Cynthia Lance (Sin)

SinIn this week episode of Arrow we met three new character: the second one is CindySin for friends, portrayed by Bex Taylor-Klaus. In Broken Dolls, she’s a friend of the new, mysterious vigilante of Starling City, the vengeful woman known as The Canary. Following The Arrow‘s orders, Roy Harper follows Sin until she leads him to her friend, even if that proves to be not such a smart idea for the boy. Anyway, this portrayal of Sin differs much from her comicbook identity: first of all, she’s much older, she’s Caucasian instead of Asian, and she’s definitely not such a proficient martial artist. The only thing that seems unvaried is her relation with Black Canary. Looking forward to see the development. In the meanwhile, let’s see who Sin is in the comics.

Little or less is known about Sin’s past. She was possibly an orphan, alone in the world, who had to learn to live by herself on the road. Since her very childhood, however, she demonstrated an extraordinary ability with martial arts, an unborn intuitive talent that allowed her to learn and mimic almost every movement she saw even just once. This talent didn’t go unnoticed, and the child was taken to a secret village in Asia, a place ruled by a martial artist simply known as Mother. In here, the child was given her name, “Sin”, a mockery to humiliate her and make her lose her sense of self, so that she could have become a perfect warrior ready to sacrifice everything for her sisters or their cause. She underwent an intense training, aimed to make her the future Lady Shiva, the moment the current one would have met her demise. Sin’s life changed forever the moment she met the American superhero Blacksincomics1 Canary. The woman had traveled to Asia as part of a deal she had with the current Lady Shiva: the two women would have exchanged their lives for a year, with Black Canary training with Mother and the other warrior women, and Shiva becoming part of the Birds of Prey. Canary was allowed to stay in the village to be trained by Mother, and she was renamed Tag (a local word for “sow”). While training, Tag met Sin, and the two of them bonded, often training together, and especially suffering together from Mother’s physical and mental tortures (aimed to forge the strength of the women, sure, but tortures nevertheless). With Canary, Sin felt to be loved for the first time in her life, and she grew fond of the woman, arriving to consider her the mother she had never known.

At last, Black Canary arrived to have enough of Mother, and decided to leave the village, and to take Sin with her. Clearly, the Mother tried to stop them, but the superheroine bested her in combat, earning freedom for herself and Sin as well. Back to Metropolis, Sin was welcomed by the other Birds of Prey, even if, on the child’s part, integration proved to be quite difficult at first (she kept calling the other women with moniker names like the one she was used to, for example nicknaming the Huntress “spinster”). Now considering Sin her daughter, Dinah decided to rename her Cynthia Lance. The relationship between Dinah and Cynthia kept growing, and when the White Canary kidnapped Sin in order to hurt Black Canary and to force her to fight Lady Shiva, the heroine decided she couldn’t have been both a superhero and a mother, and decided to dedicate herself to the second “job”. She left the Birds of Prey, and retired to private sincomics2life with Cynthia, who finally knew the warmth of a family. Sin slowly became a normal child, developing quite a passion for Pokémon and trading card games: the Lances were happy, but Dinah missed something. Following her nature, she joined the Justice League once again, thus spending less time with Sin. Left alone, the child was kidnapped by the League of Assassins, who believed her to be some sort of martial arts messiah because of her natural talent. The JLA moved to rescue the girl, and Green Arrow got to her first: in order to protect Sin, he faked her death, without telling Dinah about it, so that her pain would have convinced their enemies. The hero then brought Sin to a secret temple on the Himalayas, where the League would have never found her. He then told Black Canary about her daughter’s survival, so that the two could have stayed together from time to time. Finally safe, Sin was able to meet her foster mother again.

Despite being a child, Sin is an incredibly proficient martial artist, able to learn any move or technique merely observing it. Her gift is also her curse, since many martial artists in the world want to exploit this talent to their advantage. Simple and candid, Sin brings an incredibly destructive talent in a child’s soul, and she only asks for the love and affection any other normal child would receive in her place.

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