Eric Savin (Coldblood-7)

coldbloodfilmSecond character revealed by the latest Iron Man 3 trailers, once again a villain in the movie: Eric Savin, portrayed by James Badge Dale. Also this one was quite a surprise for Marvel fans, since he’s a very well known character in the comics, even if he’s not a villain at all. In the movie, he’ll be an underling of Aldrich Killian and The Mandarin, and he’ll be fighting Iron Man while powered up by Extremis virus. The comics version is quite different, and Savin never became an enemy of Iron Man, nor he was exposed to Extremis: he’s a antihero, and he’s better known as his cyborg alias, Coldblood. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Eric Savin’s life: he lived a normal family life, went to college, and then entered the US Army. Thanks to a keen intellect and a strong will, he soon was promoted to the ranking of Lieutenant Colonel, and impressed his superiors with his honesty and sense of duty. For his first real mission, he was assigned to the security of Project: Ultra-Tech, a secret research facility. Once he took the job, Savin met Lt. Gina Dyson, with whom he fell in love. Gina had worked in Ultra-Tech for a while, and had discovered many coldbloodcomics1secrets behind the facade: the project’s leader, Mako, was in reality a traitor who worked for three different multi-nationals and used the Government’s funds to finance the creation of private super-soldiers. Thanks to Gina, Eric also discovered that Mako had built a fake city for the training of the robotic soldiers, an environment in which he tested the weaponry and technology whose existence the Army wasn’t aware of. Against Gina’s advice, Eric decided to investigate directly, and he went to the fake city, just to step on a mine. Savin was blown to pieces and killed by the explosion, but only stayed dead for three minutes: Gina collected his body, and using Mako’s technology, she managed to reanimate him as a cyborg. Before he was conscious again, Gina, pretending to be working for Mako, left him in the fake city.

When Eric woke up, he had no memory of who he was before dying: the computer inside his head informed him that he was Coldblood-7, a cyborg soldier, and that he was in New York with the task of defending the city from attackers. When the simulation started, Coldblood easily defeated any opponent, starting with the destruction of a tank and some of Mako’s robots. Using a hyper-technological car he was given as equipment, Coldblood arrived to the main building, guided by a blurred signal. The signal was Gina’s, who uploaded in the cyborg’s brain his previous personality and memories. Eric came back to himself, and Gina also removed Mako’s access to him, so that he couldn’t be controlled; she then told him to leave, and he coldbloodcomics2escaped to Las Vegas, waiting for Gina to reach him. In Vegas, Coldblood had to fight with some of Mako’s robots, since the scientist, realizing he didn’t control him anymore, tried to collect him back. When he destroyed any purchaser, Eric was finally contacted by Mako himself, who had captured Gina and was now blackmailing him. Against his computer’s advices, Coldblood came back to the fake city, where he confronted the entire army of robots Mako had built. In the battle that followed, Mako himself showed up in the battle exoskeleton Weapon Walker; Coldblood’s computer was hacked by Mako, so his perceptions were faked: regaining some of his humanity, the cyborg was forced to rely on his instict only in order to distinguish between allies and enemies. In the end, Savin managed to save the girl and kill the bad guy, and left the fake city along with Gina. For the US Army, Eric Savin was dead: Coldblood-7 became a mercenary, selling his skills to the best offerer, but only if his tasks were for the better good. When Roxxon Oil hired him to hunt down Deathlok in Paris, Coldblood believed the other cyborg to be a dangerous criminal, but when he was revealed that Roxxon lied to him, he didn’t hesitate to turn against his own bidder and ally with Deathlok.

Eric Savin is essentially a honorable man, a soldier who firmly believes in the righteousness of what he does for his country. Intelligent, adaptable and with a good training in armed and unarmed combat, Savin is a reliable resource in war as he is in peace. As Coldblood-7, he possesses many cybernetic replacements for his missing limbs, which grant him superhuman strength, speed, durability and stamina and augmented reflexes; the computer implanted in his brain also allows him to interface with virtually any computer system in the world, making him an infallible hacker. Now a mercenary, Coldblood doesn’t give up on fighting for the right side, and does what he can to help his country and the world through his unique skills.


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