Barbara “Babs” Gordon (Batgirl)

batgirlfilmSecond DLC character has been revealed for Injustice: Gods Among Us, but, at least for me, it’s quite disappointing: after Lobo, we get Batgirl, the seventh character from the Batman franchise (too many, in my opinion). Batgirl’s first live action appearance was in Batman tv series, with Yvonne Craig donning the cape and turning the Dynamic Duo in a Terrific Trio. She then appeared in Batman & Robin, with her name slightly changed into Barbara Wilson and her origin modified, so that she was Alfred Pennyworth‘s niece instead of Commissioner Gordon‘s adoptive daughter. In the movie, she turned from biker to superheroine in one night, thus showing that anyone can enter the Batman Family without training or psychological tests. She then appeared in short-lived Birds of Prey tv series, portrayed by Dina Meyer: during the pilot, Batgirl was shot and paralyzed by the Joker, and years later she became Oracle to assist her mentor’s daughter, the Huntress. Last but not least, Barbara had a couple of cameos in Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy, as an infant in Batman Begins, and as a red-haired child in The Dark Knight, portrayed by Hannah Gunn (she is only mentioned in the third one). Now, let’s see together who in the comics is Barbara Gordon, the first Batgirl.

While in the first version of the character Barbara Gordon was the biological daughter of James Gordon, her origins have been rebooted, making her the daughter of Roger and Thelma Gordon. Her life was quite a peaceful one, despite Roger having an issue with alcoholism. Even as a child, she dreamt of being a superheroine, and with her best friend of that time, Marcy, she spent all of her free time drawing herself as a masked crime fighter, designing her own costumes and dreaming of her future as a heroine. Her life changed abruptly when her father, driving while being drunk, caused a fatal car accident that killed himself andbatgirlcomics1 his wife. Barbara, only thirteen, was adopted by her uncle, James, police commissioner of one of America’s most violent cities, Gotham City. The girl moved to her uncle’s place, where she was well accepted by James and his wife, who was called Barbara too. She also went along pretty well with her new brothers, James Jr. and Tony, who became her friends. But the best part of her new life was, for Barbara, living in the same city as Batman, one of her favorite and most admired costumed heroes, a chance she didn’t want to miss. She started learning everything she could about the Dark Knight, until the night that, sneaking in her father’s office, she witnessed, unseen, to a conversation between Commissioner Gordon and Batman himself. Barbara didn’t know until then that her father was actually working with the hero, and her passion for them both raised even further; she ended high school extremely fast thanks to her photographic memory (she was the youngest graduated in Gotham Heights High School‘s history), and she insisted to be enrolled in a martial arts class, something that Gordon, worried that his daughter could become the target of some vengeance-seeking criminal, reluctantly allowed. Barbara easily graduated with honors at Gotham State University, while she became the best martial artist student of Phillip “Dragoncat” Parsons, her sensei. Her dream of crime-fighting seemed closer and closer.

Unfortunately, both her father and the local FBI section rejected her request of recruitment, and thus she was forced to accept a position as assistant at Gotham Public Library, a job that wasn’t even near to her desires. Barbara grew hostile towards her father, batgirlcomics2and, when the police decided to host the Million Dollar Masquerade Ball (which every rich and important citizen of Gotham would have attended to), she decided to crash the party, presenting herself with one of the costumes she had designed as a child, the one she had named “Batgirl”. At the party, she realized that someone else had had her same idea, but with different purposes: the masked criminal Killer Moth had broken in, taking billionaire Bruce Wayne as hostage in order to extort millions from the other attenders. Seeing an opportunity for finally be the heroine she always wanted, “Batgirl” attacked Killer Moth, thus freeing Bruce Wayne (who, unknown to her, went to collect his equipment as Batman). After a brief fight, however, Killer Moth had the upper hand, and Barbara was saved only by Batman’s and Robin‘s intervention. Killer Moth and his men escaped because of Batgirl’s unwilling interference, and Batman scolded the girl for being irresponsible and reckless. Not even her hero’s reprove reduced Barbara’s enthusiasm, especially considering that Robin supported her, arriving to the point of revealing her his secret identity. With Dick Grayson‘s help, Batgirl managed to capture Killer Moth on her own, thus obtaining Batman’s approval. The Dark Knight revealed himself as Bruce Wayne, and allowed Barbara to help him in his crusade. Finally, Barbara’s dream was fulfilled.

Barbara Gordon is an extremely brilliant and intelligent girl, full of enthusiasm and driven by a strong sense of justice. Idolizing superheroes since her childhood, she fulfilled her dream of becoming one, thus putting her many talents to the better good’s service. A skilled martial artist (especially jujitsu and kung fu), a genius tactician, gifted with a photographic memory and a natural agility and affinity with computers and machines, Batgirl is a formidable crime fighter, a real asset in the Batman Family.


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