Algrim (Kurse)

kursefilmFinally, in the last footage from Thor: The Dark World we got our first look at one of the main villains, another new entry: Algrim the Strong, who transforms in the movie into the monstrous Kurse. Both the versions of the character are portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Lost‘s Mr. Echo. As far as we know, the film version won’t differ much from the comics one, except for his appearance: he’ll still be a proud and powerful Dark Elf turned into a hulking behemoth by his master, Malekith the Accursed, and will act as his right-hand man and bodyguard. The appearance surely is much more horrific than the comics’ one, being mainly composed by protruding bones and claws. Anyway, let’s see together who Kurse is in the comics.

As all the Dark Elves, Algrim was born in Svartfaltheim, home of his race, and he served in the army of the ruler and sorcerer Malekith the Accursed. Fighting under his lord, Algrim distinguished himself among all his peers, and earned the name “Algrim the Strong”, one of the deadliest Elves at Malekith’s command. His prowess in battle made his master notice him, and Malekith himself summoned Algrim, tellingkursecomics1 him he had been chosen as the one who would have killed Thor Odinson, prince of the Asgardians and enemy to Svartfaltheim. Eager to be remembered as the one who killed Thor, Algrim pledged his loyalty to Malekith, and agreed to be a part of his plan. The lord of the Dark Elves had the Asgardian Lorelei kidnapped: the woman, in that time, had cast a powerful spell on Thor, making him fall in love with her. Thor reached Svartfaltheim through the Costwolds, a dimensional link in Britain between Midgard and the realm of Faerie. When he saw Lorelei at Malekith’s mercy, Thor lost control, and tried to attack him, only to be ambushed by Algrim, who was hiding in the shadow wearing his ebony armor. Algrim was already claiming victory, the moment he realized he was just a pawn in Malekith’s hands: the lord of the Dark Elves, in fact, was using him just as a bait for the Asgardian, and, when the combatants moved onto a hidden pit, he activated a trap, leaving them both fall into a crater full of magma. Thor summoned his mystical hammer, Mjolnir, and flew to safety, but Algrim fell into the lava, apparently dying. Thanks to his enchanted armor, however, Algrim survived, even if badly burnt and wounded, and amnesiac: he only remembered that his pain was Thor’s fault.

kursecomics2Destiny wanted that the god-like Beyonder in that period was studying human’s feelings, particularly desire. He sensed Algrim’s strong desire of vengeance, mixed with other interesting passions: rage, suffering, hatred. As an experiment, he decided to restore Algrim to his full health, granting him even more strength and durability, also reshaping his armor. That was the moment Kurse was born. Sensing he would have found Thor in New York City, Kurse, now gifted with an incredible power, abandoned Svartfaltheim in search of his enemy. In America, Kurse mistook the alien Beta Ray Bill for Thor, and attacked him with an overwhelming strength. Bill escaped death only reverting to his non-powered form, thus not resembling the God of Thunder anymore. Enraged, Kurse started destroying everything in his path, thus wounding Margaret Power, mother of the super-powered children team Power Pack. The four children tried to face the monster, barely keeping him at bay despite their combined powers, and managed to stop him only burying him alive under a building he himself destroyed. That surely wasn’t enough to stop Algrim, who immediately broke free, finally finding Thor. The god, weaker than the Elf, wore his Belt of Strength, that doubled his power, but the Beyonder, secretly, augmented Kurse’s strength in turn. Thor was about to perish, when Beta Ray Bill and the Power Pack joined tha battle once more. The God of Thunder used Mjolnir to create intense heat around Kurse, a heat that made him remember the true reasons he had fallen into the lava pits: his hatred now focused on Malekith. Finally, Energizer from the Power Pack, Thor and Bill managed to subdue him, and the Beyonder brought him to Hel, dimension of Hela, to make him search for Malekith. When he reawakaned, Kurse started wreaking havoc in Hel, until Hela herself told him Malekith wasn’t there, and sent him to Asgard. In here, Kurse attacked Odin‘s son, Balder, and killed him…revealing him to be Malekith under disguise. Now satisfied, Kurse became quite submissive, and offered his services to Asgard. Heimdall and the true Balder renamed him Valgoth, and allowed him to be an elite guard for the realm of gods.

Algrim the Strong is a proud and talented warrior, one of the best soldiers in the Dark Elves army. His strength is even higher than a Dark Elf’s average, an his ability in combat in unmatched. As Kurse, he’s a creature driven only by vengeance, cursed with a blind rage that makes him eager to kill his enemy whatever the cost. Nearly invulnerable, unstoppable, with an ever-increasing strength, Kurse is an incredibly dangerous adversary for whoever is facing him, including the mighty Thor.



  1. […] used her as a bait to lure the Thunder God to the land of the Fire Giants. Here, Malekith released Kurse, once the Dark Elf known as Algrim the Strong, a creature he had powered up and disfigured with […]

  2. […] difficulty, but he came back to his senses and continued his assault on Asgard: he met the reformed Kurse, who was trying to protect some children, and he challenged and slew him. He then attacked Thor […]

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