Lyla Michaels (Harbinger)

Lyla MichaelsIt seems I completely missed a character that appeared in Arrow episode Unfinished BusinessLyla Michaels, portrayed by Audrey Marie Anderson. In the tv show, she appears as an old time friend of Diggle, who works for A.R.G.U.S. (what this association is in the show is yet to be seen). She also seems to be on the hunt for Deadshot for quite a long time, with no success at all (she didn’t even know his real name). Well, in the comics she’s quite a different character, and she’s mostly known with her superheroine name Harbinger. Let’s see together who she is in the comics… so that you’ll understand me if I didn’t recognize her immediately.

Nothing is known about Lyla Michaels’ early life: we just know that, at a certain point of her childhood, she suffered a shipwreck, and, while her ship was sinking, she managed to save herself holding on to a wreck. While she was floating in the middle of the ocean, she was found by Monitor, a cosmic being who was at the time scanning Earth in search of super-beings he would have recruited years later to defend the universe from a tragic event, which would have been called Crisis on Infinite Earths. Young Lyla was taken to the Monitor’s satellite, where she studied the Multiverse with him, learning everything she could about the many parallel universes existing. She harbingercomics1was also given the History of the Universe Orb, a device that recorded every possible event in every single universe, existing or erased from existence, an unparalleled source of knowledge. Lyla learnt that the Monitor was the embodiment of the force that allowed the Universe to live, and that a confrontation with his antithesis, the Anti-Monitor, was about to begin. At stake, there was the existence of life itself. Serving at first as something similar to a secretary, Lyla finally began to assist the Monitor in important duties, until the time came in which she would have eventually fulfilled her true purpose: twenty years after her arrival on the satellite, Lyla entered a power chamber, that transformed her in the Harbinger, a multiple-copy being who started travelling the entire Multiverse gathering up the heroes who had been selected by the Monitor during the previous years.

While Lyla’s original body stayed inside the Monitor’s satellite, the Harbinger(s) went to different universes, using superpowers given to them by their master in order to locate and recruit the champions chosen to protect existence itself from the Anti-Monitor. Not all the heroes she was told to recruit was exactly happy to follow her, so she was forced to use coercion to make them come to the center harbingercomics2of the Multiverse. Everytime a copy came back to the satellite, Lyla reunited with her and gained all her experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, while one of the Harbinger’s copies was trying to recruit Arion the Sorcerer, she was attacked by a Shadow Demon, one of the Anti-Monitor’s assassins. The copy was possessed by the Demon and used to kill the Monitor, thus permitting the Anti-Monitor to access the positive universe: this event was in reality part of the Monitor’s plan, and his death triggered the process of transformation of Earth-1 and Earth-2 in a Netherverse immune to the Anti-Monitor’s attacks. This event, however, risked to destroy Earth-4Earth-X and Earth-S: Harbinger took the lead, and she sent some of the heroes to those universes to protect their citizens; meanwhile, she concentrated her powers to merge them too with the Netherverse, losing her abilities for a little while due to the effort. The results of her actions created New Earth, a single universe with a single history: Harbinger was the only one who remembered everything that had happened in all the universes composing it. After regaining her powers, Harbinger helped New Earth’s heroes to destroy the Anti-Monitor once and for all, and then chose to explore the universe she helped to create along with her survived friends, Pariah and Lady Quark.

Lyla Michaels is a normal girl, educated and raised to be a protector of the universe. As the Harbinger, she is one of the universe’s most powerful beings: she possesses the ability of flight, energy and matter manipulation, superhuman physical attributes, invulnerability and many other powers. She is also able to create duplicates of herself (after the Crisis, even without the Monitor’s machine’s aid), but the greater the number, the weaker the copies are. Gifted with unparalleled powers, Harbinger has often being the only defense standing between our universe and total annihilation.



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