Jean Grey (Marvel Girl/Phoenix)

jeangreyfilmAs someone made me notice, the trailer from The Wolverine confirms yet another character, very well known by the X-Men fans: it’s Jean Grey, portrayed by Famke Janssen, one of the protagonist of the first two films in the series, and the main antagonist of the third one. In the movies, Jean is portrayed as one of Professor X‘s first students, a regular member of the X-Men, and the centre of the love triangle which involves, apart from her, Wolverine and Cyclops. She’s been seen as both a heroic martyr for the mutant cause and as destructive avenger, a tough heroine and a woman afraid of her own powers, and she’ll have a cameo as painful memory for Wolverine in the upcoming movie… but let’s see together who she is in the comics.

Jean Grey was born the younger daughter of John and Elaine Grey. Living in New York, Jean grew up an apparently normal child, with her sisters Sarah and Julia and her brothers Roger and Liam. Everything changed the tragic day her best friend Annie Richardson was hit by a car: Jean’s latent mutant powers awakened, and she found out she was a telepath. Holding her friend’s body, Jean experienced all of the dying girl’s emotions, a clearly traumatizing experience that brought young Jean to depression. She tried all she could to contain her powers since, unable to control them, she could feel all the thoughts, feelings and emotions from the entire neighborhood. The only possible shelter for the girl was her own mind, and she fell in a state of catatonia. Her father tried anything to cure her, and he brought her to many psychiatrists over the years; finally, when Jean was eleven, one of the jeangreycomics1psychiatrists told John Grey to bring his daughter to Charles Xavier, a renowned professor who could help Jean. Xavier was secretly a mutant, and the world’s most powerful telepath: he knew what Jean was living, and managed to reach her in the hidden corner of her mind. During their first meeting, Xavier revealed to Jean (but not to her family…) that she was a mutant, and that he could help her to control the voices in her head; he also told her that she was special, with the gift of a great potential: most of the mutants developed their powers in their first teens, while she developed her own while she was extremely young. In the following years, Jean learnt to control her telepathy, and, when she was thirteen, she also developed telekinesis; under Xavier’s teaching, she learnt to use her new powers to lift objects and herself too, thus managing to levitate; when Xavier built his telepathy-enhancer machine Cerebro, young Jean was already powerful enough to help him calibrate it.

Once, during one of their therapy sessions, Xavier found inside Jean’s mind something like a presence, appearing in the shape of a flaming bird who burst out of Xavier’s controls and reached a young boy in his sleep (the boy was Scott Summers, who would have become, years later, Jean’s husband). Scared by the power of his pupil, Xavier decided to seal it, waiting for the moment in which Jean would have become powerful enough to control it. Years later, while Jean’s telepathy was still at an immature state, her telekinesis seemed powerful and trained enough to be used properly, and Xavier, now revealing himself as Professor X, asked Jean to join his X-Men, a special team of mutant superheroes whose task was to protect innocents, thus jeangreycomics2quelling normal people’s feelings towards mutants. Jean agreed and, after convincing her parents to send her to Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters, she became the fifth X-Man, after Scott “Cyclops” Summer, Hank “Beast” McCoyWarren “Angel” Worthington and Bobby “Iceman” Drake. Jean immediately went along with her teammates, and chose for herself the codename Marvel Girl, which she would have abandoned shortly after. She immediately fell in love with Cyclops, but she was too shy to make any move; during the first missions of the team, the two of them became quite a close-knit couple, with Scott being the deputy leader and Jean coordinating the team with her gift for tactician’s work. Even Scott started to feel something for Jean, but years passed before he could admit it even to himself. When Jean graduated, her parents sent her to Metro College, but she came back to be an X-Man the moment she and Scott finally declared each other their feelings: during this second period in the X-Men, Xavier finally decided Jean had become mature and strong enough to control her telepathy, and unlocked the part of her mind he had sealed years before… without fully understanding what consequences this would have had on his beloved pupil.

Jean Grey is apparently a strong-willed and independent woman, who secretly struggles with her nature, perceived as something alien to herself. Very wise for her young age, Jean won her teammates’ love with her positive attitude and cheerful spirit, but gained their respect with her mature way of facing problems and her innate capability of staying close to people. She is also an extremely powerful mutant, a Level Omega one, who is constantly evolving and becoming more and more powerful. Her telepathy allows her just to read people mind at first, but it grows until Jean is able to manipulate anyone’s mind, controlling actions and thoughts; also her telekinesis started weak, with Jean tired after lifting the smallest things, but it then becomes powerful enough to allow her to manipulate matter to any level without effort. Jean is one of the most powerful beings on Earth, always striving to maintain control over herself.



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