Emil Blonsky (Abomination)

abominationfilmMaybe you didn’t notice (or you just don’t care, but nevermind), but in the episode Pilot of the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series, many characters had little cameos. When the agents are looking at the monitors, we can get peaks of some of the Avengers (namely Captain America, Thor and Iron Man) and a couple of “monsters”, as they say. One is the lovely Hulk, the other one…is the ugly and bad version of him, the Abomination. He appeared in The Incredible Hulk as the main villain, a decorated soldier hired by General Ross to hunt down the Hulk, who tried to use the Super Soldier Serum and had some awful countereffects after an overdose, becoming a giant green monster. In the short The Consultant, he’s been revealed to be in the Army’s custody: the World Security Council wanted him to be in the Avengers, but Agent Coulson and Agent Sitwell managed to have Tony Stark irritate Ross in a way he refused to let the Abomination go. Now, he’s still imprisoned somewhere… Let’s see who he is in the comics.

The Abomination’s real name is Emil Blonsky. He was a KGB spy from Yugoslavia, a man deeply faithful to the ideals moving the Comunist Russia, with only one thing he loved more than his own country: Nadia, his beautiful wife, a classic dancer he adored. Despite his sincere feelings for her, Blonsky’s violent nature sometimes surfaced also in their marriage, and Emil sometimes hit his wife when he was drunk enough not to think about it, immediately regretting it once he regained his consciousness. Needless to say, despite their love, Nadia was much safer when her husband was sent on mission. And quite a big one awaited for him: the Soviet intelligence learnt that somewhere in New Mexico the Americans were developing a new kind of nuclear weapon based on Gamma Radiation, a project overseen by General “Thunderbolt” Ross. Blonsky received the task of infiltrating the base and sabotaging the bomb. Blonsky managed to enter Desert Base along with his partner, Bogatin, pretending to be an American soldier, an tried to sabotage the abominationcomics1defense system of the base (and, once, of USA themselves), but he failed, more than once, even if he kept his identity secret, always hiding before anybody could see him tampering with missiles or systems. In those days, Desert Base was visited by the alien known as The Stranger, who had just decided that humanity wasn’t ready for nuclear weapons and decided to annihilate it; using his enormous powers, The Stranger mind-controlled Hulk (the green creature appeared recently in the base) to destroy everything and everyone on his path, but he was unable to control Bruce Banner, his human side. When Hulk reverted to his Banner form, the scientist decided to commit suicide to save the world from himself, and built a Gamma Ray Projector able to invest him with such an amount of Gamma Radiations to kill him. Unfortunately, General Ross stopped him before he could do it (he wanted to use the Hulk for military purposes), and had security take him away. In the lab, however, there was a man hidden: Blonsky, who was trying to sabotage something else in the base. Without knowing the purpose of the machine, he activated it, and was invested by twice the radiations Banner had absorbed when he first transformed into the Hulk.

Unexpectedly to anyone (also to Bogatin, who was witnessing his friend’s “experiment”), Blonsky wasn’t killed by the radiations, but he was transformed as well. He became a massive, reptilian-like green creature, with twice the strength of Hulk (at least, when the latter doesn’t get too angry) and able to retain his full human intellect. The side effect, however, was tragic: Blonsky wasn’t able to regain his human appearance anymore. At first, however, Blonsky was just intoxicated by his new power, and decided he could have taken USA down by himself. He first confronted a still mind-controlled Hulk, and he almost killed him in combat. He then proceeded to attack the soldiers, and ultimately kidnapped Betty Ross (who nicknamed him “The Abomination”) to challenge her father, General Ross. The General was so desperate at the perspective of losing of his abominationcomics2daughter, that, despite his hatred for him, he decided to have the Hulk cured, so that he could go after Blonsky. Thanks to his friend Rick Jones, Hulk broke the Stranger’s control, and, back to his human form, Banner created a machine that could depower Blonsky. The ray worked, but Banner transformed into the Hulk and crashed it before it could completely depower the Abomination. The monster regained his full strength, and attacked the Hulk, sure he could beat him again. This time, Betty’s life was at stake, and Hulk exceeded the Abomination’s strength thanks to his anger. The Abomination was defeated, and Banner’s heroism convinced the Stranger that there was still hope for humanity; the alien then proceeded to kidnap Blonsky, taking him to his planet, Stranger’s World (not a lot of fantasy in this one). Bogatin didn’t say anything back in the Soviet Union about his partner’s transformation, and reported Blonsky to be killed in action; Nadia received all the honors of a war widow, and kept living her life, sure she wouldn’t have seen her beloved husband again. But the Abomination was alive, and he came back to Earth on several occasions. He was once accidentally summoned by a coven of witches who wanted “a tool” to battle Silver Surfer, but he was defeated and sent back to the Stranger’s World. He also tried to start a riot on the planet uniting the Stranger’s prisoners, with the aid of none others than Thor, but his plan ultimately failed. He finally managed to leave the planet thanks to the crew of the Andromeda, a space-ship that freed many prisoners. The Abomination became first mate on the Andromeda, and then, finally, came back to Earth. His hideous appearance, however, prevented him to reveal anybody Emil Blonsky was still alive, so he started a personal war against the Hulk, whom he considered responsible for his condition.

Emil Blonsky is a patriot, but also a greedy and violent man, a loyal soldier who focuses his anger into the missions entrusted to him by his superiors. The only human feeling he’s able to feel is the unconditioned love for his wife, Nadia, replaced by a neverending pain and a deep rage from the moment he lost her forever. As the Abomination, he possesses an overwhelming strength, being also nearly invulnerable; he also possesses superhuman speed and stamina, and a powerful healing factor; retaining his human intellect, the Abomination has proven to be more a threat than Hulk ever was. When the two titans battle, the earth itself shakes.



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