friggafilmHere we are, for another character seen in the trailer of Thor: The Dark World, another veteran from the previous movie: Frigga, portrayed by Rene Russo. In the first Thor, poor Frigga had most of her scenes cut from the final release, quite a shame for the queen of Asgard. She was just seen trying to guard her husband, who had fallen into Odinsleep, and to assure her adopted son Loki about the love his parents feel for him even if he’s in reality a blue monster with red eyes. She showed some guts in killing a Frost Giant and facing Laufey himself, trying to defend Odin, but nothing more. In the trailer, we can see her standing between Jane Foster and Malekith, in an analogue scene. Let’s see who this goddess is in the comics.

Frigga was born the daughter of Freyr and Jord, two Vanir gods. The Vanir spent eons in a war against their cousins, the Aesir, both being sub-races of Asgardians and wanting to gain control over their world. Along with her sisters Fulla and Gullveig, Frigga could do nothing but to watch her country’s men go to war and fall one after the other, and every time she prayed war could end soon. The occasion came when Freyr signed a treaty with Asgardians, and sealed peace between two people with a marriage. From the Aesir’s side, the mighty Odin was chosen; Frigga an her sisters admired the proud warrior and, during a banquet, they competed with each other to gain his attentions for a night. Frigga managed to conquer Odin’s heart, and the two got married soon after, thus uniting Aesir and friggacomics1Vanir in a single country and ending war between the two peoples. Wise and loving, Frigga accepted to raise Odin’s son Thor as her own, even if he had been conceived by her own mother, Jord (also known as Gaea, goddess of Earth). With her husband, she conceived three sons: Balder, the beautiful god of ligt, Asgard’s heir to the throne; Hermod, the cunning god of speed, who would have become Odin’s messenger; and Tyr, the courageous god of war, the strongest of warriors. Among those three, Frigga loved Balder the most, but she soon received a prophecy, according to which Balder would have been killed, and his death would have ignited Ragnarok, a cosmic event that would have erased the Asgardians from the universe. In order to avoid this, Frigga cast all the spells she knew to make him invulnerable, but among all plants, animals and inanimate objects, only mistletoe “refused” to comply to Frigga’s prayer, so Balder was still vulnerable, in a certain way. Odin, believing that the simple fact that everyone knew about the prophecy involving his firstborn was a danger, chose to remove Balder from the court, with him being raised by another family, unaware of his origins; Frigga, desperate but understanding, agreed, and separated herself from her beloved son.

Around 1000 AD, the Council of Godheads (an assembly of the main gods from all the Earth’s pantheons) foresaw the coming of the Celestials, extremely powerful cosmic beings who would have arrived on Earth in the upcoming centuries deciding if human race was worth existing. While most of the male gods wanted to declare war on the Celestials (a war that they could not possibly win) Frigga and the other goddesses had another idea. Led by Jord, Frigga and the others activated the genetic potentials of some human beings, turning them in the so-called friggacomics2Young Gods. Frigga offered herself to watch over the Young Gods, keeping them into a centuries-old sleep, and stayed on Earth with (in?) her mother. When the Celestials came, Frigga awoke the Young Gods from their slumber, and the Celestials understood humanity’s potential, thus judging them worth existing. Satisfied with her mission, Frigga left Earth and came back to Asgard, at Odin’s side. Frigga left Asgard one more time when the eternal city was invaded by Surtur, demon Fire Giant who led his troops to invade Asgard; the queen took all the children present in the realm and brought them to safety, but when she came back home, she learnt from Thor that Odin had fallen in battle. She was reunited with him when Thor freed him from Seth, who had Odin’s soul in his dead realm. Odin’s reign lasted many centuries, and Frigga was always at his side; when, after Ragnarok and after the invasion at the hands of the Serpent, Odin renounced to the throne, Frigga formed a triad with her mother Gaea and Idunn, heroic keeper of the Golden Apples: the three goddesses together formed the All-Mother, new ruler of Asgard, a powerful and wise guidance for any Aesir or Vanir.

Frigga is a wise and loving woman, the goddess of marriage for Asgardians and an appreciated queen. Despite not being trained in combat, Frigga possesses Asgardians’ superhuman abilities nevertheless, and she’s incredibly strong, fast and durable, with heightened senses and reflexes and accelerated healing. She is very skilled in magic, and has proven more than once to be a powerful sorceress. Just as wise as Odin, but not so harsh and severe, Frigga is the mother and the queen everyone can trust, truly attached to her people as everyone were his son or her daughter.


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