volstaggfilmWhen I was away, a new trailer from Thor: The Dark World appeared, allowing us to see other two characters back from the first movie. The first one is Volstagg the Voluminous, portrayed by Ray Stevenson, one of the Warriors Three and battlefield friend of Thor. In the first Thor, Volstagg was portrayed as an old-time friend of Thor’s, a mighty warrior who accompanies him in many adventures, such as the assault to Jotunheim or the battle against the powerful Destroyer. In the trailer of the second movie, he’s seen distrusting Loki, who’s supposed to be on his stepbrother’s side this time. While we’re waiting to see what role the fat Asgardian will have in the movie, let’s speak about the comicbook version.

Voltagg was born an Asgardian, a mighty warrior renwoned for his courage and prowess. Despite being much older than average Asgardians, Voltagg was once a beautiful, slim and muscular adventurer, who was said to kill at least one Frost Giant a day in order to quite his lust for combat. Usually a loner, the young Volstagg liked to tell his adventures to anybody in any tavern nevertheless, and always boasted about his valor. One day, another Asgardian adventurer was present during one of Volstagg’s infinite toasts to himself, and decided to challenge him to prove if everything he told about himself was true: it was Fandral the Dashing, one of Asgard‘s best swordsmen. Offended by the young man’s doubt, Volstagg accepted the challenge, and a very silent man, Hogun the Grim, was chosen as judge between the two. The challenge was decided, and it was an extremely dangerous task: the first warrior among Volstagg and Fandral who would have petted the mighty wolf Fenrir would have won. Unfortunately Fenrir, apart from being one of the deadliest creatures in all the Seven Realms, was also chained in a dark and wicked forest full of menaces for whomever volstaggcomics1entered it. The three young men entered the forest together as adversaries, but all the adversities they had to face together in there forged the strongest of all friendships: Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun became the Warriors Three, an inseparable trio of valiant Asgardians that would have become material for legends. Unfortunately, the Warriors Three’s utterly defeat at the hands (paws…) of Fenrir had its consequences, and Volstagg, unable to consider himself an unbeatable swordsman anymore, got a little bit depressed. It was his wife, Hildegund, that tried to comfort him with her gorgeous food, unwillingly causing a major change in her husband: not only Volstagg regained his good spirit and sense of humor, but he also developed an incredible love for food and drink, becoming amazingly huge, so that from “Volstagg the Valiant” he rapidly became known as “Volstagg the Voluminous”.

Despite his new look, that clearly influenced also his speed and prowess in battle, Volstagg still called himself the Lion of Asgard, and kept boasting about adventures most of which never happened. His good heart and pleasurable company made him also a close friend and a wise advisor of Thor, god of thunder and prince of Asgard, who started campaigning often with the Warriors Three and Asgard’s swordswoman Sif. Immediately after his “depression period”, Volstagg became quite a coward for a while, and was always the last one to join the battle, and the first one to claim victory, hiding somewhere for most of the time. After a disadventure with the dragon Fafnir, however, Volstagg seemed to regain some of his original courage, which he displayed several times during his adventures: he fought and defeated the evil tyrant Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, challenged the powerful Hulk (even if he was defeated) and also dared to challenge the lord of demons Mephisto to volstaggcomics2save Thor’s soul from his realm. He also rushed in battle against the powerful Mangog, but the passage to the enemy’s lair was too thick and the Voluminous One renounced to the battle, unable to cross the tunnel. He deployed an unimaginable strength during a battle on Midgard (Earth), when Thor and the Warriors Three fought against the cosmic parasite Ego-Prime: when Volstagg, in search of a place to hide, found a little girl attacked by some aliens, he annihilated the enemy army with his bare hands to save the child. A family man with a soft spot for children, Volstagg became renowned both for his large family and for the lost children he took care of: when Thor, during a battle, unadvertently killed a couple of civilians who had two sons, Kevin and Mick, it was Volstagg that took them with him and introduced them to his house, the Hall of Volstagg (the children were happy, since they took him for Santa Claus). Also, when the long-lost prince of Asgard Balder came back confused and broken from the realm of the dead, it was Volstagg who took care of him, making him know once again what being alive means (a lesson that involved a lot of food and alcohol). As both a funny coward and a valiant warrior, Volstagg had always being considered a precious friend and a reliable companion by his friends.

Volstagg is an Aesir, an Asgardian god, characterised by a good heart and a marked sense of humor, a trait he uses to entertain his friends making up boastings about adventures that never took place. Despite possessing all of an Aesir’s abilities, Volstagg is remarkably weaker and slower than other Asgardians because of his considerable weight, but, with time, he has learnt to use his mass on the battlefield as well as on a dinner table, becoming a powerful warrior once again: Volstagg’s Brandrheid Undrsigr, the sword known as the Bright Blade of Wondrous Victory, is still a fearsome sight for any enemy of Asgard. A good man and a good warrior, Volstagg is one of Asgard’s pillars of defence, and one of Thor’s best friends.



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