Jane Foster

janefosterfilmFinally, we have some more pics from the upcoming Thor: The Dark World, and this time we can have a glimpse of Jane Foster in what seem to be Asgardian robes. The character will again be portrayed by Natalie Portman, who took up the role in the first Thor (she also appeared on photo in The Avengers, despite not being present). In the movies, she’s a physicist who investigates wormholes and ends up discovering the realm of Asgard; tracking down what will be revealed to be the mythical Bifrost Bridge, she meets the God of Thunder himself, Thor, and falls in love with him. The comicbooks’ character is a little bit different, starting from her job: she’s no physicist at all.

Jane Foster was a normal woman, living in a normal town, with a normal job: what wasn’t normal at all was her boss at work. Jane, in fact, was a nurse, and she was hired by Dr. Donald Blake as his personal assistant. She was unaware that Blake was secretly the superhero and Asgardian god Thor, but fell in love with him nevertheless, taking care of him and worrying about his health; Blake felt something for her too, but he feared she only pitied him because he was crippled, and never reveald his feelings to her. The two of them worked together every day, but Jane became more and more annoyed for Blake’s constant disappearances; she started being fascinated by Thor, always remarking to Donald how much the superhero was reliable and he was not. Blake/Thor was quite amused by the woman’s character, and decided to reveal his dual identity to her to make her his companion, but Odin himself forbade any kind of love between mortals and gods. With Odin’s janefostercomics1rage, also the attention of Loki was drawn to the woman: he understood how much she was important for his hated brother, and started to put her life at risk many times, in order to set traps for Thor. The fact that Thor always saved her whenever she was in danger only made Jane being attracted to him more, and the Thunder God had to bear the pain born from the impossibility of getting close to her, but was slightly relived by the fact that, despite admiring Thor, Jane still truly loved only Donald Blake. Also Odin started to feel some sympathy for the woman, and, when she got severly wounded during a battle between Thor, Cobra and Mr. Hyde, he ordered her to be saved. Despite having his good eye on Jane, he wasn’t disposed to allow his son marry her nevertheless, on the ground that she was a mortal and not a goddess. Eventually, because of his son’s stubborness, Odin told him he could marry Jane, if she proved to be worthy. Unfortunately, Mr. Hyde, seeking revenge against Blake, captured both the doctor and his nurse, and locked Blake in a room with a bomb; Blake turned into Thor and freed himself battling Hyde, but Jane, believing that only the criminal could help Donald by deactivating the bomb, helped him escape from Thor. Odin misunderstood the woman’s intentions, and believed that she had betrayed his son: enbittered, he prohibited once again Thor to marry her.

In the meanwhile, Jane became more and more frustrated because of Donald Blake’s way to avoid her approaches, while, being saved quite often by Thor from criminals such as Mr. Hyde, Loki, Cobra, the Enchantress and many others, she eventually fell in love with the superhero. Seeing that the woman he loved suffered because she was in love with both his identities, Thor finally defied his father, and revealed himself to Jane as both the Thunder God and Dr. Blake. At first, Jane got really angry and left USA, accepting to work for a man who later revealed himself to be the High Evolutionary; Thor janefostercomics2took her away from Wundagore, where she was, and asked her to marry him. She agreed, and the two, together, went to Asgard, a magic realm forbidden to mortals. Odin declared he would have allowed Jane to marry his son only if she proved to be a worthy Asgardian, and turned her into a goddess; understandably, Jane was confused with her new powers, and let herself go a little bit too much. Odin used the incident for declaring her unworthy of being an Asgardian, took her new powers from her and sent her back to Earth, with all her memories of her past with Thor erased from her mind. She started to work along with Dr. Keith Kincaid, with whom she fell in love. Only years after, while she was ill and about to die, she regained her past memories, when Lady Sif, to save her life, fused her life essence with her. With her memories, also her love for Thor came back, and the two came back together. Possessing some of Sif’s powers, Jane was finally able to accompany her beloved one in his adventures, and the two spent a lot of time together in almost everyone of the Nine Realms. It turned out that the souls of Sif and Jane influenced each other while being trapped in turn, and when the two were eventually separated, Sif remained in Asgard with Thor, while Jane came back to Earth and married Kincaid, who had helped Thor to save the women’s souls.

Jane Foster is a very passionate woman, a gentle soul who takes care of the weak and the sick ones with love and unselfishness. She is very brave and strong-willed, able to defy even the king of Asgard’s will to stay with the one she loves. With the years, being a wife and a mother even increased her natural kindness, and she has become a firm foothold for many people, even belonging to the superhero community.



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