Raven Darkholme (Mystique)

mystiquefilmIn the past days, the first official trailer of X-Men: Days of Future Past hit the web, and so we had our first glimpse to most of the movie’s cast. First of all, let’s start with an old acquaintance, and one of the most popular characters of the saga: Mystique, the blue femme fatale from the Brotherhood of Mutants. In the first three films of the series she’s been portrayed by beautiful Rebecca Romijn, and she acted as Magneto‘s right hand woman and second in command, at least until she was injected with the Cure and became a normal human being, abandoned by the Master of Magnetism to her destiny. In X-Men: First Class she was portrayed by Morgan Lily as a child and by Jennifer Lawrence as a young woman: she’s been revealed to be Charles Xavier‘s childhood friend and almost sister, the first mutant he met and he took care of (sort of…). In X-Men: Days of Future Past she’ll only appear in the past, portrayed once again by Lawrence, but from the trailer she doesn’t seem to be too happy to be at Magneto’s side… Let’s see together who one of the sexiest mutants ever is in the comics.

Little is known about Mystique’s past, and nobody is even sure about her age, considering that she can modify her appearance to eliminate any sign of aging; only one thing’s for sure: she was alive at the dawn of the 20th Century, when she met her long time friend and mystiquecomics1lover, Irene Adler, the mutant clairvoyant known as Destiny. When Raven Darkholme was twelve years old (somewhere at the end of the 19th Century), she manifested her powers, gaining her trademark blue skin and yellow eyes. Her family (who maybe lived in Austria) wasn’t quite happy about it, and she had to flee from her house, and to fight for her place in the world from there on. First sight on Raven after her family’s reaction to her nature was in Mexico in 1921, where she acted as a bank robber leader of a group of thieves. She escaped an execution along with a man called Logan, and she convinced him to join her and her group, but she ended up betraying everyone, escaping with the money while everyone else got arrested. She met Logan later on a train, but she managed to kick him off the train deceiving him once again. She met Irene Adler soon after: a blind woman capable of seeing her immediate future, she hired Raven to decipher the prophecies she had written when she was a child concerning two centuries ahead, and to help her preventing the worse ones to fulfill themselves. Initially a relationship born from money, their one soon became something more, and the two women became friends and lovers.

Despite being together for many years, Raven and Irene parted at a certain point, with the second starting working as an archivist in a nuclear power plant. Raven trusted her friend and let her be, and she started a career as an assassin. She met Victor Creed, the man known as Sabretooth, when they were both hired to kill a scientist in East Berlin (Raven was at the time transformed into the dead German agent Leni Zauber). The two accomplished the mission, and then became lovers. Raven soon got tired of Victor and faked her own death to leave him. She was pregnant, and she gave birth to Graydon Creed. She gave him away into adoption, abandoning him definitely when it was clear the boy wasn’t a mutant like his parents. She later married rich Baron Christian Wagner, who gave her love and economical stability, but was mystiquecomics2quite a disappointment as a lover, and was also unfertile. Raven started to use her shapeshifting abilities to collect quite a number of affairs. She was finally seduced by a fellow mutant, Azazel, another shapeshifter who had also had the powers of immortality and teleportation. She got pregnant a second time, and she murdered her husband when he became suspicious of the child’s true father. When little Kurt Wagner was born, Raven was forced to abandon him too in order to save herself, since the monstrous appearance of the baby made her be regarded as a witch. She reunited with Destiny, and she also became the adoptive mother to a young mutant girl, who called herself Rogue. The three women started a criminal activity, but she ended up abandoning Rogue too after a battle with Ms. Marvel, after which the heroine fell into a coma. She founded the third Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, consisting of Destiny, Avalanche, Blob and Pyro, and, from that moment, she became a recurring enemy of the X-Men, despite, sometimes, deploying some almost-heroic traits.

Raven Darkholme is a treacherous and ruthless woman, who uses her cold mind and sharp intellect to exploit whoever she meets, leading her to be behind many pivotal events of the last centuries. As Mystique, her mutant powers allow her to shapeshift, assuming the appearance of any person. With time, she managed to master her skills to a greater extent: the unique structure of her body also grants her accelerated healing, slowed aging (she may be over a century years old), resistance to poisons, toxins and diseases, a natural defense against psychic intrusions, and the ability to augment her physical attributes (strength, speed etc). She also gained the ability to mutate certain parts of her body only, becoming capable of growing wings, claws, talons, and so on. To her mutant abilities, she adds a mastership of armed and unarmed combat, and unmatched skills in spying and acting. Cold-hearted, smart and deceiving, Mystique is one of the most dangerous mutants on the planet.



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