Robert Louis Drake (Iceman)

icemanfilmAlways listing the characters from X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, we meet another old friend, the ever lovely Bobby Drake portrayed by Shawn Ashmore. In this movie, he’ll be one of the few mutants who survived the Sentinels‘s attack, and he’ll assist Professor X and Magneto in their last stand…displaying a new beard. The character already appeared in the first three X-Men movies: in the first one he was just a student among others, who had quite a crush on Rogue; in the second one, he was one of the few who managed to escape the school during William Stryker‘s attack, and brought Wolverine and the others to his home; in the third one, he finally became Iceman and helped the veteran X-Men fighting their last battle against Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants. Let’s see now who Bobby is in the comics.

Robert Louis Drake was born in Fort WashingtonLong Island, the son of William and Madelaine Drake. He lived a normal life until he reached puberty, when his mutant powers started to manifest: Bobby was always cold and shivering, icemancomics1without any understandable reason. With the months, he started to control this feeling, and everything seemed to be back to normal. One day, when he was on a date with his girlfriend Judy Harmon, a local bully named Rocky Beasely started to mock them, until he became violent. Unconsciously, Bobby used his powers for the first time, protecting Judy by freezing Rocky solid. Despite this was a completely unwilling action, started from self-defense, the population of Fort Washington got scared of Bobby’s abilities, and a mob gathered to lynch the young mutant. Bobby was arrested and taken into custody by the sheriff, who wanted to keep him safe from the mob. When he was in his cell, Bobby saw the prison’s wall literally exploding, and a man walking in: he was Scott Sommers, another young mutant who came to offer Bobby the choice to come to the School for Gifted Youngsters, a place in which he would have learnt how to use his powers properly. At first, the boy turned him down, and started a little scuffle with him; then, the mob reached the two young men and was about to hang them, but they suddenly stopped, as they were suspended out of time. It was the effect of Charles Xavier‘s powers, the man who had sent Scott to recruit Bobby. Thankful for being saved, and impressed by Scott’s mastership over his powers, Bobby this time accepted the invitation and followed Xavier, who then erased the memory of Fort Washington’s inhabitants, to Westchester County. Here, he trained into the Danger Room to master his powers, and became Iceman, the second X-Man. Along with his teammates Cyclops, BeastAngel and Marvel Girl, Iceman swore to protect a world that hated and feared him, following the dream of peaceful cohabitation between humans and mutants.

Bobby at first suffered the fact of being the youngest member of the team, despite befriending Beast and holding his own against foes such as Magneto, his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the pirate Captain Barracuda, the sorcerer Maha Yogi, the telepath Mesmero and many others. When Polaris joined the team, Bobby started dating her, but she then preferred Havok over him, and he found himself alone (not for long, being quite a womanizer). He became friends with another great teen in the superhero community, the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four, and the two teamed up many times over the years. When the first formation of the X-Men was captured by the living island Krakoa, and then rescued by the second, Bobby decided to leave the X-icemancomics2Mansion, and to start a superhero career on his own. He left college, and then formed the superhero team known as the Champions of Los Angeles along with Angel, Ghost Rider, Hercules and Black Widow. He became also a member of the Defenders, first, and of X-Factor, later, but he came back to the X-Men soon after. He started exploring his powers more than he did before, realizing he could use the ice he could emit to increase his body mass, strength and durability. He also became a being of pure ice, and strove to learn to control this secondary mutation of his body. It was only with Emma Frost that Bobby finally understood the full extent of his powers, realizing he was a  Omega Level Mutant, which means a being capable of manipulating matter itself to a certain extent. He used his newly found powers to defeat almost omnipotent adversaries such as the cosmic entity Oblivion, and became a fundamental member of the team, not being the youngest or the most inexperienced anymore. He decided to stay with his friends and teammates, putting his unique abilities at the service of a world that didn’t fear him any less than at the beginning of his adventure.

Bobby Drake is a confident and easy going young man, often cheerful and eager to be the comedian in the group. His light-hearted attitude however doesn’t imply an immaturity from him, quite the opposite, he’s fully aware of the necessity of an element of relaxation in every team, and tries his best to maintain the balance among his friends. As Iceman, he possesses the power of thermokinesis, which allows him to lower his inner and outer temperature to extremely low levels. He also possesses cryokinesis and hydrokinesis, the abilities to generate and manipulate ice and water respectively. He can cover himself with an ice armor, that can be expanded or reduced at will, increase his physical attributes, create ice figures (such as ice clones, spears and other constructs, or slides he uses to move faster), and to use the moisture in the air to strengthen his own powers. A teacher in the new Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, Iceman is a reliable friend and ally, one of the best people involved in realizing Xavier’s dream.



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