Jax-UrThe long awaited movie Man of Steel has finally been released in several countries (not mine, not yet at least), and we can take a look to some more of the characters featured in the film. For first, we’ll speak about one of General Zod‘s Kryptonian followers, the scientist Jax-Ur, portrayed in the movie by Mackenzie Gray. This is the first live action appearance of the character, despite in Smallville, season 7, a character with a similar name appeared: Dax-Ur, the creator of Brainiac. Since this portrayal is quite different from Jax-Ur’s usual incarnation, we can assume that the two are not related, despite the many similarities. Now, let’s see who Jax-Ur is in the comics.

Like most of DC Comics characters, also Jax-Ur underwent several continuity re-writings, following the many Crisis and similar reboots. The first incarnation of the character was also the first and worst criminal ever imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Jax-Ur was a genius scientist on Krypton, who committed himself in researching nuclear energy: he built a nuclear missile, and wanted to test it on a passing space rock. Unfortunately, Jor-El, another famous scientist, was testing his own spaceship around the same orbit, and the missile’s trajectory was modified. As a result, the colonial moon Weghtor was completely destroyed, along with its hundreds of inhabitants. The test was anyway successful, and Jax-Ur started the mass-production of his missiles planning to overthrow the High Council with them. Jor-El tracked the source of the first missile, and arrested Jax-Ur: showing no remorse at all for what happened to Weghtor, Jax-Ur was sentenced to eternal imprisonment in the jaxurcomics1Phantom Zone. Years later, other criminals arrived in the Phantom Zone, and Jax-Ur allied himself with some of them, like General Zod and Faora. From them, he learnt that Jor-El’s son had survived Krypton’s destruction, living on Earth. Driven by vengeance, Jax-Ur used his genius to escape the Phantom Zone and traveled to Earth, reaching the little town of Smallville. In here, he kidnapped Jonathan Kent and used his technology to imitate his appearance. Jax-Ur made young Clark Kent believe that his father had become a superhero too, but was unmasked the moment he signed an invoice with his true name (not so smart, in fact…). Clark fought him as Superboy, and imprisoned him again in the Phantom Zone. Jax-Ur kept planning and plotting against Kal-El from the Phantom Zone, until he managed to escape once again; this time, however, he allied himself with adult Kal-El, Superman, to fight Black Zero, the alien who had destroyed Krypton. Using the new powers obtained with the Red Kryptonite used by Black Zero himself, Jax-Ur killed the alien, avenging his home planet; he then came back to the Phantom Zone on his own will.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jax-Ur was still the Kryptonian scientist responsible for the destruction of Weghtor. This time, his actions drew the unpleasant attention of Brainiac, the Coulan cyborg that “stole” Kandor, another colony. Jax-Ur was found guilty for the destruction of both colonies and the mass-murder of the inhabitants, and sentenced to imprisonment in the Phantom Zone. This one was used just as a storage until Jax-Ur’s incrimination, and became a dimensional prison only from that moment on. Years passed, and Krypton was destroyed during a natural planetary crisis. Jax-Ur was later released from his imprisonment by General jaxurcomics2Zod, a Kryptonian warlord who was searching for allies; wanting to help Zod with his conquest plans, Jax-Ur became one of his Sleeper Kryptonians, agents disguised as humans while posing on Earth as normal citizens. Jax-Ur was hidden behind the identity of Dr. Phillings, one of the most brilliant xenobiologists on the planet. Secretly, he was conducting a series of atrocious experiments on Earth creatures, humans included, while publicly he was one of the world’s top experts in Kryptonian DNA. When Dr. Light asked Phillings to do some research on Chris Kent‘s accelerate aging, the man used the occasion to investigate about the connection of Kent with Kryptonian demi-god Nightwing, and of his fellow Thara Ak-Var with Flamebird. His researches led Jax-Ur to understand that the boy and the girl were avatars of the demi-gods, just as him was an avatar of their nemesis, Vohc the Breaker. Using the heroes’ DNA, Jax-Ur/Vohc created a clone of Rao, the Kryptonian main god, and used it as a weapon to unleash on the world. Jax-Ur was ultimately defeated by Nightwing and Flamebird, who destroyed the Rao clone and left an unconscious Jax-Ur to be collected by the Justice Society.

Jax-Ur is a completely amoral and unscrupulous scientist, ready to crash anything and anyone who stands on his research’s path. As a Kryptonian, he possesses all Superman’s powers (superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes and senses; heat vision; freezing breath; flight; x-ray vision and many more), but, being a scholar and not a warrior, he doesn’t stand a chance in physical confrontation with Kal-El. His most dangerous weapon is his own intellect: a genius with no ethical limitations, he’s able to conceive and build any kind of weapon of unthinkable destructive power.



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