Robert Stookey

Bob StookeyOk, I’m quite late. Anyway, also The Walking Dead Fourth Season finally hit the screen, and in the first episode 30 Days Without an Accident we already found a new character (more than one, actually, but only one is taken from the comics). I’m referring to Bob Stookey, played by Lawrence Gilliard Jr., the former army medic who went on recognition with Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and the unlucky Zack, and almost met his demise when he got stuck under the shelves of a supermarket during a zombie attack. Well, the character in the series appears to be quite different from the one in the comics, first of all because he belongs to the Prison‘s group, and then for his appearance, since in the comics he’s Caucasian, and much older. Anyway, let’s see together who Bob Stookey is in the comics.

Very little is known about Robert Stookey‘s life before the Zombie Apocalypse. Something like forty-years prior to the outbreak, Bob served under the army as a medic, but the things he saw in war changed him forever. He gave up after only a couple of weeks, and he came back home, in Smyrna, Georgia, trying to forget the horrors he had witnessed to. He indulged into alcoholism, but he managed to keep it almost under control. He found a job as a truck driver, and he met a good woman, Brenda, whom he married. The two of them started living in the outskirts of Smyrna, in a mobile home; they tried to conduct a normal life, the best Bob’s ghosts allowed them, anyway. Then, another horror began, one much worse than Bob himself could have ever imagined: the dead started walking and eating the living, and soon every law, government or moral left space to the bare survival instinct. One day, Bob went out to find some provisions, but, when he came back, he found his mobile home overrun with walkers. He killed them, but it was too late: Breanda had been devoured, her left arm was missing, bobstookeycomics1and her lower body was pretty mangled. Shocked and distrupt, Bob couldn’t put a bullet in her head, and, when she rose, he fled, living his zombie wife behind. He knew far too well that Brenda, in her new state, would have killed more than one person (something he was pretty positive about), and he felt he and his cowardice had directly killed all the people his walker wife ate in her “afterlife”. Bob managed, in a way or another, to reach Tent City, and there he met another survivor, Lilly Caul, who he befriended. When Lilly and her friends (Josh Lee HamiltonMegan Lafferty and Scott Moon) got banished from Tent City, following the “accidental” death of Chad Bingham (who had tried to kill Jill in revenge of his own daughter’s death), Bob decided to follow them.

Bob brought Lilly and the others on his truck, and they started searching another place to settle in. When Megan and Scott started a sexual relation, Bob started feeling lonely and jealous, especially because he cared about Lilly and her distance was becoming unbearable. The stayed for a while in a farm house, but the place was far too dangerous, and the walkers kept coming. The small group needed a safe place, and they stumbled upon Woodsbury, an almost idilliac community that seemed to have no problems at all. Bob and the others were welcomed in the town, and they met The Governor, the ruler of the small community. While Josh, Megan, Scott and Lilly integrated in Woodsbury, Bob started drinking again, to the point of being almost always drunk. Interestingly enough, however, The Governor developed some sort of interest in him, and started spending time with Bob, revealing to him many of his secrets (maybe trusting in his drunkenness). He told him about the National Guard soldiers he had killed, and even about Penny, his undead daughter (actually his newphew, but the bobstookeycomics2identification of Brian Blake with his brother Philip was at this point total), a topic on which the two men had more than one discussion, with Bob understanding why The Governor didn’t kill her, but remarking that he never thought for a single moment about feeding Brenda with living people. When Megan finally gave up and committed suicide, it was up to Bob killing her once she came back as a walker, something that worsened his depression and, thus, his alcoholism problem. When the Woodsbury citizens started to fear about Bob’s continuous drunkenness and were about to ask for his ban, The Governor was attacked and tortured almost to death by Michonne. Alice and Dr. Stevens, the two doctors of Woodsbury, had deserted, and Bob was the only one with the necessary skills to save The Governor. Much to Bob’s own surprise, he managed to save his leader’s life. When, after some time of recovery, The Governor was back in shape (without an eye and an arm), he decided to lead a final charge against the Prison’s group, and he entrusted Woodsbury and overall Penny to Bob. What happened to him since then, it remains to be seen.

Bob Stookey is a broken man, whose mind was severly wounded during war. The apocalypse, loved people dying, the continuous survival effort brought him on the edge, and now only alcohol can allow him to live without being haunted by all the ghosts he carries within. A capable medic and a trained soldier, Bob has lost his skills in the mists of alcohol.



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