James Proudstar (Warpath)

WarpathAnother new character seen in the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer is Warpath, the Native mutant portrayed by Booboo Stewart. In the movie, he’ll appear in the future timeline as one of the few mutants survived to the Sentinels‘ attack on the entire species. He’ll gather around Professor X and Magneto with other young mutants, trying to prevent the war from ever happening. Nothing more can be said about the character in the movie as for now, but he seems to be pretty similar to his comicbook counterpart, at least graphically speaking. Let’s see together who Warpath is in the comics.

James Proudstar was an Apache, born in the reservation of Camp Verde, in Arizona. He was the son of Neal and Maria Proudstar, and the younger brother of John Proudstar, a warrior born, and a mutant with superhuman strength and durability. James idolized John, and was overwhelmed with joy when his brother came back from military service. The family went altogether to an amusement park to celebrate John’s return, and here, James was told his fate by a clairvoyant; he believed it to be just the usual fraud, but actually the woman he spoke to was the mutant Destiny. When Maria told her children she warpathcomics1had cancer, John and James infiltrated the laboratory of Dr. Edwin Martynec, the doctor who gave the diagnosis, following the advice of John’s journalist friend Michael Whitecloud. They found out that Martynec was actually falsifying lab results in order to experiment on his patients, using radiation in order to learn about genetic enhancement. Martynec himself was a werewolf, and almost killed the three intruders; John, however, used his mutants powers to keep the doctor at bay long enough to allow his brother and Michael to flee, and then followed them. Martynec destroyed his lab and disappeared, and the Proudstar brothers were able to prove that their mother was in perfect health. John was soon after recruited by Professor X to be a part of his second X-Men team, in a mission to save the first one. John agreed, and took the name Thunderbird. Unfortunately, John was killed during a battle against Count Nefaria, and the X-Men brought back the body to Camp Verde to be buried. James, disrupt by his brother’s death, stole the body and brought it to the desert, setting a proper Apache funeral pyre to honor his brother’s nature of a warrior. He then swore vengeance against Charles Xavier and his X-Men, who he considered to be responsible for John’s death.

When James manifested mutant powers similar to John’s ones, he interpreted this as a sing from the gods. He joined the Hellions, a team led by Emma Frost, and was trained in the use of his new powers. He battled against the Young Mutants when Frost kidnapped Kitty Pride and Cypher, but the battle was eventually lost. Acting on his own, he took the costume and the name of his warpathcomics2brother, and, as the new Thunderbird, he kidnapped Banshee, a retired X-Man. He lurked the X-Men into a trap in Cheyenne Mountain, where his brother died, trying to force the heroes to break federal law by infiltrating into the nearby NORAD military base. During the following battle, Proudstar managed to defeat both Wolverine and Kitty Pride, but, instead of letting them die due to the exposure to a toxic gas, he ended up saving them both. Confused, he reached Xavier, but he found himself unable to kill him. Xavier told James that his brother had died a hero’s death, and the boy convinced himself that Xavier was actually a honorable man. Yet, he refused to join his X-Men as he was offered, and chose to stay with the Hellions. With time, when Magneto entered the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, the relationship between New Mutants and Hellions softened, and James became the leader of his team, and befriended the Cheyenne New Mutant Moonstar. James, however, ended up leaving the Hellions, and came back to his reservation. During a trip to New York, the time traveler Cable offered him to become part of his X-Force, but Thunderbird refused. When he came back to his reservation, though, he found all of his tribesmen, parents included, slaughtered. All evidence pointed at a retaliation from the Hellfire Club, and James, now calling himself Warpath, contacted Cable and this time he accepted his offer. As a member of X-Force, Warpath started a path of vengeance that would have turned him from a solitary avenger into a hero.

James Proudstar is a man who firmly believes in the values of his people, particularly the ideas of honor and soul nobility. He’s an emotional and physical anchor to his friends and allies, always trying to be strong also for the ones who cannot. As Warpath, he possesses superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, senses and agility, and he also developed the ability to fly. Thanks to Ghost Rider‘s intervention, he also awakened the shamanic powers of his tribe, becoming able to enter into contact with the Spirit world. A tracker and a hunter, trained to both armed and unarmed combat, and a master of knives, Warpath is a honorable warrior, who fights for the people who cannot defend themselves.



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