MalekithFinally, we have Thor: The Dark World‘s first trailer, and, along with it, we also have our first glimpse at the movie’s villain, Malekith the Accursed, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston. The movie version seems to be quite similar to the comics’ one, apart from the fact that his natural bi-coloured skin seems to be the result of a severe burning. In the movie, he’ll be attacking Asgard and kidnapping Jane Foster in order to lure Thor, uncomfortably allied with Loki, to his own realm, Svartalfheim. Well, in the comics Malekith is not exactly one of the most notable adversaries of the God of Thunder, but he had quite an history nevertheless. Let’s see it together.

In ancient times, the Dark Elf Malekith, ruler of Svartalfheim, moved war to the other eight of the Nine Realms, driven by a thirst of conquest and power that made him a fearsome adversary for every living being in the universe. Malekith took possession of the Casket of Ancient Winters, a mystical weapon that allowed its wielder to use to his own advantage the chilling cold of Niffleheim, world of malekithcomics1the Ice Giants. Using the Casket’s power, Malekith tried to conquer both Asgard and Earth, threatening both worlds’ very life with his magic and his armies of Dark Elves. Odin Borson himself, the powerful Allfather ruler of Asgard, could do nothing against the power of the Casket. Solution came with the most improbable of the creatures, a simple human, Eric Willis, who, being absolutely weak and so unnoticeable, stole the Casket of Ancient Winters from Malekith. Without his main weapon, Malekith was completely defenseless against Odin’s wrath, and he got utterly defeated. His armies were defeated by the joined forces of Asgardians and Earth’s Vikings, and sent back to the darkness of Svartalfheim; Malekith, too dangerous to be kept with his own army, was exiled in the firey lands of Muspelheim, where the Fire Giants‘ lord Surtur was king. Odin hoped that Malekith’s thirst for power would have brought him to clash with Surtur, an enemy far beyond his possibilities, but the Dark Elf proved to be much smarter than the Allfather imagined, and hid his own ambition, offering his undeniable abilities to Surtur’s service. With a new master, Malekith had quite an eternity to plan a vengeance against both Asgard and Earth.

Finally, the time for revenge came, and Surtur ordered Malekith to gain possession of the Casket of Ancient Winters again, so that he could annihilate Earth’s forces and prepare Muspelheim’s invasion. One of Odin’s spy crows, Muninn, managed to bring informations to his master about Surtur’s plan (the other one, Huginn, was killed by Surtur himself), with Malekith unable to stop it. The plan, however, started already: from Hela, queen of the land of the dead, Malekith obtained faerie food, through which he was able to mind-control many people on Earth. He also tried to forge an alliance with Loki, so that he wouldn’t have stayed on Asgard’s side in the following battle, but the God of Mischief malekithcomics2refused to just sit and watch Asgard fall, and sent the Dark Elf away. Even without Loki’s help, Malekith was a powerful wizard by himself, and used his mind-controlled humans to track down Eric Willis, still alive and young thanks to the Casket’s magic. Malekith killed Eric, but the Casket was taken from him yet another time, this time by Roger Willis, Eric’s son. Tired of chasing humans, Malekith summoned the Wild Hunt, a pack of magical hounds he was the master of. Thanks to the hounds, Malekith took possession of the Casket again, but was forced to face the mighty Thor in battle; the Dark Elf then kidnapped Lorelei, and used her as a bait to lure the Thunder God to the land of the Fire Giants. Here, Malekith released Kurse, once the Dark Elf known as Algrim the Strong, a creature he had powered up and disfigured with magic. While the two powerhouses were fighting, Malekith tried to make them both fall into a pool of magma. His plan failed, and, captured by Thor, Malekith was brought to Asgard as a prisoner. In here, it was revealed that Loki had actually accepted his offer of alliance, and had disguised himself as the Dark Elf, while Malekith had token the shape of Balder, who was about to be crowned the rightful king of Asgard. Meanwhile Kurse, who had survived the fall, came to Asgard seeking revenge. Seeing through Malekith’s and Loki’s illusions, he killed Balder/Malekith snapping his neck, thus saving Asgard. Malekith, however, survived even this attack, and stayed behind the scenes for years waiting for his moment to come…

Malekith the Accursed is an extremely intelligent and twisted Dark Elf, driven by a neverending thirst of power and by an indomitable will of vengeance. As a Dark Elf, he possesses all the abilities of his race (superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes), but he managed to bring them to their peak thanks to his magic, resulting much stongre and faster than any other Elf (Kurse excluded). As a master of magic, he’s able to shapeshift, to turn incorporeal, to transform into mist in order to fly and spy over his enemies, to teleport, to manipulate energy and so on. Cunning and destructive, Malekith is a living threat to all the Nine Realms.



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