Ororo Munroe (Storm)

stormfilmAnd today for the last character appearing in X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer: fan-favorite Storm, who will be played by Halle Berry in the upcoming movie, and will be featured as one of the mutant survivors of the apocalyptic post-Sentinels future. She first appeared in X-Men as one of the current members of the X-Men. In X2: X-Men United she battled Mastermind along with Nightcrawler to free Professor X, while in The Last Stand she unofficially became the team leader after Cyclops‘ and Professor X’s death. She then appeared in The Wolverine in a photo with Logan. She also appeared as a small child witnessing the murder of her entire village in Africa in a X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s deleted scene, where she was portrayed by April Elleston-Enahoro, while Elizabeth Wright portrayed her as a teenager in X-Men: First Class, in a small cameo during Charles Xavier‘s first use of Cerebro. Now, let’s see together who Storm is in the comics.

Ororo Munroe was conceived in Kenya, daughter of N’Daré, princess of her tribe and heir to a family of priestess regarded as sorceresses, and David Munroe, an American journalist who had come to Africa for a photo service. When N’Daré got pregnant,stormcomics1 she decided to follow her husband and moved to Manhattan, where Ororo was born. When she was just six months old, the Munroes moved back to Africa, in Egypt, finding a place in Cairo. Ororo grew up in Egypt, but the normality of her happy family wasn’t meant to last long: a plane crashed on the city when she was just five years old, and her house was destroyed in the tragedy. Both N’Daré and David got killed, and, from the ruins of their house, only little Ororo emerged. Before seeing the light again, however, she stayed buried with her mother’s dead body for days under the rubble, and, from that moment, she suffered a paralyzing claustrophobia. She got out homeless and orphan, with nothing more than her clothes and her mother’s traditional ruby with her. A kid alone was easily found by Achmed El Gibàr, a thief who used children for his crimes. He took Ororo in his “family”, and trained her to be his best pickpocket, sending her to bag-snatch tourists in Cairo’s market. Ororo failed just once, when she tried to take an American tourist’s wallet: the man was Charles Xavier, a powerful telepath who easily defended himself from the girl. Xavier understood the girl was a mutant, but he was in Cairo to face Shadow King, and had to renounce to contact the girl…for the moment.

Ororo lived as a street child for years, until, now a young woman, she decided to come back to Kenya, seeking her mother’s land. She had quite a misadventure when she accepted a ride from a stranger who tried to rape her, and she was forced to kill him: from that moment, she swore she would have never have taken another human life, no matter the cost. She continued her journey, walking for miles in the Saharian Desert, almost dying for thirst and fatigue. She eventually met a young man trying to defend himself from kidnappers: Ororo first manifested her mutant powers, manipulating weather to make the men stormcomics2flee. The young one was T’Challa, prince of the kingdom of Wakanda. He and Ororo spent some time together, falling in love with each other, but T’Challa eventually had to go and leave Ororo, since his duties as a prince called him back home (Ororo would have married him years later, becoming the queen of Wakanda). Finally, the girl reached Kenya, where Ainet, an elderly woman, recognized her as a priestess and took her to her tribe in the Kilimanjaro Valley. Ainet taught her the responsibility coming from her powers, and how to use them, and soon the local population started to worship Ororo like a goddess. When another weather-manipulator mutant, called Deluge, threatened to harm her people, Storm was forced to fight him in the Savage Land. During the battle, Ororo was helped by other mutants: BeastMarvel Girl and Cyclops, the X-Men. With Deluge killed, Ororo came back to her people, but Xavier contacted her a few months later: the original X-Men had disappeared during a battle with the living island Krakoa, and he was forming a new team of X-Men to rescue her. Ororo decided to trust the man, and joined his team…and his dream. In a few years, Ororo, codenamed Storm, became one of the main X-Men (sometimes the leader), a mutant who would have fought uncountable battles to defend a world that hated and feared her and her powers.

Ororo Munroe is a strong and proud woman, and her personal history has helped her to understand, apreciate and dignify her powers more than many other mutants. As Storm, she’s easily one of the most powerful mutants who ever joined the X-Men: her mutant power gives her the ability to control and manipulate weather conditions, and she can summon storms, thunders, lightnings, wind (which she uses to fly), as well as manipulate thermal and solar energy, atmospherical electromagnetism and maybe some other force related to Earth’s biosphere (probably, if Storm will be able to further explore her abilities, she’ll become an Omega Level mutant). She’s also linked to magical powers because of her mother’s ruby, and for a time she held a hammer named Stormcaster to become the Goddess of Thunder (she gave it up when it became clear it was all a plan from Loki to defeat his brother Thor). A trained combatant, an expert tactician and a capable leader, Ororo is an irreplaceable X-Man, who, despite giving up sometimes to a fierce fury against her enemies, is always able to guide her friends through the best path.



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