Alexander Summers (Havok)

havokfilmWell, I was wrong, there’s yet another pic surfaced from X-Men: Days of Future Past that portrays one of the main characters: it’s Lucas Tilly‘s Havok, one of the founding members of the X-Men in the movie universe. Looking at the picture, it seems that in DOFP Havok will be enrolled in the Army for Vietnam or something. In X-Men: First Class we left him as a young mutant trying to control his extremely destructive power, with Charles Xavier building for him a containment chest-plate that helped him focus the energy blasts coming out from his body. Well, compared to his comicbook counterpart, the movie version of Havok omitted some major details about the mutant hero…for example his family.

Alexander “Alex” Summers was born in HonoluluHawaii, as the second son of Major Christopher Summers and his wife Katherine Ann. He had an older brother, Scott, the one who would have become the X-Men leader Cyclops. Alex spent his childhood travelling from a place to another with his family, following Christopher’s necessities as a United Air Force officer; he lived mostly in AnchorageAlaska. Life for Alex changed when Christopher decided to bring his family on a trip with his private plane: when the Summers were flying over the sea, an alien scout ship from the Shi’ar Empire appeared, inadvertently burning the plane in the process. Trying to save her kids, Katherine tied both Scott and Alex to the single parachute present on the plane, and made them jump off just a moment before the plane exploded (the havokcomics1kids didn’t know it, but the Shi’ars teleported Katherine and Christopher away, saving their lives). The parachute burnt as well, but Scott manifested his powers for the first time, and used his optic blast to slow their fall. The kids survived, and, with a partial amnesia, were taken in by State Home for Foundlings, an orphanage in OmahaNebraska. The director of the orphanage, Mr. Milbury, became very interested in the Summers brothers, especially Scott: Milbury was secretly the evil genetist Mr. Sinister, and wanted to experiment on Scott. Wanting to make him emotionally vulnerable, Sinister gave Alex in adoption, keeping Scott at the institute. Alex was adopted by Andrew and Joanna Blanding, a couple who had just lost their son, Todd, in a car accident. Todd was a football star in school and the most loved kid around, and the Blandings pushed Alex to replace him in everything; Alex tried his best to meet his foster parents’ expectations, and soon became the “new Todd”. Unfortunately, this way he also attracted the enmity of Vincent, a local bully who was the true responsible for Todd’s death. Vincent kidnapped Alex and Haley Blanding, his foster sister, and was about to kill them when Alex’s power manifested themselves for the first time: with a sudden blast of energy, Alex incinerated Vincent. In that moment, attracted by the energy freed, Mr. Sinister appeared, and realized he had peeked the wrong brother: Alex’s powers far exceeded Scott’s ones. The boy had no control over his powers, anyway, and Sinister decided to wait: he erased Alex’s and Haley’s memory of that night, and disappeared…for the moment.

Alex grew up unaware of his brother’s destiny, until he got graduated in Geophysics in Old Landon’s College. A professor from the college, Ahmet Abdol, had been experimented on by Mr. Sinister (on Apocalypse‘s orders) with Alex’s DNA, and the two shared the same energy absorption and emission powers, only in reverse proportions one to each other. Abdol felt the link between him and the student, and abducted him, taking him to his lab in Egypt. Here, Abdol locked Alex into a shielded cell, so that he could use the whole power. The X-Men arrived in Egypt to stop him, but Abdol used the energy to transform into the unstoppable Living Monolith; Alex joined the fight when he havokcomics2was able to broke free from the cell, and, with him being able to absorb the cosmic energy again, the Living Monolith came back to his human form (the Living Pharaoh) and was defeated. Alex was welcomed by the X-Men, but, scared by the enormous powers he still couldn’t control, he chose to stay in the desert, much with Scott’s displease. Soon enough, however, Alex was kidnapped (again!) by Sentinels and brought to the lab of Larry Trask, son of the Sentinels’ inventor Bolivar Trask and heir of his project of annihilating the mutants’ race. Trask was very interested in Alex’s powers and, in order to study them, conceived a costume and an energy plate to contain the cosmic energy the boy continuously absorbed; he also gave Alex the codename “Havok”. When the X-Men finally found Trask’s lab and freed all the captive mutants, Scott found his brother severly injured. This time, after a brief misadventure with Sauron, Havok followed the other X-Men to New York, to the School for Gifted Youngsters, where he started training to gain control of his powers. He also met Lorna Dane, the mutant known as Polaris, and the two fell in love and started dating. This moment marked the begininning of a new era for Havok, that has since joined other teams, such as the X-Factor, the Starjammers (with his father, now a space pirate), the Brotherhood, and also became the leader of the Avengers.

Alex Summers is a man in constant struggle for controlling himself, both his powers and his explosive character. Raised separated from his family, Alex searches for affection wherever he can find it, especially since his relationship with his long-lost brother Scott has become extremely cold and harsh. As a mutant, Havok has the power to absorb ambient energy and to convert it into blasts of plasma, an ability that also makes him immune to radiations and many forms of energy (included Cyclops’ optic blast). Always trying to come out of his brother’s shadow, Havok wishes to demonstrate his valor to the ones he loves, with the handicap of a destructive power he cannot always control.



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