Bolivar Trask

Bolivar TraskToday we’re going to speak about the main villain of X-Men: The Future Past, seen in the trailer: Bolivar Trask, portrayed by Peter Dinklage. In the movie, he’ll act as a willing benefactor of humanity, creating the Sentinels to protect normal humans from the growing mutant population. Actually, the character had already appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand, as a US Senator played by Bill Duke. Looking at the differences between the actors, it’s easy to think that the two are meant to be different characters, or just that this will be another “continuity hacking” made in the X-Men series (not the first one, and likely not even the last one). Anyway, let’s see together who Trask is in the comics.

Bolivar was born the son of Donald Trask Sr., a gifted child who grew up mastering many fields of science. Becoming an adult, he realized the mutant population, at first limited to a bunch of individuals, was growing more and more into a race, and started fearing bolivartraskcomics1for humankind’s fate: just as homo sapiens‘ rising meant the end for the man of Neanderthal, the same would have happened to homo sapiens sapiens facing homo sapiens superior. Trask became an anthropologist, and started studying mechanics, genetics and other disciplines that would have proved helpful in his battle for humans’ survival. Ironically enough, both his children manifested mutant powers entering puberty: Larry was a precognitive, while Tanya was a time traveler. At a certain point, Tanya’s powers made her “vanish”, leaving no trace; arrived in the future, she saw what her father’s actions would have brought to the world: his father’s giant robots, the Sentinels, would have massacred any superhuman, and enslaved the remaining beings. Trained by Rachel Summers, Tanya became Madame Sanctity, and came back to her age as a young woman to stop her father. Her actions, unfortunately, apart from damaging Bolivar’s properties, only made him stauncher in his purpose.

Bolivar Trask hired a team of scientists to build all the thinks his genius mind came up with. First of all, he developed a collar to block Larry’s powers, and to erase any memory he had about his visions of the future. He sometimes took away the collar, to take notes of his son’s visions to monitor mutants’ actions in the future, and he learnt of Senator Robert Kelly‘s assassination at the hands of a mutant (namely Mystique). He also started the project of his life: on a private island, he built Master Mold, the prototype Sentinel, and he programmed it to hunt and kill mutants, and to control hundreds of others like him. In the meanwhile, his scientists built other smaller Sentinels, intended to form an army of mutant-killing robots. Finally, Trask started a media campaign against mutants, bolivartraskcomics2warning normal humans of the threat the superhumans represented to them. Charles Xavier decided the thing had gone too far, and challenged Trask to a tv debate. Trask accepted, but, during the confrontation, he presented the world his Sentinels…who immediately rebelled to him and abducted their creator, bringing him to the secret island. Here, Master Mold told Trask that he had found the robots to be superior to both humans and mutants, so the logical conclusion was that they were supposed to rule both races. Trask was ordered to build more Sentinels, blackmailed with the lives of thousands of people; he was also ordered to use a psychic probe on Beast, a mutant the Sentinels had captured, to learn about the X-Men‘s plans. Reading Beast’s mind, Trask learnt that the X-Men were actually protecting humans from evil mutants, proving his theory of “mutant conquering plans” wrong. Overwhelmed with guilt, he activated the island’s self-destruct mechanism, destroying Master Mold and killing himself in the process. Unfortunately, his legacy was destined to live forever, since the Sentinels became from that moment on a continuous and deadly threat to the lives of any mutant on Earth.

Bolivar Trask is a scientific genius, able to master many fields such as anthropology, robotics, genetics, psychology and others. He firmly believes the mutants to be a threat to humankind and, moved by a strong will and an unbending determination, he seeks to protect his people with any means possible. An idealist and a self-proclaimed hero, Trask will stop in front of nothing and nobody to prevent mutants from overtaking the world.



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