Brion Markov (Geo-Force)

Brion MarkovWe’re almost at the end of Arrow‘s first season, and, before the final episode, we get yet another cameo. In last Darkness on the Edge of Town, the authors introduce (and eliminate…) a scientist named Brion Markov, portrayed by Eric Floyd, a geologist who has built for Malcolm Merlyn a device capable of causing an earthquake. Markov is someone the comics’ readers should immediately recognize, even because the machine he invented has effects similar to his powers as Geo-Force, a European superhero (and prince) who had much more importance than the quick cameo in the show. Let’s see together.

Deep in the Alps, somewhere between Switzerland and Italy (or between France and Belgium, versions differ), rose the Kingdom of Markovia, a small and ancient country ruled by wise and peaceful King Viktor Markov. Viktor had two sons from his wife (and a daughter from an unnamed American woman, but this is another story): Gregor, first in line of succession, and Brion, honest and passionate second born. Markovia’s peaceful life was abruptly interrupted when Frederick DeLamb, better known as Baron Bedlam, a Nazi criminal son of the officer who had been installed has a puppet ruler during World War II, invaded the kingdom claiming the throne for himself. King Viktor was the first one to fall, and Gregor inherited the throne in a desperate situation. The royal scientist of Markovia, Dr. Helga Jace, offered her research and knowledge to help the king fighting the invaders, but Gregor, close-minded, refused her help, mocking her research. Brion, on the opposite, decided to give the woman a chance, since the destiny of his own home depended on it: Dr. Jace’s experiments gave Brion superhuman powers, specifically geoforcecomics1geokinesis and gravity manipulation. With his new abilities, Brion fought side-to-side with his soldiers to defeat Baron Bedlam’s forces, but that proved to be not enough. Finally, even some American superheroes intervened in the war for different reasons: veterans Batman and Black Lightning (who were searching for Lucius Fox, prisoner of Bedlam) and Metamorpho (wanting to ask for Jace’s help with his powers) and new heroes Katana (who sought vengeance against General Karnz, Bedlam’s second) and Halo, an amnesiac girl found by Batman. Thanks to their help, Brion eventually defeated Bedlam, thus securing his brother’s throne, and became a national hero. Brion ended up admiring the superheroes that helped him winning his country back, and decided to spend some time in America, under Batman’s tutelage, so that he could learn how to properly use his powers and, most of all, how to spend them for the better good.

The entire team of heroes who had fought in Markovia stayed together, under Batman’s leadership, in the first formation of the Outsiders. With the codename Geo-Force, Brion became one of the most powerful members of the team, but he lacked the basis of cooperation: for someone like Brion, born in a royal family, not used to discuss with anyone who wasn’t a Markov, being in a team geoforcecomics2wasn’t an easy task; Batman, on his side, didn’t have for the young prince any particular attention, and pretended him to obey his orders just as everyone else. Brion, who was used to give orders instead of receiving them, at first clashed with the Dark Knight on several occasions, but Batman ended up gaining the boy’s trust and respect. An unexpected twist happened in Brion’s life when the Outsiders teamed up with the Teen Titans, the supergroup led by Robin. In the fellow superheroes’ ranks, Geo-Force recognized Terra as his long time lost half-sister, Tara Markov, who had been sent to America when she was an infant (Viktor Markov, fearing a scandal, had left the baseborn child with her mother). Brion was happy to be reunited with his sister, but decided not to tell anything to Tara, yet. Unknown to everyone, however, the girl had been brainwashed by Deathstroke the Terminator, and was acting as a spy on his behalf; when her powers went out of control, she got killed. The Titans told Brion she had died a hero, but Batman, some times later, told him the truth. Geo-Force became quite depressed, and managed to came back to his superhero activity only changing his costume (the first one reminded him of Tara). When Batman left the team, Geo-Force became the new (unofficial) leader, and Markovia funded the team: it was during this time that dr. Jace, who was now working with the Manhunters, killed his brother. Brion claimed the throne, but his sister-in-law, Iona, was pregnant. After dealing with Jace, Geo-Force married his girlfriend, Denise Howard, becoming regent until the time his nephew, Gregor Jr., would have come of age.

Brion Markov is a proud and strong ruler, intelligent and with a strong sense of duty, limited only by his lack of humility and his innate arrogance, which makes him believe to be better then common people just for being of regal family. As Geo-Force, he possesses many powers: his gravity manipulation makes him able to manipulate Earth’s gravitational field, but also to control his molecular density, thus gaining super strength and durability; he can also use gravity for flying or for creating force fields around himself or others. His geokinesis make him able to manipulate earth, transforming and shaping the ground, causing earthquakes or even channeling the planet’s energy in lava blasts. He’s stronger the nearer he is to Earth (in direct contact with the ground or with lava he can also heal from mortal wounds), while he grows weaker far from the planet’s surface. Extremely powerful and willing to prove himself, Geo-Force is thorn between his planet’s and his people’s defense, always trying to do the right thing for both.



  1. He would make a really awesome hero for a movie be deserved more then the Arrow cameo.

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