Maxwell “Max” Dillon (Electro)

electrofilmFinally, another character we were waiting to see made his official debut: it’s the villain of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the lethal Electro, portrayed by Jamie Foxx. Little is known of the character in the movie, except the fact that, as Maxwell Dillon, he’ll start as a nerdish helper to our friendly Spider-Man, and that he’ll become one of his deadliest nemesis thanks to the efforts of Oscorp. His look is based mostly on his Ultimate counterpart, but deploys a lot of original elements (especially the Dillon persona). So, waiting to see if he’ll be part of the movie version of the Sinister Six or not (the movie is quite crowded now…), let’s speak about him in the comics…

Maxwell Dillon was born in Endicott, New York, from Jonathan Dillon and his wife Anita. Jonathan seemed to be just incapable of keeping a job, and got continuously fired; the Dillons were forced to move a lot, following Jonathan’s new jobs, and Anita became quite overprotective with little Max. One day, Jonathan abandoned his family, and the relationship between Max and his mother became, if possible, even closer. Growing up, Max became interested in electricity and electric devices, and decided to go to college to study Electric Engineering; Anita, who thought she would have lost her son, convinced him that it was a bad idea to move and go to college, and that, if he really wanted to learn something about electricity, he should have looked for a jobelectrocomics1 at the local electric company. Dominated by his mother’s personality, Max renounced to his projects, and found a job in the company as a lineman. When he was 24, Anita died, and Max was alone for the first time in his life. On work, he met a fellow worker, Norma Lynn, and he fell in love with her; the two got married shortly after, but the marriage wasn’t meant to be long-lived. When Norman realized her husband had no ambition at all, and that he would have never become an engineer, preferring to stay the best lineman in the company, she broke up with him and disappeared from his life. This second abandonment broke something in Dillon’s mind, and he became hardened and embittered: the lack of ambition that costed him his marriage made him become a greedy man, whose only aim was now to get a profit from everything, always trying to become richer, in the effort of proving, to himself and to Norma in some way, that he could accomplish something too. When a coworker, while repairing a power line, got in trouble, Dillon was called to save him, just when a storm was about to start. Dillon accepted, but only in exchange of a fee: he climbed the utility pole and saved the other lineman; in that moment, a lightning struck the pole, investing him. However, against every possibility, Dillon didn’t die.

electrocomics2The energy of the lightning, plus the magnetic field generated by the wires, mutated Dillon’s nervous system, transforming him into a living electric capacitor. At first, Max didn’t fully realize what had happened to him, since his powers started very weak. After a while, anyway, they started developing, and Dillon became more and more aware of his own potentials. However, he was still weak, and so he borrowed some equipment from a street thug and used it to steal some industrial chargers from Stark Industries to power himself up. He was also approached by Magneto, who, feeling the magnetic field around him, was able to understand which extent Dillon’s powers would have reached, and he offered him to join his Mutant Brotherhood. Dillon refused, claiming that he would have only fought for himself from that moment on. When the thug he asked for help showed himself again, and threatened him with a gun to have his money back, Dillon hit him with an electric bolt he emitted from his own body: his first kill gave the man a self confidence he never felt before, and he created the masked identity of Electro. He started robbing banks, gaining the more money he could; when a photographer shot a picture of him while he was using static electricity to climb a wall, Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson claimed that Electro and Spider-Man were one and the same. To clean his name, the Wall-Crawler challenged Electro. The first time the two met, Electro easily disposed of the hero, using his electric powers. The second time, during another robbery, Spider-Man came prepared, and, with isolating rubber gloves and boots, he managed to punch Electro and to knock him out. This was the first defeat Electro suffered at Spider-Man’s hands. He later fought and lost against other superheroes, such as Daredevil, the Fantastic Four or even the Avengers, but he kept a grudge particularly against Spider-Man, who he always regarded as his nemesis.

Max Dillon is a miserable and petty man, whose only valuable things in life are money and jewels, and the power he can get from them. His emotional traumas made him a monster, but he chose the path he’s walking on now. As Electro, he’s an extremely powerful villain: his powers started from being just electricity manipulation, that resulted in bolts projection, electrocution and conversion of electric energy into enhanced physical attributes (strength, speed etc); with the years, he evolved into a being of pure electricity, able to store and emit an unlimited quantity of energy (only Thor, manipulating lightning itself, managed to defeat him while in this state). With a greed only equal to his power, Maxwell Dillon is one of the most dangerous foes Spider-Man has ever faced.



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