fandralfilmWith the latest posters released for Thor: The Dark World, we got our first look at Fandral, the second member of the Warriors Three. The heroic Asgardian already appeared in Thor, as one of the main character’s closest friends and allies, but he was portrayed by Joshua Dallas. In the second movie, due to Dallas’ commitment with Once Upon a Time, Fandral will be played by the actor who had been Marvel Studios’ first choice, but who had to decline in order to complete the last seasons of Chuck: it’s Zachary Levi, now in the right shape for the role. It’s unknown how big a part Fandral will have in the movie, but since Asgard is involved in a war against Svartfaltheim, it’s unlikely that one of its bravest and best warriors will stand aside, so we can expect to see some action scenes involving the blonde swordsman. Let’s see who Fandral is in the comics.

Very little is known about the Asgardian who would have been known as Fandral the Dashing in his first years. Since he was young, he was considered as one of the most beautiful men every born in Asgard, and he used his appearance and his undoubtable charme to conquer many, many women’s hearts in his days. Despite his attitude as a womanizer, he also trained himself to become one of Asgard’s finest swordsmen, a warrior just as brave as he was cocky and arrogant. He enjoyed boasting his adventures in bars and taverns, claiming to have defeated a monster with just a soupspoon. One night, he found another warrior who not only laughed at his boasts, but answered with others just as huge and unbelieavable as his own: it was Volstagg, a tall and muscular guy who claimed to be Asgard’s best swordsman. Between the two immediately started a rivalry, and they started a challenge: the first among them who would have been able to pet the deadly wolf Fenris would have been named the greatest warrior in Asgard. As an observer of the challenge was chosen the fandralcomics1honest Hogun the Bright Heart, and the three left the tavern and immediately embarked on their journey. The adventure proved to be more than a challenge for the three warriors, and the many dangers they faced made them grow increasingly respectful one to each other. When they finally reached Fenris, the warriors were utterly defeated, and Hogun almost lost his life, but the common effort of the three allowed them to survive the encounter, and, from that very moment, the Warriors Three were founded, an inseparable trio of adventurers and friends who now acted as one being. The newborn team immediately become widely known in Asgard and the whole Nine Realms, a formidable force with an undoubtable fame. The Warriors Three met their best friend and ally, Thor Odinson, when they joined him on a quest to restore the cracked Odinsword, a difficult task during which the four gods learnt to respect each other’s valor and power.

Fandral’s attitude towards love wasn’t always the one of a ladies man. In his youth, he travelled to Midgard, aka Earth, during what for humans was the Thirteenth Century. At first, he enjoyed pretty much being a superhuman beings among normal men, but ended up falling in love with a mortal woman, Maid Marian, who he chose as his wife. For her love, he became a defender of poor people, fought against injustice, conquered the commoners’ favour. Fandral and Marian lived a long life together, but ultimately, as it was obvious, the woman died of old age. Fandral, distraught, left Midgard and came back to the immortal Asgard, and every year since then he celebrated the anniversary of his beloved Marian’s death, leaving behind the legend of Robin Hood, protector of poor people. From that point on, he chose never to love another woman in place of his first wife, and he became the light-hearted and fancy-free womanizer everybody learnt to know. With his new friends, the Warriors Three, Fandral lived countless adventures, and an infinite fandralcomics2numbers of enemies and women fell under, respectively, his sword and his fascination. He helped Hogun to battle and ultimately defeat the conqueror Mogol, who had slaughtered his family many years before; he single-handedly defeated the lord of Trolls Ulik, despite being severely injured, and then proceeded to foil a plan from AIM which was trying to use Fenris’ blood for military purpose; he battled more than once the God of Mischief Loki Laufeyson, but he also fell under his spells; he also battled the brute Skurge the Executioner and his lover and mistress, Amora the Enchantress, even if he disliked crossing blades with a damsel, being her good or evil. Despite being among the bravest warriors, Fandral fell during the events of Ragnarok, and disappeared, seemingly dying. He then reincarnated as a mortal man, Trevor Newly, and Thor found him in Africa: after allowing him to take back his form and memories, Thor proceeded to reunite him with Hogun and Volstagg, thus reforming the Warriors Three. Facing any kind of threats or enemies, Asgard would have always counted on Fandral the Dashing and his fellow Warriors Three.

Cocky and arrogant, a smooth swagger and an incurable womanizer, Fandral is also a loyal friend and a brave warrior, a man whose courage is undoubtable and whose valor is proved many times on the battlefield and between his people. One of Asgard’s finest swordsmen, Fandral is known for his speed and agility in battle, that make him a legendary, invisible enemy for any opponent of Asgard. A man who enjoys love and war, blessed with all the superhuman powers of an Asgardian, Fandral is an enemy never to underestimate.



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