies, Odin could become the king he wanted to be.

Odin married the goddess Frigga and made her his queen, but his heart desired something else, a son that could have been a powerful king in both Asgard and Midgard (Earth), the world he created, someone who could unite in himself both worlds. For that aim, Odin conceived a son with Jord, the goddess known as Gaea, the very embodiment of Earth. She gave birth to Odin’s son in a cave the Allfather had created for the occasion, in Norway, and named him Thor. From that moment, Odin brought Thor to Asgard, where Frigga raised him as he was her own. Meanwhile, Odin was haunted by the spirit of his deceased odincomics2father, Bor. Desperately willing to get rid of the ghost, Odin concluded an agreement: Bor would have rested in peace and left his son be, if Odin adopted the son of a defeated king and raised him as his own. In that very time, Asgard was attacked by the forces of Jotunheim, where the Frost Giants had allied with the Storm Giants and had come back to their ancient strength under the rule of Laufey. Odin led his people to war and personally won the decisive battle, slaying Laufey. In his enemy’s palace, he found Loki, the infant son of Laufey, and adopted him as his own. Bor’s spirit disappeared… but he wasn’t Bor at all: it was an illusion cast by adult Loki, who had come back in time to cause his adoption at the hands of Odin, thus causing his future downfall. Back on Asgard, Odin had a son from Frigga, Balder, another pretender to his throne, this time a full Asgardian. Many other battles Odin won as the king of Asgard: he fought the powerful Mangog, embodiment of the hatred of the victims of Asgard, Rimthursar the Cruel-Striker, the king of Trolls Kryllik and the mystical destroyer Millennius, and many other powerful foes. The hardest quest of all, anyway, would have been the rising of his rebel son Thor, whose earthly origins influenced his personality much more than Odin himself had foreseen.

Odin Borson is a fierce warrior and a wise ruler, capable of doing anything to defend Asgard and its inhabitants and ready to any sacrifice or task to fulfill his dreams of greatness for his people. As an Asgardian, he possesses superhuman physical attributes such as strength, speed, durability, stamina, reflexes and senses, but to much a greater extent of his kin. He’s a master combatant, expert of every form of combat both armed and unarmed, a master tactician and a powerful sorcerer. He can use the Odinforce, a mystical energy he bends to his will, and he can live for millennia cyclically falling into Odinsleep, a regenerative slumber that allows him to refuel his energies. His only eye can see everything everywhere, mostly through his pet crows’ eyes, and nothing in the Nine Realms escapes Odin’s surveillance. Implacable with enemies and severe with allies, Odin is one of the universe’s powers, a steadfast pillar for the balance of existence itself.


MalekithFinally, we have Thor: The Dark World‘s first trailer, and, along with it, we also have our first glimpse at the movie’s villain, Malekith the Accursed, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston. The movie version seems to be quite similar to the comics’ one, apart from the fact that his natural bi-colored skin seems to be the result of a severe burning. In the movie, he’ll be attacking Asgard and kidnapping Jane Foster in order to lure Thor, uncomfortably allied with Loki, to his own realm, Svartalfheim. Well, in the comics Malekith is not exactly one of the most notable adversaries of the God of Thunder, but he had quite an history nevertheless. Let’s see it together.

In ancient times, the Dark Elf Malekith, ruler of Svartalfheim, moved war to the other eight of the Nine Realms, driven by a thirst of conquest and power that made him a fearsome adversary for every living being in the universe. Malekith took possession of the Casket of Ancient Winters, a mystical weapon that allowed its wielder to use to his own advantage the chilling cold of Niffleheim, world of malekithcomics1the Ice Giants. Using the Casket’s power, Malekith tried to conquer both Asgard and Earth, threatening both worlds’ very life with his magic and his armies of Dark Elves. Odin Borson himself, the powerful Allfather ruler of Asgard, could do nothing against the power of the Casket. Solution came with the most improbable of the creatures, a simple human, Eric Willis, who, being absolutely weak and so unnoticeable, stole the Casket of Ancient Winters from Malekith. Without his main weapon, Malekith was completely defenseless against Odin’s wrath, and he got utterly defeated. His armies were defeated by the joined forces of Asgardians and Earth’s Vikings, and sent back to the darkness of Svartalfheim; Malekith, too dangerous to be kept with his own army, was exiled in the fiery lands of Muspelheim, where the Fire Giants‘ lord Surtur was king. Odin hoped that Malekith’s thirst for power would have brought him to clash with Surtur, an enemy far beyond his possibilities, but the Dark Elf proved to be much smarter than the Allfather imagined, and hid his own ambition, offering his undeniable abilities to Surtur’s service. With a new master, Malekith had quite an eternity to plan a vengeance against both Asgard and Earth.

Finally, the time for revenge came, and Surtur ordered Malekith to gain possession of the Casket of Ancient Winters again, so that he could annihilate Earth’s forces and prepare Muspelheim’s invasion. One of Odin’s spy crows, Muninn, managed to bring information to his master about Surtur’s plan (the other one, Huginn, was killed by Surtur himself), with Malekith unable to stop it. The plan, however, started already: from Hela, queen of the land of the dead, Malekith obtained faerie food, through which he was able to mind-control many people on Earth. He also tried to forge an alliance with Loki, so that he wouldn’t have stayed on Asgard’s side in the following battle, but the God of Mischief malekithcomics2refused to just sit and watch Asgard fall, and sent the Dark Elf away. Even without Loki’s help, Malekith was a powerful wizard by himself, and used his mind-controlled humans to track down Eric Willis, still alive and young thanks to the Casket’s magic. Malekith killed Eric, but the Casket was taken from him yet another time, this time by Roger Willis, Eric’s son. Tired of chasing humans, Malekith summoned the Wild Hunt, a pack of magical hounds he was the master of. Thanks to the hounds, Malekith took possession of the Casket again, but was forced to face the mighty Thor in battle; the Dark Elf then kidnapped Lorelei, and used her as a bait to lure the Thunder God to the land of the Fire Giants. Here, Malekith released Kurse, once the Dark Elf known as Algrim the Strong, a creature he had powered up and disfigured with magic. While the two powerhouses were fighting, Malekith tried to make them both fall into a pool of magma. His plan failed, and, captured by Thor, Malekith was brought to Asgard as a prisoner. In here, it was revealed that Loki had actually accepted his offer of alliance, and had disguised himself as the Dark Elf, while Malekith had token the shape of Balder, who was about to be crowned the rightful king of Asgard. Meanwhile Kurse, who had survived the fall, came to Asgard seeking revenge. Seeing through Malekith’s and Loki’s illusions, he killed Balder/Malekith snapping his neck, thus saving Asgard. Malekith, however, survived even this attack, and stayed behind the scenes for years waiting for his moment to come…

Malekith the Accursed is an extremely intelligent and twisted Dark Elf, driven by a neverending thirst of power and by an indomitable will of vengeance. As a Dark Elf, he possesses all the abilities of his race (superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes), but he managed to bring them to their peak thanks to his magic, resulting much stronger and faster than any other Elf (Kurse excluded). As a master of magic, he’s able to shapeshift, to turn incorporeal, to transform into mist in order to fly and spy over his enemies, to teleport, to manipulate energy and so on. Cunning and destructive, Malekith is a living threat to all the Nine Realms.

Harold Theopolis “Harry” Osborn (Green Goblin)

harryosbornfilmWe’re starting to receive the first pics from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the last one featured one of the main characters in the movie, and one of the most important people in Peter Parker‘s (early) life: Harry Osborn, portrayed by Dane DeHaan. We still don’t have clues on who the character will be in the reboot series, except from the fact that he will be an old time friend of Peter who lived abroad for a while following his father. In the original trilogy by Sam Raimi, Harry Osborn has been portrayed by James Franco in all three movies. From being Peter Parker’s best friend (and love interest of Mary Jane Watson) in the first movie, Harry grew up to be the head of Oscorp in the second one and the second Green Goblin in the third one, changing from friend to foe, returning friend at the very end. Now, let’s see together who Harry Osborn is in the comics.

Harold Theopolis Osborn was the son of billionaire industrialist Norman Osborn and his beloved wife Emily. During the birth, Emily’s organism got very weak, and the woman died shortly after; distraught, Norman lost almost all of his human warmth, and became harryosborncomics1for Harry an absent and difficult father, who poured on his son all of his pain and anger. Harry, who always got despised or angrily scolded at by his father, spent his entire childhood (and much more) in the desperate effort of pleasing Norman and finally gaining his approval. His quest got continuously frustrated, and Harry grew up to be a guy with some comprehensible difficulties in his relationship with other people, becoming aloof and distant. When he came of age, he enrolled in Empire State University where, being one of the wealthiest students, he also became one of the most popular ones, despite his difficult attitude. He became interested in Gwen Stacy, a wonderful girl of his own class, but his attentions were dismissed by the girl since she was attracted by a new student, the bookish Peter Parker. Jealous, Harry started to dislike Parker, and “allied” himself with bully Flash Thompson in making the guy’s life a living hell. A direct confrontation between the two, however, led Harry to understand that Peter wasn’t snob at all, he was just irreparable shy, and took him in sympathy the moment he understood how much difficult was studying at University for him, being poor and with an ailing aunt to take care of. Unpredictably, Harry and Peter became close friends, and they took an apartment on rental together during their University years.

In the meanwhile, Harry had even more difficult times with his father who, unknowingly to him, had become the psychopathic supervillain Green Goblin. Peter, who was actually the superhero Spider-Man, had his loyalty torn the moment he discovered that his worst enemy was also his best friend’s father, but hoped Norman would have protected his son from his secret life. Not even Harry’s new girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, was enough to fill the emotional void left by his more and more absent father, and Harry soon fell harryosborncomics2into drug addiction. His self-destructive behavior and his violent breakdowns led many of his friends to abandon him, and also MJ broke up with him after a cocaine overdose. Wandering in search of another dose, Harry ended up near the Brooklyn Bridge, where he witnessed the final battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, the one in which Gwen Stacy lost her life. When Spider-Man left the battle, leaving behind the corpse of Goblin, Harry realized that the supercriminal was actually his father, Norman. Blaming the hero for his father’s death, Harry stripped the corpse from Goblin’s costume, hiding it in a safe place, and started a personal mission of revenge against Spider-Man. First of all, he took upon himself Oscorp, bringing it back to its former glory and gathering the resources to take down Spidey. Harry, however, found in his own apartment a costume of Spider-Man, finally understanding that behind the hero’s mask there was his very best friend, Peter Parker. Feeling betrayed, Harry decided he would have taken the hero’s hunt personally, and injected himself with the Goblin Formula, claiming for himself his father’s equipment. Revealing himself to Peter from their very first battle, Harry started a bloody campaign to kill the only friend he had, to avenge the only man he wanted to be loved by.

Harry Osborn is an incredibly fragile guy, whose lack of love from his father mined his very emotional balance. As the Green Goblin, he possesses everyone of his father’s powers (superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, accelerated healing and enhanced intelligence) and equipment (the Goblin Glider and every trick-themed weapon developed by Osborn, Pumpkin Bombs included). Filled with anger and humiliation, Harry has, somewhere deep inside him, the strength to live outside from his father’s shadow, he just has to discover it yet.

Eric Savin (Coldblood-7)

coldbloodfilmSecond character revealed by the latest Iron Man 3 trailers, once again a villain in the movie: Eric Savin, portrayed by James Badge Dale. Also this one was quite a surprise for Marvel fans, since he’s a very well known character in the comics, even if he’s not a villain at all. In the movie, he’ll be an underling of Aldrich Killian and The Mandarin, and he’ll be fighting Iron Man while powered up by Extremis virus. The comics version is quite different, and Savin never became an enemy of Iron Man, nor he was exposed to Extremis: he’s a antihero, and he’s better known as his cyborg alias, Coldblood. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Eric Savin’s life: he lived a normal family life, went to college, and then entered the US Army. Thanks to a keen intellect and a strong will, he soon was promoted to the ranking of Lieutenant Colonel, and impressed his superiors with his honesty and sense of duty. For his first real mission, he was assigned to the security of Project: Ultra-Tech, a secret research facility. Once he took the job, Savin met Lt. Gina Dyson, with whom he fell in love. Gina had worked in Ultra-Tech for a while, and had discovered many coldbloodcomics1secrets behind the facade: the project’s leader, Mako, was in reality a traitor who worked for three different multi-nationals and used the Government’s funds to finance the creation of private super-soldiers. Thanks to Gina, Eric also discovered that Mako had built a fake city for the training of the robotic soldiers, an environment in which he tested the weaponry and technology whose existence the Army wasn’t aware of. Against Gina’s advice, Eric decided to investigate directly, and he went to the fake city, just to step on a mine. Savin was blown to pieces and killed by the explosion, but only stayed dead for three minutes: Gina collected his body, and using Mako’s technology, she managed to reanimate him as a cyborg. Before he was conscious again, Gina, pretending to be working for Mako, left him in the fake city.

When Eric woke up, he had no memory of who he was before dying: the computer inside his head informed him that he was Coldblood-7, a cyborg soldier, and that he was in New York with the task of defending the city from attackers. When the simulation started, Coldblood easily defeated any opponent, starting with the destruction of a tank and some of Mako’s robots. Using a hyper-technological car he was given as equipment, Coldblood arrived to the main building, guided by a blurred signal. The signal was Gina’s, who uploaded in the cyborg’s brain his previous personality and memories. Eric came back to himself, and Gina also removed Mako’s access to him, so that he couldn’t be controlled; she then told him to leave, and he coldbloodcomics2escaped to Las Vegas, waiting for Gina to reach him. In Vegas, Coldblood had to fight with some of Mako’s robots, since the scientist, realizing he didn’t control him anymore, tried to collect him back. When he destroyed any purchaser, Eric was finally contacted by Mako himself, who had captured Gina and was now blackmailing him. Against his computer’s advises, Coldblood came back to the fake city, where he confronted the entire army of robots Mako had built. In the battle that followed, Mako himself showed up in the battle exoskeleton Weapon Walker; Coldblood’s computer was hacked by Mako, so his perceptions were faked: regaining some of his humanity, the cyborg was forced to rely on his instict only in order to distinguish between allies and enemies. In the end, Savin managed to save the girl and kill the bad guy, and left the fake city along with Gina. For the US Army, Eric Savin was dead: Coldblood-7 became a mercenary, selling his skills to the best bidder, but only if his tasks were for the better good. When Roxxon Oil hired him to hunt down Deathlok in Paris, Coldblood believed the other cyborg to be a dangerous criminal, but when he was revealed that Roxxon lied to him, he didn’t hesitate to turn against his own bidder and ally with Deathlok.

Eric Savin is essentially a honorable man, a soldier who firmly believes in the righteousness of what he does for his country. Intelligent, adaptable and with a good training in armed and unarmed combat, Savin is a reliable resource in war as he is in peace. As Coldblood-7, he possesses many cybernetic replacements for his missing limbs, which grant him superhuman strength, speed, durability and stamina and augmented reflexes; the computer implanted in his brain also allows him to interface with virtually any computer system in the world, making him an infallible hacker. Now a mercenary, Coldblood doesn’t give up on fighting for the right side, and does what he can to help his country and the world through his unique skills.