Samuel Thomas Wilson (Falcon)

falconfilmAnd the last character revealed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one that probably will have quite a future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Falcon, the winged superhero portrayed by Anthony Mackie. This is the first live action appearance of the character, and it’s graphically inspired by his Ultimate Universe counterpart. In the movie, he’ll be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. paired up with Captain America and the Black Widow on the field. He’ll help the heroes when things go in a mess, and Nick Fury himself is sent to hospital after a brutal attack by unknown forces led by the Winter Soldier. Now, in the comics, Falcon didn’t start as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and his costume is much campier than the movie’s one. Let’s see together.

Samuel Thomas Wilson was born the son of minister Paul Wilson and his wife Darlene. They lived in HarlemNew York, in quite a difficult neighborhood. Sam lived quite a happy childhood with his older brother Gideon and older sister Sarah, and, since when he was a kid, he developed a natural affinity with birds. Using something similar to mind control (he would have later called it avian telepathy) young Sam trained a lot of pigeons, and established NY’s largest coop. As a teenager, Sam met racism for the first time, and the insults of a group of white neighbors wounded and disappointed him, to the point of changing his peaceful nature. He grew up to be a restless teen, and, as an act of challenge, he stopped going to church with his parents, declaring their faith was wrong. Much to his surprise, Paul and Darlene, instead of scolding him, gave him a book of comparative theology, encouraging him to find his own path. Sam’s soul found peace in his family again…but only for a short time. One night, while trying to stop a fight, Paul Wilson was murdered, leading Sam to leave in anger his commitment as a volunteer and a social worker. When, two years later, falconcomics1also Darlene was killed during a robbery, Sam was ultimately consumed by his anger and hatred towards the world. He left his house, and become a renowned criminal under the alias Snap. Snap Wilson soon became one of the most ruthless henchmen in Harlem, feared and known by everyone, involved in drug dealing, smuggling and many other dirty business. Ironically, it was Sam’s criminal career that allowed him to become a superhero.

When Snap was sent to Rio de Janeiro by his leaders, the plane he was on crashed on an island controlled by the Exiles, a group of criminals who had been allies of the the Nazi criminal Red Skull during the War. On the island, Snap met Redwing, a wounded falcon he trained and formed a strong bond with, but also the Red Skull, who conceived a plan to eliminate his nemesis, Captain America. The Skull used the powers of his Cosmic Cube to modify Sam’s memories: Snap was erased from the boy’s history, and all that remained was the good volunteer and social worker Sam Wilson, friend of the island’s natives who had been enslaved by the Exiles. When Captain America arrived on the island, he found Wilson who was trying to organize a rebellion among the natives. Cap decided to help him, and created for him the masked identity of Falcon, in order to make him become a symbol for his people. Captain America and Falcon led the revolution and defeated the Exiles, giving freedom back to the island inhabitants. Back to America, Falcon falconcomics2became one of Cap’s best friends, and also his partner in crime. The two formed quite a formidable duo, with Sam being quite an amazing hand-to-hand combatant, assisted by Nightwing, which he shared the vision from above with. During a team up with Black Panther, king of Wakanda and superhero, the latter built for Falcon a new costume, this time bettered with a pair of wings that actually allowed Sam to fly, making him an even better crime fighter. Sam also helped the Avengers from time to time, and became a respected member of the superhero community. It was in this time that the Red Skull came back to fulfill his plan: with the Cube, he restored Snap Wilson’s memories and persona, and then ordered the boy to kill Captain America. The young criminal had gotten closer to Captain America than anyone else, and it was the perfect chance to strike from the shadows. Unfortunately for the Skull, Sam’s friendship with Cap was stronger than the pain from the past, and even regaining all his memories and experiences as a criminal didn’t change the fact that he was now a true hero. Falcon defeated the Red Skull with Cap’s help, but it was about time that he quitted being his partner, having reached maturity and experience enough to walk on his own path. He became the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. Super Agents, starting his personal war against crime and injustice.

Sam Wilson was once an angry and tormented man, hardened by all the bad things he had to suffer during his youth: racism, violence, oppressions turned him into what he hated the most. The friendship with Captain America, on the opposite, made him a strong man, able to accept the bad things happened in the past to build a better self in the present, someone who can see clearly the evil in society, able to fight it instead of joining it. As Falcon, he’s a superb hand-to-hand combatant, but for fighting he also uses a gun and a retractable claw he hides in his right gauntlet. His trademark equipment is composed by the Falcon’s Wings, a construct made of solid light generated by a holographic emitter array on Falcon’s back, that can be used to fly, to attack, and for many other things depending on the configuration Sam choses. His visor gives him infra-red vision, but mostly his senses are sharpened by Redwing’s ones, using a thelepatical bond Sam can extend to any other bird. Determined and capable, Falcon is a mediocre tool for evil, turned into a formidable force for good.



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