James Lizewski

James LizewskiLet’s take a little break from all the superhero-wannabes of Kick-Ass 2, and let’s speak about one of the civillians involved in Kick-Ass‘ adventures, James Lizewski, portrayed by Garrett M. Brown. James, father of the protagonist Dave Lizewski, lost his wife in the first Kick-Ass, and tried to raise his only son the best he could…with little result. He was unaware that Dave was also the masked vigilante Kick-Ass, but in the second movie he finally suspects something, noticing the odd behavior of his son. He’ll arrive to protect his son the best way a father can, even after acknowledging his double life. Now, let’s see who James Lizewski is in the comics.

A hard worker and a good man, James “Jimmy” Lizewski married the woman he loved and formed a family with her. He had a son, Dave, and he did his best to support his family, working by night and standing hard shifts for his family’s sake. When his wife suddenly died, James was left alone with Dave. Despite he thought that another motherly figure would have been an advantage for Dave, Jimmy was still too in love with his wife, and he decided not to get married again. Every night, just before leaving for the 10 p.m. shift, he prepared his son the only meal he could cook, chili, always trying his best to be a good father. What happened next proved that, despite his best intentions, James knew very little of Dave: one night the boy, with the idea of becoming a superhero, put on a scuba suit and tried patrolling the streets, but he got stabbed jameslizewskicomics1and run over on his first “mission”. Jimmy arrived at the hospital to find his boy with every single bone broken, and the doctors told him they found him naked. James feared that Dave could have been raped, but the boy (who had, in fact, undressed to hide his suit just before the ambulance arrived) told him that the paramedics had cut the clothes before taking him to the hospital, thus appeasing his father. After nine months of rehabilitation, James finally brought Dave back home, sure that everything had come back to normal…but Dave still dreamed of being a superhero, and starting a “career” as Kick-Ass. Meanwhile, James started to feel lonlier than usual, and tried to meet somebody with online dating: he met Lucille, a woman who just got out of a violent relationship (she was the one who had contacted Kick-Ass to stop her ex-boyfriend, the drug dealer Eddie Lomas). The two started dating, beginning their relation with an awkward moment during which James and Lucille were caught having sex on the sofa by Dave, who just came back home. Jimmy used the embarassing moment to ask his son if he was ok with the fact he was seeing other women, and when Dave told him that he had nothing against it, he finally felt free to see Lucille.

Not much time passed before Lucille broke up with Jimmy, and life came back to normal. Jimmy, not distracted by his new girlfriend anymore, started noticing some odd things about his son: he was sneaky, always sleepy, and he tended to avoid direct questions about anything. When a neighbor told James that, some nights, Dave came back home sneaking through the window, at 4 a.m., the man started thinking his son had drug problems. A night, he waited for his son to come back, and confronted him on the topic: Dave denied strongly and repetedly to have any drug issue, but Jimmy knew something was wrong nevertheless, and didn’t believe him. A morning, while Dave was at school, James entered his son’s room and searched for drugs anywhere…until he found a green scuba suit and two sticks, finally realizing what the secret Dave was hiding was. Surprised and shocked, James waited for Dave’s return, only to forbid him to “play superhero” ever again. The two jameslizewskicomics2had a quarrel, the first one, and Dave, enraged, shouted that he just didn’t want to become as pitiful, bored and old like his father was, and went away with his costume. Dave didn’t come back home for a while, and James was left without any news of his son. When, after The Mother Fucker‘s crimes, the police decided to arrest every man or woman donning a costume, they managed to track Kick-Ass’ house following his IP address. Facing the policemen, and wanting to protect his son, James claimed to be Kick-Ass, and got arrested in place of Dave. During their first (and last) conversation in prison, James had Dave promise he would have never put on the costume again; he then told his son not to worry: he would have taken care of himself in jail. The same night, The Mother Fucker’s men killed him in the prison cafeteria, hanged him and sent a picture of his corpse to Dave, beginning the war between Justice Forever and The Toxic Mega Cunts.

James Lizewski is not particularly smart, cultured or intelligent: he’s just a good man, who does his best to be a good father for Dave. He always tries to balance his work with his family life, not always succeeding in the task, and often leaving Dave by himself. Filled with paternal love and sense of sacrifice, James is probably a better father he would have ever thought.