Insect ManToday, another member of Justice Forever as he’s been seen in Kick-Ass 2, the Insect-Man. While in the comics he looks like a dark version of Spider-Man, the movie version, portrayed by Robert Emms, is quite different. In the movie, Insect-Man is a nerdish, blonde guy with glasses that has become a superhero because, being gay, he’s been mocked and bullied for too a long time. In order to make people understand that there’s nothing bad being a homosexual, he’s the only hero in Justice Forever not to wear a mask, and he fights with something similar to claws, deploying remarkable abilities. He helps Kick-Ass and the others in every battle in the movie, proving to be more a valuable asset than his appearance made anybody think. Well, in the comics the character is very different. Let’s see together.

It’s hard to tell the origins of the superheroes joining Justice Forever, since, some times (often, actually), they invent something to make their masked personas more interesting to the others, thus making their stories quite hard to believe. This can also be the case of Insect-Man, a short man dressed from head to toe with a black costume, with a white spider covering his mask. When he introduced himself to Kick-Ass, Insect-Man claimed to be a policeman, a cop who started to distrust the system the moment he understood the lack of competence and reliability of the New York Police Department. He became interested in vigilantism when Kick-Ass first appeared, beating thugs and pickpockets, and decided to become a masked hero himself when the boy alone (with a “little” help from Hit-Girl) vanquished the Genovese Family, the mafia organization that held also the Department in its payroll. Without any trust left in law, the cop became Insect-Man, to do, by night and in costume, what he wasn’t allowed or permitted to do by day and in uniform. Very respectful of the civilians and extremely brutal in his crime fighting, the grim Insect-Man was contacted by Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes, two ex-mobsters who had become heroes and had founded the insectmancomics1supergroup Justice Forever. When Doctor Gravity brought Kick-Ass in Justice Forever, Insect-Man finally met the boy who had started it all, and had the chance to work with him in a “team-up”, like real superheoes.

On the team’s first mission with Kick-Ass, Justice Forever attacked a human trafficking organization. During the short battle that ensued (Colonel Stars and his dog had already taken care of the worst part of the goons), Insect-Man showed to be quite violent in combat, impressing even Kick-Ass (who was used to Hit-Girl’s methods!). After that night, many others followed, and Insect-Man sometimes teamed up also with Kick-Ass himself, defending citizens, beating up bad guys, saving the day. Unfortunately, the easy life was about to end soon: The Mother Fucker, who considered himself Kick-Ass’ nemesis, decided to destroy everything his enemy held dear, and, along with his Toxic Mega Cunts, attacked Justice Forever’s hideout. The lair was destroyed, and Colonel Stars was killed along with his dog. Following the Colonel’s death, the group almost disbanded, since Lieutenant Stripes was too depressed to lead them anymore (Insect-Man also participated to the sympathy card the team prepared for him). The Mother Fucker also killed many cops (actually, Mother Russia did), and the police decided to arrest any man or woman seen with a costume. Insect-Man had to stop being a hero for a while, until the group suffered yet another attack: Kick-Ass’ father, who was pretending to be the real hero, was killed by the Toxic Mega Cunts, and the whole team was attacked during his funeral. Finally, Kick-Ass decided he himself would have led Justice Forever in the final battle against his enemy, and Insect-Man was among the many superheoes that answered his call. The two teams faced off in Time Square, with Kick-Ass and The Mother Fucker opening the dances. Insect-Man made himself to be noticed in the brawl, being one of the most formidable fighters on Justice Forever’s side (not such a big deal: most of the heroes were just amateurs, with no combat ability at all, insectmancomics2and it took a little effort to be better than most of them). Insect-Man defeated many bad guys, until the battle was ultimately won. Kick-Ass meanwhile had defeated the Mother Fucker, and ordered everybody not to kill the Toxic Mega Cunts, since they would have gone to jail: that was the difference between heroes and villains. Unfortunately, police didn’t seem to understand this difference, and, when they arrived, they arrested everybody, Insect-Man included. The crowd, present during the fight, cheered the heroes up and asked the police to free them, with no effect.

Insect-Man is a serious, grim man, with quite an aggressive attitude towards any criminal. He shows to be caring for civilians’ safety, but uses extreme brutality with anybody he has to “punish”. In combat, he’s one of the few very proficient combatants in Justice Forever, thus proving he actually received a specific training before (this, maybe, proves his origin story is actually true). He fights using the Black Club, a baseball bat painted in black, with nothing special. Often silent, always creepy, Insect-Man is one of the most valuable assets of Justice Forever.



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