Faora Hu-Ul

FaoraFinally, the new trailer from Man of Steel revealed another character featured in the movie: this time it’s the villainess Faora Hu-Ul, the femme fatale from Krypton. In the movie, she’ll be portrayed by Antje Traue and she’ll be a loyal servant to General Zod. The character made her live action debut in the eight season of Smallville tv series: she first appeared in her disembodied form, as a wraith of the Phantom Zone; she escaped her dimensional prison and possessed Lois Lane‘s body to contact her “son”, Davis Bloome aka Doomsday. She then appeared with her real body, as a clone, in season nine, portrayed by Sharon Taylor. Opposite to other incarnations, this time she was much more independent from Zod’s will, to the point of rebelling against his judgement. Let’s see together who one of the most dangerous women in the universe is in the comics.

Faora Hu-Ul was a renowned criminal also on her homeworld, Krypton. Nothing is known about her past, except that she grew to viscerally hate any male, being him young or old. She became a serial killer, and trained herself to be a master of Horu Kano, a Kryptonian martial art that allowed her to rapidly hit pressure points on her opponent’s body, instantly paralyzing him. Using her beauty to lure her victims to isolated places, Faora killed more than twenty men before being arrested, and made many other prisoners and slaves, forcing them to work for her in something similar to a concentration camp. After her capture, the Kryptonian Council condemned her to three hundred years of incarceration in the Phantom Zone, this being the longest sentence ever for a woman on Krypton, and the second longest of all times (the first being General Zod’s one). Her imprisonment proved to be providential for Faora, as for many other criminals: while she was faoracomics1relatively safe inside the Phantom Zone, Krypton exploded, killing everyone on it… except one, Kal-El, the infant son of Jor-El. Inside the Phantom Zone, Faora met other infamous criminals, such as General Zod and evil scientist Jax-Ur. Thanks to his great intellect, Jax-Ur managed to manipulate the Phantom Zone’s crystals and to create an escape route, thus freeing himself and some other prisoners along with him… among which there was Faora. The woman decided she would have spared the ones travelling with her, at least as long as they were useful to her, but she didn’t give up on her hunt for men, and decided she would have targeted the only Kryptonian male alive apart from her allies: Kal-El, who was known on Earth as Superman.

After her arrival on Earth, Faora single-handedly confronted Superman, but she easily bested him in hand-to-hand combat: since the Man of Steel had never faced someone equal to him in power, he had never needed a proper training in combat. Faora defeated Superman, but he managed to flee. She confronted him once again, this time helped by some of her new allies, but Kal-El, now prepared for them, defeated Faora, Jax-Ur and the others, forcing them to retreat. Separated from the other Zoners, considered too weak to help her in her hunt, Faora used the mist from the Phantom Zone to alter her appearance, and to convince an old man, Jackson Porter, that she was the ghost of his deceased wife. She made the man buy an apartment in Metropolis, right beside Clark Kent‘s one, and she tried to kill her Kryptonian enemy through manipulating Porter and other unaware victims. Clark, anyway, investigated the attempts to his own life, until he went back to the “scheming ghost”, recognizing Faora. After a fierce battle, Superman was finally able to return Faora to the Phantom Zone, thus ending her menace… for the time being, at least. Another version of Faora faoracomics2was created by Brainiac 13 when he built another Krypton starting from Jor-El’s diary. This Faora was a loyal follower of General Zod and, along with the fierce Kru-El, she was a member of the Hounds of Zod. Naming herself the Tigress of Zod, Faora hunted down Superman and Lois Lane, who had traveled to the new Krypton, seeing them as dangerous fugitives. She was later hired by Jor-El himself to counter some riots started by religious zealots, but both she and Kru-El ended up being killed by the fanatics. The real Faora, anyway, was still locked up in the Phantom Zone, unaware of the existence of her copy.

Faora Hu-Ul is an incredibly dangerous and sadistic woman, who feels a deep hatred towards any living man. A serial killer and a manhunter, she has developed a number of skills to hunt and kill her preys, becoming a master of deceiving and of hand-to-hand combat. On Earth, she possesses all the powers of a Kryptonian: superhuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, stamina and senses, flight, invulnerability, super breath, heat vision, freezing breath, x-ray, infrared and microscopic vision, enhanced healing and solar energy absorption. With all of Superman’s powers and none of his morality, trained to the peak of her natural possibilities, Faora can rightfully earn the title of the Universe’s most dangerous woman.


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