Tyr Odinson

Tyr OdinsonAnd today we’re going to speak about the last character (at least, from the comics) appearing in Thor: The Dark World, even if this one is quite an hard one to spot. Among the Asgardian soldiers who fight against the Dark Elves when they attack Asgard, there’s one who seems to be somehow in charge of the troops, the same one that reports to Odin that Thor has left the kingdom with Loki and Jane Foster: the actor is Clive Russell, the character is none other than Tyr. In the movie, he appears just as a military commander, but in the Norse mythology he was the God of War, and also in the comics he’s one of Odin’s sons. We know that most of the scenes featuring Russell have been cut from the final release, so maybe it was intended to hint, at least, at Tyr’s kinship with the protagonist, but that remains to be seen in the Blu-Ray edition. In the meanwhile, let’s see who Tyr Odinson is in the comics.

A valiant prince of Asgard, Tyr, the God of War and of Heroic Glory, was the son of Odin and Frigga, brother to Balder the God of Light and Hermod the God of Speed. Faithful to his nature, Tyr grew up with quite a lust for battle, and soon became Asgard’s fiercest and most powerful protector. His most famous and celebrated deed from the old times was also the reason he was recognized as one of the bravest warriors in the realm: the gods were afraid of Fenris, the mystic wolf, and tried more than once to capture him and shackle him, but the beast was far too strong, able to break any chain they came up with. The Asgardians asked the Dwarves to build a magical tier, Gleipnir, built with the roots of a mountain and the beard of a woman, apparently useless, but magically unbreakable. A delegation of the gods went to the wolf, and challenged him to break the magical rope, as a bet; Fenris, however, was quite cunning, and smelled the trap, recognizing fear in the gods’ eyes. As a warranty, he said he would have accepted their challenge only if one of them tyrcomics1accepted his own: to put a hand into his jaws during the “game”. Tyr was the only one courageous enough to accept the challenge, and put his left hand into the monster’s mouth. The Asgardian tied the beast, and as soon as he realized he had been tricked and trapped for good, Fenris bit off the god’s hand, maiming him for life. From that day, Tyr wore a metal plate on his left arm, a sign of pride for his bravery and a reminder for his peers, and he also gained the nickname of Leaving of the Wolf, something he slowly came to appreciate, as long as it reminded everybody of what he had sacrificed for the sake of Asgard.

His role as Asgard’s champion, however, wasn’t meant to last long: Odin conceived a new son with Gaea, one that was his favorite even before being born. When his step-brother was born, Tyr knew his years of glory were at an end. While Thor’s power and glory raised, Tyr’s ones diminished, and, at last, the God of Thunder “stole” from him also the role of protector of Asgard. Seeing all the honor Thor was given tribute with, Tyr grew jealous and resentful, until he decided to abandon Asgard and to separate himself from the other gods. From that moment, he came back only in case of need, when his prowess in battle was needed, and he became for Asgardians the harbinger of war, since he only appeared when a serious threat was approaching. Odin tried to call him back, but Tyr rebelled against his tyrcomics2father, more than once, to the point that his insolence almost costed him exile; it was Thor, however, to convince the Alfather to have mercy on his brave but proud son, and Tyr was left alone. Despite this, Tyr came back to feel resentment towards his step-brother, especially when Lady Sif, the woman he had always loved, started being interested in Thor. Tyr challenged the God of Thunder using the powerful Mace of Myth War, but was defeated, and scolded by Odin himself. Loki used this anger to trick Tyr into attacking Asgard, putting him to the head of an army composed by Frost GiantsFire Giants and even the powerful Serpent of Midgard. Tyr battled and defeated Hogun, but was easily vanquished by Odin himself when Loki betrayed him. Tyr avoided incarceration, since his betrayal was clearly more inspired by a stupid mind than by an evil heart, and he left Asgard. He came back to battle Surtur and his Fire Giants, and then disappeared for years. He joined his peers once again when Asgard fought the alliance of Loki and Dr. Doom, and, when he came back, it seemed that his past fights with Thor had been forgotten, leaving space only to a correct and entertained rivalry.

Tyr Odinson is a proud and stubborn warrior, a fighter whose loyalty is (almost) unbreakable and whose arrogance is often his only weakness. Being the God of War, he’s an extremely proficient hand-to-hand and armed combatant, trained in the use of any weapon (before he lost his left hand, he was Asgard’s best archer); he is also an expert tactician, and he’s been recognized by Thor as Asgard’s best general. With all the superhuman abilities of Asgardians, Tyr is a prince who doesn’t wish to rule, knowing his character to be a threat to the throne more than a benefit, but is always ready to take the lead of the Asgardian army whenever danger approaches his kingdom.



KorgTime for another character appearing in Thor: The Dark World, maybe the unluckiest in the movie: Korg the Kronan, the hulking stone giant faced by Thor during his battle in Vanaheim. In the film, his role is incredibly small: he is the champion of the Marauders, the ace in the sleeve meant to solve the battle in the bandits’ favor. Unfortunately, a single hit by Mjolnir is enough to reduce him to a pile of stone, an exhibition of strength more than enough to scare the other Marauders and to endorse the Asgardians‘ victory. In the comics, he has quite a larger story, and he is actually the first foe ever faced by Thor, appearing as an enemy on Journey Into Mystery #83, during the God of Thunder‘s first story. Let’s see together who Korg is in the comics.

The Kronans were a race of powerful warriors, cosmic conquerors who sought to invade other worlds to expand their influence. They targeted Earth for the first time around 3000 B.C., but they were defeated by Gilgamesh (actually an Eternal under disguise) and Captain America, victim of a time displacement. The Kronans left the planet, but founded a base on Saturn, a planet close enough to continue studying Earth, sending scouts in order to chose the better way and moment to fight Earthlings. Korg, along with his brother Margus, was among the warriors sent to Saturn to prepare Earth’s invasion. After centuries of waiting, they finally decided the moment had come to take over the planet, and they once again attacked Earth, this time landing in Norway. Their arrival was sighted by Donald Blake, an American doctor who took refuge in a nearby cave… a cave in which he found the mystic hammer Mjolnir, becoming the Norse god Thor. While a small squadron was purchasing Blake, the Kronan army attacked the forces of NATO, annihilating their resistance and making them flee terrified using advanced technology, illusions and their superior strength. When Thor arrived on the battlefield, the Kronans immediately understood he was no ordinary foe, and, when he smashed every weapon they korgcomics1tried to defeat him with, they finally released the Mechano Monster, a robot intended to be their secret weapon… which was destroyed with a single blow. Defeated and humiliated, Korg and his companions left Earth, once again vanquished by a single, extraordinary individual. The ship Korg, Margus and their troops were on suffered great damage from the battle, and they lagged behind seeking materials for reparations. Earth’s space didn’t deploy any planet with suitable technology, and the Kronans ended up spending years looking for the right place; eventually they found a Kree colony, and they conquered it, killing every inhabitant. Finally, they were able to repair their ship using Kree technology, and they left the planet in order to reach Krona at last. They, however, never reached their final destination: a wormhole (the Great Portal) appeared from nowhere, and sucked their ship in.

Korg and the others found themselves transported on the desert world of Sakaar, in the Tayo Star System, light years away from Krona or Earth. The following crash killed most of the crew, and Korg was sent flying miles away from the ship. When he woke up, he believed to be the only survivor (there were actually other five, Margus included), and spent some time exploring the new planet. He found a good place to stay in the Maga Mountains region, where the population of a small village took him for a rock god who had come to protect them. Korg, who survived only because of the people’s offerings, started to act as their protector for real, and helped them preventing landslips and fighting away the soldiers of the Sakaar Empire, a tyrannical government with no regard for its own people. Eventually, Korg was attacked and imprisoned by Death’s Head Guard, the elite squad at the Red King‘s (the planet’s ruler) orders. Korg was enslaved and transformed into a gladiator thanks to an “obedience disk” that prevented him from rising up against his captors. During one of his first matches, he was forced to fight against the other Kronan survivors, Margus and other four, who had become mindless beasts, with their brains korgcomics2suffering major damage in the effort of resisting the obedience disk: Korg ended up killing them all, with the grief and guilt haunting him for the rest of his life. When an Earthling monster, Hulk, was exiled from his planet and sent to Sakaar, Korg found himself in his same cell block, and the two became allies on the battleground, and later friends out of necessity. When also the Silver Surfer became a slave on the planet, he used his Cosmic Power to destroy the disks, and Hulk started a rebellion that ultimately led to the Red King’s death and the slaves’ freedom. Korg helped the Green Goliath to transform Sakaar into a paradise, building what the previous government had destroyed, with Hulk as the new king, with a queen and a son. The ship Hulk had arrived on, suddenly, started bombarding the planet, destroying the ex-gladiators’ efforts. Enraged, Hulk decided it was time he came back to Earth, and formed the Warbounds, a team composed of former gladiators, Korg included, that would have brought death and destruction over the Illuminati, the chaste composed of Earth’s most intelligent men who decreed Hulk’s exile and, apparently, Sakaar’s destruction.

Korg used to be a pitiless and brutal conqueror, with no regards for life at all, but the years on Sakaar changed him: now he is a warrior who knows honor, and is ready to fight to the death for his companions and his freedom. Despite being quite brutal all the same, he now understands the value of life, since his own has been put at stake too many times just for somebody’s fun. As a Kronan, he possesses incredible strength and durability; plus, his experience has a gladiator has gifted him with mastery over armed and unarmed combat, and he’s extremely proficient in using both the sword and shield of slaves, and the war hammer of a free warrior. Loyal, strong and honorable, haunted by his brother’s death and eager to give a meaning to his life, Korg is an irreplaceable ally and a force to be reckoned with.

Taneleer Tivan (The Collector)

CollectorFrom the prologue to the epilogue: the mid-credit scene of Thor: The Dark World sees Volstagg and Sif bring the Aethyr to a creepy and ambiguous “man”, portrayed by Benicio Del Toro. The owner of the cosmic zoo depicted in the scene is Taneleer Tivan, better known as The Collector, who then clarifies (mostly to the audience) that both the Aethyr and the Tesseract are Infinity Gems, a name the comicbook readers were waiting for. Tivan will appear as the main antagonist in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, always portrayed by Del Toro, and he’ll likely be an ally to Thanos. It remains to be seen how much his portrayal will stick to the comics’ one. Anyway, let’s see together who one of the universe most devious and powerful beings is.

Taneleer Tivan was born more than five billions years ago on Cygnus X-1, a long lost planet which was one of the first worlds that developed life after the Big Bang. It’s unknown what happened on Cygnus, however Tivan was soon left the last one of his kind in the entire universe. He started traveling and visited other planets and stars, meeting other beings that, like him, were the last survivors of an extinct race. They started to refer one to another as “brothers”, founding the group known as the Elders of the Universe. One of them, a particularly ambitious alien called En Dwi Gast (later known as the Grandmaster), following a plot to kill the dangerous Galactus, organized a bet with Death, and purposefully lost it. The result was that all the Elders got forever banned from Death’s realm, thus becoming true immortals, unable to die. Tivan married another one of the Elders, Matani, and retired with her on a remote world, giving themselves to a life of collectorcomics2contemplation and meditation. The two eventually had a child, Carina, who however left her homeplanet to travel the universe by herself, abandoning her parents. While Tivan seemed mostly unaffected by Carina’s departure, Matani grew tired of meditation, and ended up giving herself to total apathy. Tired of living, she made another deal with Death, and gave up her immortality. Shocked, Tivan investigated the causes of his wife’s death, and when he realized it was immortality itself that had killed her, he summoned his brothers Elders. Together, they realized they should have found a passion to give savor to their eternal lives, and each one of them committed himself to something that slowly, with ages and millennia, became an obsession: some focused on bettering himself both physically and mentally, some other sought absolute knowledge, some other started manipulating events in a cosmic chess game. Tivan became the Collector.

Tivan’s choice wasn’t without purpose: gifted with the ability of prophecy, he had foreseen the coming of one or more beings capable and eager to destroy the entire universe, the first one being Thanos of Titan, the mad lover of Death. Tivan didn’t want races and cultures to just disappear without leaving a trace, and took measures to avoid it. He started collecting living beings, artifacts and texts from all over the universe, storing them into a gigantic spaceship he had built. Whenever the ship was full, he chose a remote world and transformed it into a museum, putting his treasures there, and leaving again to collect other creatures and artifacts. He wanted to save what he could from annihilation, so that, when the universe would have been destroyed, he could have repopulated it with his samples, and resurrected the cultures he had collected through their works of art, books and artifacts. Unfortunately,at least three billions of years passed before the first of the Collector’s prophecies started to fulfill itself, and, during the eons, Tivan’s mission had become quite an obsession, to the point he even lost the original reason he started to collect people and things. Tivan traveled the universe abducting and stealing everyone and everything he saw fit to be a part of his collection, and, in the collectorcomics1meanwhile, Thanos arose and was defeated without him even realizing it. The Collector finally reached Earth, a small, insignificant planet, on which he found, however, an incredible amount of material for his collection. He got particularly fascinated by their heroes, quite a large amount compared to the other worlds, and he tried to collect some of them, starting with the Wasp from the Avengers, then ThorIron ManDaredevil and many others. He was repelled every time, but, fighting the heroes, he remembered his mission. He foresaw the second threat coming, Korvac, a Machine Man from an alternate timeline. He used his daughter Carina to spy on him, and collected information enough to inform the Avengers of the threat he posed, but Korvac found him out, and dispersed him in a cloud of atoms, killing an immortal. The Collector was revived some time later by the Grandmaster, ready to continue his collection, this time starting from Earth: MarinaSpider-Man and Alpha Flight were just the first heroes targeted by his renewed obsession.

Despite often appearing as an elderly, smiling man, Taneleer Tivan is an alien with immense power, one of the most ancient beings in the universe, and also one of the most deranged ones. Like all the other Elders of the Universe, Tivan developed a “hobby” to defeat boredom, but his humanitarian thirst to save cultures and races became a monomania and an obsession, leaving room for nothing else in his mind. As the Collector, Tivan has access to the Power Primordial, a force that allows him to manipulate energy and matter, giving him an almost unlimited power. Thanks to the eons spent meditating, he also mastered the power of prophecy: concentrating, he is able to see future events, even if not always complete with place and year; sometimes, he also sees something happening in different timelines and dimensions, thus this power is not always to be trusted. Fueled with an obsession that allows him to keep his will to live, the Collector will stop in front of nothing to gain a new, rare piece for his collection.

Bor Burison

Bor BurisonFinally I watched Thor: The Dark World too, and I found it pretty decent, even if with far too many Disney-like gags. Anyway, there are still a couple of characters appearing in the movie we didn’t speak about yet. In the prologue, during the flashback showing Malekith‘s first attempt to conquer the universe, we see Asgard‘s first king, and Odin‘s father: Bor Burison, portrayed by Tony Curran. In the movie he doesn’t do anything else but defeating the Dark Elves and hiding their Aethyr somewhere they’ll never find it again. In the comics, his role is quite different: let’s see together.

After the ages of nothingness ended with the birth of Yimir, first of the Frost Giants, and Audmilla, the cosmic cow, another entity, first of the gods, emerged: it was Buri, who married a Giantess and gave birth to Bor. Bor was a warrior born, a fierce fighter who built the universe along with other gods, and later ruled a part of it, the dimension that would have later been called Asgard. When Buri abdicated the throne in a self-imposed exile, Bor became king, andborcomics1 chose Bestla, a Mountain Giantess, as his queen. Bor ruled over the gods, and led his people to the total domain over the newborn universe. Bestla gave Bor four sons: Cul, Odin, Vili and Ve, with the second being the king’s favorite, and the destined heir. Bor taught Odin everything he knew: how to fight, how to rule, how to serve his people and how to instill fear into his enemies. Odin was a fast learner, but he also had a strong character: soon he developed his own ideas and dreams, and created mankind without Bor’s order or approval. The king couldn’t accept that his son was something different than a younger version of himself, and tried to undo what Odin did, with no success. He then conjured every kind of pains and sufferings for humans, such as hunger, plagues, natural cataclysms, so that he could at least ruin the work of his son.

From that moment, the father and son relationship between Bor and Odin cracked, and the prince of Asgard started to harbor quite a bitterness towards the king. Eventually, the Frost Giants came back to threaten Asgard, and Bor answered with an all-out war, with Odin at his side. The combined might of the two gods proved to be too much for the Jotuns, who were annihilated. When, on the battlefield, Bor saw an enemy trying to escape, he chased him, faithful to his borcomics2nature. Once he had reached him, however, it turned out that the Giant was actually a powerful sorcerer in disguise (present day Loki, back in time to set in motion the events that would have led him to the court of Asgard), who turned the powerful king into snow. Odin arrived just in time to see his father melting, and, when Bor asked his son to find a sorcerer to help him, the prince ignored him and let him die, claiming the throne for himself. Odin would have been haunted for years by a ghost he believed to be Bor, actually Loki (once again!), who promised him to leave him be once Odin would have taken care of a foreigner prince taken from a beaten king: when Odin killed Laufey, king of the Jotuns, he adopted his son, Loki, and present-day Loki abandoned his Bor appearance and came back to his time. The real Bor came back years later, when Loki undid the spell he used on the ancient king to bring him back to life. He also cast a new spell on him, making him believe to be in the middle of his last battle, surrounded by Jotuns. When Thor arrived, Bor sensed the Odinforce coming from the Jotun he was seeing, and believed to be facing his son’s assassin. Overwhelmed by grief and fury, Bor attacked his grandson, starting a destructive battle with the potential of annihilating the entire Earth.

Bor is a wise king, committed to serving his people, but he is also an arrogant and proud warrior, self-confident and sure of his strength. His power, however, is quite remarkable indeed, able to easily surpass also the Odinforce: with unmatched strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, an absolute mastership over armed and unarmed combat, and power over natural elements such as wind, water and even storms, he is one of the most powerful Asgardians ever lived. Despite his pride, he’s however a noble soul, found worthy to lift the magic hammer Mjolnir (which he didn’t find worthy of himself, however, preferring his axe and scythe), and one of the greatest kings Asgard will ever know.

Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy

gwenstacyfilmAnother new pic has surfaced from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and this time we get a first look on Peter Parker‘s love interest since the first movie: Gwen Stacy, portrayed by beautiful Emma Stone. In the previous movie, Gwen had helped Peter fighting The Lizard from inside Oscorp, where she works as a researcher, but her love story with the hero seemed to end when her father, George Stacy, had Peter promise never to see Gwen again (in order to keep her safe) just before dying. Well, it seems that the promise will be short lived. The character already appeared in Sam Raimi‘s original trilogy, in Spider-Man 3, where she was portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard. This version was the stereotypical dumb blonde girl, who went out on a date with “evil” (= ridiculous) Peter Parker when he wanted to make Mary Jane Watson jealous, and who unconsciously was also Eddie Brock‘s love interest. Anyway, Marc Webb‘s version is much better, even if it’s different from the comics’ nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy, Gwen for everybody, was born in New York City, daughter of George and Helen Stacy. She grew up in a normal family life, even if she often worried about her father, a police captain, who she loved with all her heart. When she finished high school, she entered Empire State University, aiming at a major in Biochemistry. In the University she met many new friends, such as the boastful athlete Flash Thompson or the carefree Harry Osborn, but she developed a special interest for intellectual Peter Parker, who she started to court. Peter, however, was too much committed with his duties as Spider-Man to notice Gwen’s advances, and the girl, clearly unaware of the boy’s superhero identity, just felt wary for his (lack of) reaction at her interest. Gwen used to be at the center of everybody’s attention since her very childhood, and the young man’s lack of interest deeply insulted her. Also her new friends Harry and Flash, trying to score some point at the girl’s eyes, sided with her, starting to bully Peter because of his lack of “manhood” in realizing a girl’s feelings, but Parker, got down because of Betty Brant breaking up with him and worried for Aunt May‘s health, didn’t even notice. Eventually, Gwen learnt of Peter’s old aunt’s health issues, and felt bad for the way gwenstacycomics1she and her friends behaved with him. The three had Peter join their circle of friends, something the boy gladly accepted. Between Peter and Gwen something like a romance started soon after, but Parker met in those days Mary Jane Watson, a girl he couldn’t help being attracted from. The two of them started dating, and Gwen became so jealous that she started to date Harry Osborn in retaliation (a move that only ended up hurting Harry, since Peter was too interested in Mary Jane to worry about what Gwen was doing). Oddly enough, Gwen’s father, George, tried to convince his daughter to maintain her interest in Peter, waiting for the right moment (George actually knew Peter was Spider-Man, and greatly respected him).

After a while, however, Peter broke up with Mary Jane, feeling the girl was too self-centered. As a result, also Gwen broke up with Harry, much to the boy’s regret. Gwen and Peter started flirting once again, even if the double life of the second often made things between them even more difficult. They went to a science exhibit together, for example, and when the supercriminal Looter (a thief powered by a meteor stolen at the exhibit) attacked, Gwen saw Peter running away, and decided he was a coward… when actually Parker was going somewhere safe to change his clothes and fight the Looter as Spider-Man. Hanging out with Peter, however, convinced Gwen that he was a good man, courageous and honest, and the two eventually became an official couple. Again, Spider-Man’s life interfered with Peter Parker’s, as he was always late for dates, if present at all; Gwen wanted to leave him, but again George intervened, asking Gwen to believe that, regardless the appearances, Peter was in love with her. Father and daughter had a little misadventure when Kingpin brainwashed the captain and forced him to steal some documents he needed from the archives; Parker tried to stop George, thus making Gwen believe he attacked her father, but then Kingpin kidnapped both George and Gwen, and it was up to Spider-Man (helped by Norman Osborn, who at the time had forgotten he was the Green Goblin) to save gwenstacycomics2them. Thankful, Gwen was starting to like the hero, until tragedy struck: when Spider-Man was fighting against Doctor Octopus, some debris fell from the roof they were battling on, almost crushing a little kid. George Stacy saved the kid, but was hit at his place, losing his life in the process. From that moment, a distraught Gwen developed quite a grudge against Spider-Man, something that clearly didn’t help her life with Peter Parker, who had to play the devil’s advocate anytime his girlfriend started with the Spider-Man topic. Wanting to take some time for herself, Gwen moved to London to stay with Uncle Arthur and Aunt Nancy for a while, hoping that Peter would have asked her to marry him to prevent her to leave. She was disappointed, and left. She would have returned months later, on the advice of Arthur, ready to take her life back.

Gwen Stacy is a brilliant young woman and a skilled chemist. Most of all, Gwen is a good-hearted and sweet girl, who cares about his family and friends above everything else. Her relationship with her beloved boyfriend, Peter Parker, is even more complicated due to Peter’s secret identity, the hero Spider-Man Gwen despises, considering him responsible for his father’s death. Despite some moments of personal weakness (one of which led her into the arms of Norman Osborn), Gwen is a loyal friend and girlfriend, a pillar for the lives of the people around her.

The Destroyer

destroyerfilmI don’t know you, but personally I think that The Well has been the best Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode in a long while. At the very beginning of the episode, when Simmons is speaking about Asgardian appearances in human history, we have a glimpse of a character directly from Thor, a giant “robot” shooting energy beams: it’s The Destroyer, some sort of android that Odin uses at the beginning of the movie to kill the Frost Giant who entered his treasure chamber, and that later Loki uses to try and kill his brother (but Thor obviously manages to defeat it). S.H.I.E.L.D. later collects what remains of the Destroyer, and in The Avengers we learn that their scientists made a gun out of it, used by Agent Coulson against Loki himself. Let’s see together who The Destroyer is in the comics.

The Destroyer’s origins date back to the beginning of history. The Celestials, a nearly omnipotent race of cosmic beings who guided the evolution of many species in the universe, humans included, announced a fourth Host on Earth, a “visit” during which they would have decided if humans were a failed experiment or not, and acted depending on their decision. During the third Host, many gods from Earth’s pantheons had gathered, and the Skyfathers, the heads of the respective pantheons, decided to prevent someway the Celestials’ fourth coming, since they didn’t want to lose their worshipers. Odin, leader of the Norse gods, destroyercomics1built an enchanted armor, crafted in Uru metal and made even more powerful and resilient with magic. The oder gods, such as Zeus from Olympus or Brahma from Nirvana, instilled their power into the armor, giving it an unmatched strength, an almost total invulnerability, and the ability of shooting potent energy blasts. Their creation worked, and it kept at bay the Celestials, fighting while activated by the souls of the gods. When the battle was over, Odin decided to hide the Destroyer, since its power was far too terrible for being used again. He traveled to the Far East (in modern Vietnam), and built an underground temple, which he called the Temple of Darkness. In there, he put the Destroyer, not to be activated ever again, if not for cases of extreme necessity (such as a fifth Host).

Unfortunately, Odin’s plans were to be thwarted some millennia later. Loki, trying to prevent his foster brother Thor to expose his treachery during the Trial of Gods using the Norn Stones, manipulated a greedy explorer, Buck Franklin, into finding the Temple and awakening the Destroyer, by projecting his own soul into the armor. Thor, led to the Temple by some Vietcong worried destroyercomics2for the explorer’s safety, is attacked by the Destroyer, and easily overpowered, even his hammer Mjolnir being useless against the enchanted armor. Loki, witnessing the battle from a prison cell in Asgard, suddenly realized that, if Thor died, Odin would have investigated on his favorite son’s murder and exposed him anyway; he was also worried that the Destroyer’s power could have become a threat for Asgard itself. He decided to help his brother in secret, by making him intangible just for a moment, the right one to have his life saved from a deadly attack; then, he proceeded to contact Odin, but the Alfather had fallen into the Odinsleep and was impossible to call. Loki contacted the sorceress Karnilla, asking her to wake Odin from his slumber, a thing that she did. Odin immediately helped Thor, who was shielding himself from the unstoppable Destroyer with Franklin’s original body, by forcing the man’s soul into his mortal body again. Thor took Franklin and escaped from the Temple of Darkness, destroying it and burying the Destroyer under tons of rubble, never to be found again. This, at least, until Loki decided it would have been useful to him once again.

The Destroyer is a tremendous weapon, wielding the power of many gods at once. Its strength easily surpasses Thor’s or even Hulk‘s one, its defense is impenetrable, and also its speed, both in running and in flying, are simply amazing. Its energy beams are capable of destroying a whole planet, while the main one, coming from the helmet, can destroy at molecular level any known substance. Despite being just an enchanted armor, the Destroyer possesses some degree of sentience, even if at a simple level: its only desire is for destruction and battle, and only a strong will (such as Odin’s or Thor’s) can inhabit the armor without being overwhelmed by the Destroyer’s lust for annihilation.

Ororo Munroe (Storm)

stormfilmAnd today for the last character appearing in X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer: fan-favorite Storm, who will be played by Halle Berry in the upcoming movie, and will be featured as one of the mutant survivors of the apocalyptic post-Sentinels future. She first appeared in X-Men as one of the current members of the X-Men. In X2: X-Men United she battled Mastermind along with Nightcrawler to free Professor X, while in The Last Stand she unofficially became the team leader after Cyclops‘ and Professor X’s death. She then appeared in The Wolverine in a photo with Logan. She also appeared as a small child witnessing the murder of her entire village in Africa in a X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s deleted scene, where she was portrayed by April Elleston-Enahoro, while Elizabeth Wright portrayed her as a teenager in X-Men: First Class, in a small cameo during Charles Xavier‘s first use of Cerebro. Now, let’s see together who Storm is in the comics.

Ororo Munroe was conceived in Kenya, daughter of N’Daré, princess of her tribe and heir to a family of priestess regarded as sorceresses, and David Munroe, an American journalist who had come to Africa for a photo service. When N’Daré got pregnant,stormcomics1 she decided to follow her husband and moved to Manhattan, where Ororo was born. When she was just six months old, the Munroes moved back to Africa, in Egypt, finding a place in Cairo. Ororo grew up in Egypt, but the normality of her happy family wasn’t meant to last long: a plane crashed on the city when she was just five years old, and her house was destroyed in the tragedy. Both N’Daré and David got killed, and, from the ruins of their house, only little Ororo emerged. Before seeing the light again, however, she stayed buried with her mother’s dead body for days under the rubble, and, from that moment, she suffered a paralyzing claustrophobia. She got out homeless and orphan, with nothing more than her clothes and her mother’s traditional ruby with her. A kid alone was easily found by Achmed El Gibàr, a thief who used children for his crimes. He took Ororo in his “family”, and trained her to be his best pickpocket, sending her to bag-snatch tourists in Cairo’s market. Ororo failed just once, when she tried to take an American tourist’s wallet: the man was Charles Xavier, a powerful telepath who easily defended himself from the girl. Xavier understood the girl was a mutant, but he was in Cairo to face Shadow King, and had to renounce to contact the girl… for the moment.

Ororo lived as a street child for years, until, now a young woman, she decided to come back to Kenya, seeking her mother’s land. She had quite a misadventure when she accepted a ride from a stranger who tried to rape her, and she was forced to kill him: from that moment, she swore she would have never have taken another human life, no matter the cost. She continued her journey, walking for miles in the Saharian Desert, almost dying for thirst and fatigue. She eventually met a young man trying to defend himself from kidnappers: Ororo first manifested her mutant powers, manipulating weather to make the men stormcomics2flee. The young one was T’Challa, prince of the kingdom of Wakanda. He and Ororo spent some time together, falling in love with each other, but T’Challa eventually had to go and leave Ororo, since his duties as a prince called him back home (Ororo would have married him years later, becoming the queen of Wakanda). Finally, the girl reached Kenya, where Ainet, an elderly woman, recognized her as a priestess and took her to her tribe in the Kilimanjaro Valley. Ainet taught her the responsibility coming from her powers, and how to use them, and soon the local population started to worship Ororo like a goddess. When another weather-manipulator mutant, called Deluge, threatened to harm her people, Storm was forced to fight him in the Savage Land. During the battle, Ororo was helped by other mutants: BeastMarvel Girl and Cyclops, the X-Men. With Deluge killed, Ororo came back to her people, but Xavier contacted her a few months later: the original X-Men had disappeared during a battle with the living island Krakoa, and he was forming a new team of X-Men to rescue her. Ororo decided to trust the man, and joined his team… and his dream. In a few years, Ororo, code-named Storm, became one of the main X-Men (sometimes the leader), a mutant who would have fought uncountable battles to defend a world that hated and feared her and her powers.

Ororo Munroe is a strong and proud woman, and her personal history has helped her to understand, appreciate and dignify her powers more than many other mutants. As Storm, she’s easily one of the most powerful mutants who ever joined the X-Men: her mutant power gives her the ability to control and manipulate weather conditions, and she can summon storms, thunders, lightnings, wind (which she uses to fly), as well as manipulate thermal and solar energy, atmospheric electromagnetism and maybe some other force related to Earth’s biosphere (probably, if Storm will be able to further explore her abilities, she’ll become an Omega Level mutant). She’s also linked to magical powers because of her mother’s ruby, and for a time she held a hammer named Stormcaster to become the Goddess of Thunder (she gave it up when it became clear it was all a plan from Loki to defeat his brother Thor). A trained combatant, an expert tactician and a capable leader, Ororo is an irreplaceable X-Man, who, despite giving up sometimes to a fierce fury against her enemies, is always able to guide her friends through the best path.