Clarice Ferguson (Blink)

BlinkAnd today, the first new entry in X-Men: Days of Future Past as seen from the traler: mutant teleporter Blink, portrayed by Fan Bingbing. There’s little we can say about the character in the movie, since we know almost nothing about her role: she’ll be one of the few mutant survivors in the future timeline who gather around Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr to try and stop the Sentinels before their hunt for mutants began. Her presence in the movie is justified by the fact that the authors needed somebody with Nightcrawler‘s powers, but without having to call Alan Cumming back for the role. Anyway, let’s see together who Blink is in the comics.

Well, in the comics there are many versions of each character, and Blink represents quite an exception to the golden rule, since her Earth-616 version isn’t the main one. In the main Marvel Universe, in fact, Clarice Ferguson has quite a minor role. This version of Blink was quite mysterious, meaning we don’t know much of her past. She was pretty scared of her teleportation powers since, the first time she unconsciously used them when they manifested themselves, she woke up in a pool of blood. She didn’t have any control of her powers, and everything (and everyone…) who was caught in her teleportation field came out of it in pieces. Literally. She was captured along with other young mutants by the Phalanx, an alien race aiming to absorb their powers. She used her powers to teleport away Harvester, the alien guardian of her cell block, but she ended up caught in her own teleportation wave (which she called blink wave) and apparently died as a result. Herblinkcomics2 sacrifice allowed her prison companions to escape and to found Generation X in her memory. Actually, Blink survived the accident, and, while Harvester was dead, she had just teleported herself away. She was found by Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, who casted a spell on her and made her believe the X-Men had cruelly betrayed her. Loyal to her Queen, Blink fought against the X-Men, until Selene was killed. She escaped to Easter Europe trying to resurrect her mistress, but she was stopped by Doctor Strange, who destroyed the spell casted by Selene. Horrified by what she had done under the Black Queen’s orders, she flew again, refusing Emma Frost‘s offer to join the X-Men. With a full mastership over her powers, Blink started traveling around the world, saving as many people as she could from natural disasters and similar threats. Cyclops found her, and invited her once again to join him and his X-Men in Utopia. Blink once again refused, preferring to join Wolverine‘s team instead: she moved to Westchester, in Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and she finally became an X-Man.

The main version of Blink, however, is her Earth-295 one, living in the Age of Apocalypse. She was born from human parents in the Bahamas, but she moved to Miami when she was only four years old. Despite her odd apppearance (purple skin, pointy years, white eyes) she lived a normal and happy life, until Apocalypse rose to power. The tyrant’s right hand man, Mr. Sinister, arrived in Miami, murdered Clarice’s parents and captured her, locking her into the slave camps. She became object of the experiment of two mad geneticists, Sugarman and Dark Beast. She also befriended another captive, Illyana “Magik” Rasputina, the sister of Colossus in this reality. She was one of the few young mutants who survived to see adolescence, despite the many sufferings she had to stand. Finally, the rogue mutant group known as the X-Men reached her camp, and Clarice was freed by one of their member, Sabretooth. She joined the X-Men, and, when Apocalypse suffered major injuries and retired on the Moon’s Blue Area to recover, the girl, now Blink, teleported all the X-Men there to end his tyranny once and for all. On the Moon, however, they were blinkcomics1confronted by Maximus, in this reality the horseman Death, who easily subdued the mutants with his clones of the Inhuman Royal Family. Only Blink managed to escape capture thanks to her powers. When it became clear that Maximus wanted to overthrow Apocalypse, Blink allied herself with one of Apocalypse’s most loyal servants, Cyclops, who helped her free the X-Men and defeat Maximus. After the adventure on the Moon, Blink became a full member of the X-Men, and gained self-confidence and bravery…to the point that the leader of the X-Men, Magneto, often warned her that, if she would have kept acting on her own putting the whole team and rebellion to risk, he would have been forced to kick her out of the X-Men. She went through many adventures, before she joined the final battle that resulted in Apocalypse’s utter and total defeat. After the end of Apocalypse’s tyranny, Blink was teleported by the cosmic being Timebroker into the Panoptichron, a desert beyond time and space, along with other X-Men from many alternate realities. The team was committed with fixing paradoxes in many realities, fighting for their own existence. Blink became the leader of the Exiles (this the name of the team), and led them through dimensions to help any reality they met.

Well, depending on the reality we refer to, Clarice Ferguson is an extermely insecure and unsteady girl, or a brave and self-confident one, one scared of her powers, the other inebriated by them. As Blink, she’s able to create portals from a place to another, and to teleport through them people and things; everything that enters the portals can be manipulated by Blink, who can shatter them to pieces or riassemble in different ways. She can also create energy-javelins that, if thrown, have the same effects of the portals, and teleport everything that has been hit by them. Trained in combat and determined to prove her value whatever reality she lives in, Blink is a proud mutant who fights for what she believes is right.



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