Jean Loring

Jean LoringTime for the third and final character introduced in Arrow episode Broken Dolls: we’re speaking of Jean Loring, portrayed by Teryl Rothery. In the show, she’s the lawyer and friend of Moira Queen, and she’s desperately trying to save her client from death penalty, requested by the District Attorney Adam Donner. In the comics, she’s more or less the same character, but for one detail: her familiarity with the superheroes world, especially from the moment she married one of them. Anyway, let’s see together who Jean Loring is in the comics.

Little or nothing is known about Jean Loring’s past before becoming a lawyer: born in Ivy Town, she studied Law, and she started dating brilliant physicist Ray Palmer, who became her boyfriend. She started her activity as a lawyer more or less the same time her boyfriend became the superhero known as The Atom, of course without knowing anything about it. The new superhero often asked her help as an informant or for some legal issues, but she never suspected that Ray and Atom were one and the same. Her relation with The Atom became quite complicated the moment the sub-atomic race known as Jimberen, understanding the two shared some kind of bond, kidnapped the woman, and kept her in their realm, driving her insane. The Atom and Hawkman came to the rescue, and saved Jean from the Jimberen, but her mental state was compromised, and she regained her sanity only years after, when Jest-Master, a deranged alien who wanted to test if planet Thanagar (home of Hawkman) was jeanloringcomics1worthy surviving, used his madness-inducing weapons on her, bringing her back as a result. Unfortunately, adventures weren’t over for Jean, who was once again abducted, this time by evil genius T.O. Morrow. To save her, Atom went on sub-atomic level along with Wonder Woman, Flash and Supergirl, and battled Morrow until she released Jean. During the fight, The Atom finally revealed Jean he was in reality Ray Palmer, much to the girl’s shock. Back to the “normal size” world, Jean was quite shaken, but her love and admiration for Ray only grew after knowing about his secret life as a superhero. The two got engaged, and, after many other adventures shared together, they finally got married. Unofficially, Jean became the superheroes’ lawyer, always ready to defend Ray and the other members of the Justice League of America in case of need. Happiness, however, wasn’t at reach for them.

After some years of marriage, Jean got more and more intolerant towards the elements of Ray’s personality that at first made her fall in love with him: his devotion to science and research as Ray, and his commitment to the Justice League as The Atom, made her feel quite lonely, and she started questioning her love for her husband. One day, almost without realizing it, Jean started an affair with a colleague, Paul Hoben, another lawyer from her firm. She clearly kept it secret from Ray, but it’s hard to hide something from a man who can shrink to minimal size, and her husband finally caught her kissing Paul in her car. The two had a quarrel and confronted each other, and Ray asked her to clarify her feelings to herself, and left her. He went to Brazil for some research, but, after an accident, he was presumed dead. After the news, Jean came back to Paul, but, during their renewed affair, she became sure that Ray was still alive, and went to Brazil herself. She was right, since Ray, as Atom, had shrinked to sub-atomic size and had jeanloringcomics2started to live with the peaceful tribe of the Morlaidhian, seeking a happier life. He had also started an affair on his own with the local ruler, Princess Laethwen. Now with an affair each, and unable to reconcile their lives, Jean and Ray divorced. Soon after, Jean got married once again to Paul (with Ray’s blessings), and the two knew some moments of happiness. They opened an office in Calvin City, but working together proved their relationship more than expected, and Jean ended up facing a second divorce. Back to Ivy Town, Jean had already made a name for herself as a famous lawyer, and she became a senior partner at the well-known firm Grabemann, Loring & Ross. Now out of the criminal law business, she only made exceptions for superheroes, in memory of the time spent with one of the funders of the Justice League of America.

Jean Loring is an intelligent and smart woman, a skilled attorney specialized in criminal law. Her forced adventures with the League have made her an emotionally fragile woman, who seeks support from the men around her, always trying to find in others the balance she doesn’t feel in herself anymore.


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