siffilmAlmost at the end of our overview of the characters appeared in latest Thor: The Dark World trailer. This time, we’re speaking of one of Asgard‘s most famous femmes fatales, Lady Sif, warrior goddess portrayed on screen by Jaimie Alexander. In the trailer, she’s only seen in the middle of a battle against Dark Elves, and while she accompanies her beloved Thor somewhere in the Nine Realms, staring (jealous?) at Jane Foster. In the first movie, she proved to be a loyal friend and a brave warrior, always toe to toe with the Warriors Three, able to slaughter many Frost Giants and even to stand for a while against the mighty Destroyer. Let’s see together who she is in the comics.

Sif was born as part of the second generation of Asgardians, the one started with the merging of Aesir and Vanir. She, along with her brother Hemidall, showed from her very childhood to be a proud Asgardian, stubborn and determined. As every Asgardian, she was born with golden hair, which she proudly showed. She was the constant companion of games of the royal children, Thor, Balder and Loki. When she grew up in a beautiful adolescent, she fell in love with Thor, and he felt the same for her; even Odin blessed that union, believing it to be a good royal couple for the new Asgard. Their love was so strong that when Sif fell captive of a Frost Giant, who offered her to death goddess Hela in exchange for immortality, Thor offered himself at her place; Hela, impressed, released both of them, taking the Giant instead. Loki, however, grew jealous of his brother’s happiness, and decided to play a prank to the detriment of Sif: while the girl was heavily sleeping, he cut off the golden hair she was so proud of. She woke up completely bold, and, humiliated and anger, cried over her sifcomics1beauty’s loss. Thor, enraged and well aware that his brother was behind the prank, forced Loki to remedy his girlfriend’s condition, and the god of mischief went to some Dwarves he knew, Brokk and Eitri, asking them to forge new hair for Sif out of pure gold. Loki didn’t want to pay the Trolls for their job, and stole the hair before the treatment was complete (they were lacking a special, magical potion only the Trolls new about). Sif was at first happy when she was magically bond to hair even more beautiful and golden than they were before, but, as minutes passed, her new mane became darker and darker, until it was raven-black. She kept mourning the loss of her beauty until her parents, tired of her vanity, sent her to a warriors’ school, having her trained to become a shield maiden. In that moment, Sif’s life changed, she was separated from her friends and her beloved Thor, and was sent into a world she didn’t know…but that she would have soon learnt to master, and to love.

Even during he training days, Sif was sometimes allowed to see her friends, but Thor had grown arrogant and distant from her heart. She soon started to feel jealousy towards other Asgardians who were Thor’s acquaintances, first of all the seductive Amora, the future villainess known as the Enchantress, and Brunhilde, the future heroine known as the Valkyrie. Loki, seeing an opportunity to get his brother into trouble, convinced Sif that she could have won Thor’s eternal love through the magic Mirror of Mycha, an artifact hidden in the castle of Karnilla, the Sorceress Queen of Nornheim. Sif, desperately jealous, agreed to steel it, and, thanks to her training, she completed the task…only to be robbed in turn by Amora, who had another kind of agreement with Loki. Amora used the Mirror on Thor, who immediately fell in love with her. Brunhilde, seeing what happened, offered her allegiance to Sif, casting their disagreements away, and the two warrior women sifcomics2managed to break the Mirror’s spell. When they told Thor what had happened, he got angry at Sif, who had tried for first to win his love with an enchantment, and from that moment the romantic relationship that was between the two faded away, replaced by a strong loyalty and a true friendship on the side of Thor, and a neverending love and admiration Sif’s one. When Thor was exiled on Earth by Odin, Sif went completely into her training, and became Asgard’s fiercest and strongest female warrior, second only to Brunhilde the Valkyrie. When Thor came back, he was seriously impressed by Sif’s improvements, and she was even more admired seeing that he had finally learnt some humility; with Thor heartbroken since he had recently lost any hope to marry his beloved mortal, Jane Foster, Sif comforted him and stayed close to him, until the two fell in love again, promising to get married. Unfortunately, Thor felt a great responsibility towards Earth, and spent many time on Midgard, while Sif, even if she tried to live on Earth for a while, would have always preferred Asgard’s majesty. Now belonging to two different worlds, Thor and Sif got separated again.

Sif is a brave, stubborn and strong woman, with a will just as sharp as her sword. From the vain and conceited girl she once was, she has become one of Asgard’s truest and most valiant defenders, ready to sacrifice her own life for her people’s safety. Apart from Asgardians’ superhuman natural abilities (super strength, speed, stamina and durability, accelerated healing, augmented reflexes and senses) she is an incredibly capable swordsman, and her warrior’s abilities are surpassed on Asgard only by the Valkyrie’s. Thanks to Odin’s magic, her sword allows her to cut through the very bonds of reality, creating dimensional passages following certain patterns in the air. Desperately and stubbornly in love with Thor, firmly loyal to Asgard and its people, Sif is proud to be both a woman and a warrior, a steadfast resource for every world in need.



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