Benjamin Turner (Bronze Tiger)

Bronze TigerNew episode this week for Arrow, and we get to know other two characters from the comics. In Identity, old enemy China White comes back in town, but this time she’s got a friend with her, Ben Turner, aka the Bronze Tiger, who gives Green Arrow quite a beating before being knocked out with a taser arrow. In the show, the villain is portrayed by Michael Jai White, actor and martial artist, in my personal opinion one of the best castings for the show so far. Despite having little more than a cameo in the episode, Bronze Tiger is quite a famous character in the comicbooks, a villain and a anti-hero that have fought almost every martial artist in the DC Universe. Let’s see together.

Benjamin Turner was born in Central City, from a family not too wealthy, but surely not a poor one. Since he was a child, he developed quite a problem with anger management, as he was quite aggressive and violent. Once, a drug-addict burglar broke into his house, and attacked his mother to have some money. Enraged, a ten-years-old Ben attacked the man, and butchered him with a kitchen knife. Obviously, the killing was considered by police as justifiable homicide, especially considering they were dealing with a kid who murdered a man to save his own mother, but Ben was afraid of his inner demons, and started searching a way to control his sleeping rage. He tried with martial arts, and he approached a master who could teach him how to control his anger, but the first attempt was a flop, since the man saw a great talent in the boy and tried to use him for not so noble aims. After some time, Ben realized this and decided to leave Central City: he travelled far East, until he found O-Sensei, a more than one-hundred years old Japanese master and philosopher who took Turner as his disciple, teaching him to control and focus his rage. One night, a young American thief entered the dojo to rob it, but Ben found him and easily subdued him: O-Sensei saw something in the young man, and decided to take him bronzetigercomics1as his disciple too. From that day, Ben Turner had a friend and a companion, Richard Dragon, another lost soul saved by martial arts and Eastern philosophy. For years, Ben and Richard grew up together as brothers, becoming two of the best martial artists in the world. When O-Sensei felt he could teach them nothing more, he left them, so that they could complete their path on their own. The two young men’s fame was already high, and they were approached by Barney Ling, a rich man leader of an organization called G.O.O.D. (Global Organization of Organized Defense), and they started working for him. Unfortunately, Ling was a traytor, and he used Ben’s fragile psyche to make a killer out of him: along with Professor Ojo, he gradually brainwashed Ben, turning him into the Bronze Tiger, a masked identity they controlled for killing people. Ben had no memory of his acts as the Tiger, who embodied all the anger and the aggressivity he tried to control over the years. Eventually, Richard found it out, and tried to challenge Ling, only to be attacked by Bronze Tiger: the following fight ended in a draw, but Ling got accidentally killed, and Ben was finally freed from his control.

At that point, after an adventure involving Lady Shiva, one of O-Sensei’s god-daughters, Ben and Richard parted ways, each one of them seeking his own path. Ben met Myoshi, whom he fell in love with, and started teaching martial arts around the world, bringing on his master’s idea of inner and outer peace-keeping. His skills, however, didn’t go unnoticed, and the League of Assassins, the sect led by Ra’s al Ghul, decided they could have make good use of Turner. When the counter-espionage agent King Faraday hired Ben to take down the League, they used the occasion to kill Myoshi, leaving the man prey of his inner demons. They then proceeded to re-awaken the Bronze Tiger, trapping Ben inside a tiger mask. Terrified by his own fury, Ben channelled it into the Bronze Tiger identity, leaving it to deal with all the anger and the rage he was unable to control; this done, the League was finally able to erase Ben Turner, leaving only the Tiger, who became a masked assassin for bronzetigercomics2Ra’s al Ghul. The new killer’s identity was a secret for everybody but the League itself, and he became feared everywhere in the world, especially after he defeated in a hand-to-hand combat also Batman, considered one of the best fighters in the world. Progressively, Bronze Tiger became one of the most wanted criminals in the world, an assassin who had left a trace of blood in three continents. He also trained some of the best assassins from the League, including Cassandra Cain, daughter of the legendary killer David Cain and future Batgirl. Finally, King Faraday discovered that, under the mask of Bronze Tiger, was kept prisoner his old friend Ben Turner. He decided to rescue him, and formed a team, composed by special agent Rick Flag and the heroine Nightshade. Despite suffering major damage, the trio managed to break into the League’s hideout and to kidnap Bronze Tiger, who was then taken to Amanda Waller, who proceeded to deprogram him. Finally back into himself, despite some obvious difficulties, Ben Turner became one of the founding members and second-in-comand of the Suicide Squad, a team composed of reformed villains trying to redeem themselves (or just to avoid capital punishment) working for the Government.

Ben Turner is a man haunted by inner demons, cursed by an uncontrollable rage that makes him always on the bring of extreme violence and fury. Only martial arts can bring peace to Ben’s heart, and he practices them with unmatched skill. As the Bronze Tiger, he is one of the greatest martial artists ever lived, master of kung fu, savate, hapkido, jeet kune do and many others. Skilled and infallible, Bronze Tiger can be an unbeatable force for good or a deadly assassin, depending if it’s Ben controlling the Tiger, or the other way round.



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