Franklin Hall (Graviton)

gravitonfilmFinally, in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the authors introduced a new character from the comics, and quite a major one I’d say. In the latest episode The Asset, we met dr. Franklin Hall, portrayed by Ian Hart. In the tv series, the scientist is protected and guarded by S.H.I.E.L.D., until his former college co-student Ian Quinn kidnapped him to make him work on a new element, the Gravitonium, whose unique characteristic is the one of manipulating gravity fields around it. At the end of the episode (spoilers ahead!!!) Phil Coulson unexpectedly use Hall’s body as a catalist to stop the destructive reaction started by the scientist himself, appearantly killing him; in a pre-credit scene, a hand promises new developments for the character, who in the comics is one of the Avengers‘ fiercest enemies. Let’s see together.

Franklin Hall was born in AlbertaCanada, and since his very childhood he developed quite a skill for science. Having always been a brilliant student, he grew up to become the most brilliant one in all Canada, and he graduated in Physics showing an intellect able to rival the ones of the planet’s greatest geniuses, like Reed Richards or Henry Pym. Hall didn’t have any problems finding a job after graduation, and gravitoncomics1he was immediately hired by Research City, a private company operating on the Canadian Rockies. He started studying teleportation technology, developing new devices for the company. During one of his experiments, while trying to align a set of graviton matrices to induce a teleportation, he overloaded the particle accelerator he was working with; the following explosion involved also other two particle accelerators nearby, and Hall was invested by a nuclear blast. The unique atomic flurry that was generated by the three accelerators didn’t kill the scientist, but fused his molecules with the graviton sub-nuclear particles he was working on. Clearly Hall took some time to recover, but he eventually came back in shape. The explosion granted him amazing powers, and the scientist found himself able to mentally control gravity itself. At first, Franklin decided to hide his ability from the world, since he thought that everybody would have regarded him as a freak. One day, giving up to the urge, he used publicly his powers and, much to his surprise, he found out that people, more than mocking him, feared him. Enjoying the sensation, Hall started to use his immense power to obtain whatever he wanted.

Soon, Franklin got inebriated by the sense of fear he could instil, and the self-confidence he gained from it. Ambitious and theatrical, Hall created a costume with a long cape, and renamed himself Graviton, the master of gravity. As his first public act as a supervillain, Graviton literally kidnapped the whole Research City, blocking communications and accesses and proclaiming himself undisputed master of the facility. Just a moment before all communications were shut down, however, a colleague of Hall, Joe, sent a distress call to the Avengers Tower in New York. Graviton found gravitoncomics2out about it, and, enraged, lifted the City at several thousands feet above the ground, and started torturing Joe, wanting to make an example out of him by progressively increasing his weight, thus crushing his bones. Luckily for Joe, his wife Judy intervened: Franklin had been secretely in love with her for quite some time, and he agreed to release her husband. Meanwhile, the Avengers arrived at Research City, and tried to stop Graviton…only to be vanquished by the villain, who could already use his powers with an incredible skill. Only Thor and Iron Man remained to battle him, but they soon understood they were no match for Graviton, who had meanwhile moved the floathing facility over New York. Iron Man then tricked Hall into thinking that Judy had committed suicide scared by his evil ways: shocked, Graviton subconsciously attracted the whole Research City around him, trapping himself in a solid rock ball, that Thor threw in the Hudson River. Hall survived, but emerged only some time later, always wrapped in stone, as a giant rock monolith. He battled The Thing and Black Bolt in this form, and, at the end of the fight, he managed to free himself from his “prison body”, fleeing in confusion. He later tried again to battle the Avengers, and this time Thor sent him into outer space. But, of course, Graviton came back to Earth to try and conquer it.

Dr. Franklin Hall is easily one of the most intelligent people in the world, an expert in physics able to understand the deepest rules of our world. He’s also a man with a frail personality, who often indulges in megalomania and histrionism to cover his insecurity and emotional weakness (this traits, however, gradually disappeared the more he became powerful and self-confident as a supervillain). As Graviton, his gravikinesis allows him to manipulate gravity at will, thus allowing him to fly, to lift things with a mere thought or to make them heavier, to generate force fields and energy blasts, and much more. One of the most powerful threats the Avengers ever faced, Graviton is an unstoppable natural force driven by an expansive ego.



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