Charles Francis Xavier (Professor X)

professorxfilmFinally I’m back, with a ton of characters to speak about. In these days, I managed to see The Wolverine, and there are a couple of very well known characters appearing in the mid-credit sequence. The first one is Professor X, leader and founder of the X-Men, portrayed in almost every movie of the series by Sir Patrick Stewart. The younger version of Charles Xavier that appeared in X-Men: First Class was portrayed by James McAvoy, and both actors will return in X-Men: Days of Future Past next year. The movie version of the character has more or less the same personality and powers as the comics’ one, but differs in many details regarding his past. Sure, Xavier was a friend of Magneto and started to fight for mutant rights along with him, but in quite a different way than the one portrayed on screen. Let’s see together.

Charles Francis Xavier was the mutant son of Brian and Sharon Xavier, a wealthy couple from New York City. The child’s powers were incredibly strong since before his birth: Sharon, in fact, was pregnant of two twins, but fetus-Charles, sensing the innate evil nature of his sister (who would have later become Cassandra Nova) tried to kill her with his already developed psychic powers, leading to a miscarriage. When Charles was a child, Brian Xavier died in a car accident, and Sharon, looking for a father to her son, married Brian’s colleague, Dr. Kurt Marko. Marko was a cruel man, interested only in Sharon’s money, and he immediately started neglecting her, driving her to alcoholism, and beating his step son Charles and his natural one, Cain. Trying to control his newly found psychic powers, Charles tried toprofessorxcomics1 “cure” his step brother Cain from the trauma of his violent father, but his attempts managed only to fill Cain with rage against him: Cain was stronger and envious of Charles’ intellect, and the latter became the object of his brother’s bullying. Sharon Xavier died because of her alcoholism soon after, and this only made Kurt Marko even more violent with his sons. When Charles tried to stop the umpteenth fight between Kurt and Cain, some of Marko’s lab equipment exploded, and Kurt managed to drag out the two children before dying; during this occasion, cain learnt of Xavier’s powers, and regarded him as an enemy from that moment on. Using his father’s fortune, Charles entered Oxford University, and started a brilliant career, gaining both scholastic and athletic success. At university, Charles met Moira Kinross, and the two fell in love; they were about to get married, but Xavier was called to serve in the Korean War…in the same unit as Cain Marko. When his step brother tried to desert, Xavier followed him to bring him back, but managed only to watch helplessy as Cain found the mystical Ruby of Cyttorak and became the invulnerable Juggernaut a moment before the cave they were in collapsed. Xavier believed his brother dead, and came back to his unit. In the army, he became known as the Good Shepherd, loved and trusted by everyone. When he came back for a licence, Moira broke up with him with no apparent reason.

Depressed after Moira’s departure, especially after he learnt that she had married her ex abusive boyfriend Joseph MacTaggert, Xavier used his immense fortune to travel abroad. He left the Army and went everywhere in the world, until he arrived in Egypt. While in Cairo, Charles met a young pickpocket, Ororo Munroe, that seemed to have some special gifts just like him; while trying to contact her, anyway, Xavier was attacked by another powerful mutant going by the name of Shadow King, barely winning the psychic battle that ensued. Xavier decided that he would have dedicated his life to protect normal human beings (homo sapiens sapiens) from evil mutants, and innocent mutants (homo sapiens superior) from the fear and the abuses of humans, trying to build an utopia of peaceful coexistence. professorxcomics2Xavier kept travelling until he reached HaifaIsrael, where he met a holocaust survivor, a man calling himself Erik Magnus Lensherr. The two of them became friends, and spent hours debating what would have happened if humans found out about a new race of superhumans, both being unaware of each other’s mutation: while Xavier was optimistic, Lensherr, having lived the lager experience, believed that cohabitation was impossible, and that the new minority would have been oppressed and hunted just like every other one in history. When the group of volunteers they were working with was attacked by Baron Von Strucker and his Hydra survivors, the two mutants revealed their respective powers and fought together, vanquishing the Nazis; when Erik tried to kill the Baron, anyway, Xavier stopped him, thus alienating Lensherr. Believing their views on humanity were incompatible, Erik left Xavier and escaped with Von Strucker’s gold, and Charles started his wanderings once again. Charles went to IndiaGreeceRussia and many other places, meeting good and bad mutants, and falling in love many times. He lost his hair thanks to the energy constantly emitted by his brain, and lost the use of his legs in a fight with the alien Lucifer. When he came back to the US, he had decided to educate a new generation of mutants to his ideals of peaceful cohabitation with humans, founding a school with the help of FBI agent Fred Duncan. Xavier transformed his manor in the School for Gifted Youngsters, and, after losing his new girlfriend, Amelia Voght (who believed that the best way to protect mutants was to keep them hidden from the world) and his old friend Erik, who he confronted once again after he had become the mutant terrorist Magneto, Xavier found his first students: Jean GreyScott SommersHank McCoyBobby Drake and Warren Worthington III, five mutants looking for a guide. When the first superheroes appeared, Xavier decided that some mutant superheroes would have helped the people accept the new race, and transformed his students in the first X-Men, heroes protecting humans from other mutants. His dream was far from being fulfilled, but the first step had been taken.

Charles Xavier is a wise and extremely intelligent man, an idealist that believes in a world with no hatred or fear between humans and mutants. Despite many mistakes and “necessary lies”, Xavier fights truly and sincerely for his dream, sure that it will lead to a better world. A proficent hand-to-hand fighter and a genius in many fields, Xavier’s greatest ability is surely his mutant power, that makes him the world’s most powerful telepath. His mutation grants him the ability to control people’s body and mind, to locate anyone in any part of the world, to erase or manipulate memories, to make himself and others “invisible” or different in appearance by erasing his presence from other people’s perception, and much more. His abilities can become even stronger when Xavier uses Cerebro, a machine that Professor X himself built after his confrontation with the Shadow King. Despite being on a wheelchair, Xavier is one of the world’s most powerful men, able to change people’s mind with a simple thought…but, despite this, he choses to change it through comprehension and peaceful persuasion.



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