hogunfilmFinally, with the poster of Thor: The Dark World we got our first glimpse at the last member of the Warriors ThreeHogun the Grim, played by Tadanobu Asano. In the first Thor, Hogun accompanied the God of Thunder in his unofficial mission to Jotunheim along with his companions Warriors and Lady Sif, and later helped him fight the Destroyer on Earth. In this second movie, he’ll always act as a friend and an ally against the Dark Elves, but how big a role he’ll have remains to be seen. Anyway, let’s see together who Hogun is in the comics.

Unlike most people in Asgard, Hogun wasn’t born an Aesir or a Valir, the true Asgardians. He’s the only known descendant of a proud and ancient people that lived in a solitary land, later conquered by the sorcerer Mongul of the Mystic Mountain. Hogun escaped his homeland when he was still a child, and reached Asgard alone. At first, he earned his living as a stone carver, proving himself a honest man and a hard-worker, and he gained the name Hogun the Bright Heart. Soon, he got interested in weapons, and he became a collector of them. He also learnt how to use them, training alone to become a skilled warrior. He however knew he hadn’t the spirit or the true skills of a real fighter, and kept his talents secret…at least, when he wasn’t using them in a bar fight (something common, since his curious clothes often gained the attention and mockery of the Asgardians). Once, in a tavern, Hogun witnessed a boastful quarrel between two famous warriors, Volstagg the Valiant and Fandral the Dashing, who were trying to decide who, among them, was the best fighter of Asgard. Soon, the contendents started a challenge, and they dared each other to pet the savage wolf Fenris, chained in a forgotten forest. Entertained by the two men’s boasts, Hogun offered himself as a judge between them, and chose to accompany them inhoguncomics1 their unlikely quest. Little or less is known of their trip: it was full of dangers and enemies, and the fight with the deadly Fenris was just the last lethal challenge they had to face. Despite being both defeated, Volstagg and Fandral had become friends, and Hogun with them: the Warriors Three were born. When he came back to Asgard, Hogun was a changed man: he, who was once known as the Bright Heart for his happy and cheerful character, soon gained the new name Hogun the Grim, a dark and pessimist man who seldom smiled at all. He had also fully embraced his nature as a warrior, and, a master of many weapons, he chose his favorite mace, Hridgandr, as his weapon of choice.

In a few time, the Warriors Three became renowned in all the Nine Realms as fierce enemies and adversaries to be carefully dealt with. Taciturn and often short-tempered, Hogun became the voice of the reason for the trio, a rational voice between the joyful boasts of Volstagg and the light-hearted impertinence of Fandral. When the Oversword of Asgard was cracked, the Warriors Three, as defenders of the realm, were summoned to search for the power that had broken it: in this occasion, the trio met Thor, Asgardian prince and God of Thunder, who became their friend and long-time ally. From that moment on, the trio often became a quartet, sometimes a quintet when the female warrior Lady Sif joined them. Despite his serious and grim demeanor, Hogun won the love hoguncomics2and loyalty of his friends, to the point they decided to help him in his most personal and dangerous task ever. The last warrior of his homeland, Saguta, was in fact tortured by Mogul for years, and finally murdered by the sorcerer. Hogun assisted to the killing, since now Mogul was mocking him for being the last one remaining: the sorcerer wanted a new pet to play with, now that Saguta was dead. Thirsty of vengeance, Hogun accepted Mogul’s challenge, and decided to travel to Zanadu, his city-palace, to slain him. Volstagg, Fandral and Thor refused to leave him alone, and accompanied him in a quest that would have proven suicidal if faced alone: many monsters, powerful warriors and magicians awaited for them, such as Ogur the One-Eyed, the Forty Demon RidersShezada and many others, servants of Mogul with the task of killing Hogun’s friends and to bring him to the sorcerer. Finally, thanks to the help of the thief Alibar (a former servant of Mogul), Hogun reached his enemy, and, after a fierce duel, he killed him, obtaining his vengeance. Free from this curse, Hogun came back to Asgard, swearing to defend it with his life.

Hogun was once a cheerful stone carver, but he’s now a grim and serious warrior, who seldom speaks at all. Easily one of the best warriors in Asgard, Hogun possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, senses and reflexes, an elongated life span and accelerated healing. An expert of any kind of weapons, an excellent archer and a horse rider, Hogun mostly uses his faithful mace, a weapon he can destroy an entire mountain with. Wise and calm, Hogun is the stone of balance in the Warriors Three, the only one who worries about making plans before rushing into action.



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