The Destroyer

destroyerfilmI don’t know you, but personally I think that The Well has been the best Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode in a long while. At the very beginning of the episode, when Simmons is speaking about Asgardian appearances in human history, we have a glimpse of a character directly from Thor, a giant “robot” shooting energy beams: it’s The Destroyer, some sort of android that Odin uses at the beginning of the movie to kill the Frost Giant who entered his treasure chamber, and that later Loki uses to try and kill his brother (but Thor obviously manages to defeat it). S.H.I.E.L.D. later collects what remains of the Destroyer, and in The Avengers we learn that their scientists made a gun out of it, used by Agent Coulson against Loki himself. Let’s see together who The Destroyer is in the comics.

The Destroyer’s origins date back to the beginning of history. The Celestials, a nearly omnipotent race of cosmic beings who guided the evolution of many species in the universe, humans included, announced a fourth Host on Earth, a “visit” during which they would have decided if humans were a failed experiment or not, and acted depending on their decision. During the third Host, many gods from Earth’s pantheons had gathered, and the Skyfathers, the heads of the respective pantheons, decided to prevent someway the Celestials’ fourth coming, since they didn’t want to lose their worshippers. Odin, leader of the Norse gods, destroyercomics1built an enchanted armor, crafted in Uru metal and made even more powerful and resiliant with magic. The oder gods, such as Zeus from Olympus or Brahma from Nirvana, instilled their power into the armor, giving it an unmatchable strength, an almost total invulnerability, and the ability of shooting potent energy blasts. Their creation worked, and it kept at bay the Celestials, fighting while activated by the souls of the gods. When the battle was over, Odin decided to hide the Destroyer, since its power was far too terrible for being used again. He travelled to the Far East (in modern Vietnam), and built an underground temple, which he called the Temple of Darkness. In there, he put the Destroyer, not to be activated ever again, if not for cases of extreme necessity (such as a fifth Host).

Unfortunately, Odin’s plans were to be thwarted some millennia later. Loki, trying to prevent his forster brother Thor to expose his treachery during the Trial of Gods using the Norn Stones, manipulated a greedy explorer, Buck Franklin, into finding the Temple and awakening the Destroyer, by projecting his own soul into the armor. Thor, led to the Temple by some Vietcong worried destroyercomics2for the explorer’s safety, is attacked by the Destroyer, and easily overpowered, even his hammer Mjolnir being useless against the enchanted armor. Loki, witnessing the battle from a prison cell in Asgard, suddenly realized that, if Thor died, Odin would have investigated on his favorite son’s murder and exposed him anyway; he was also worried that the Destroyer’s power could have become a threat for Asgard itself. He decided to help his brother in secret, by making him inangible just for a moment, the right one to have his life saved from a deadly attack; then, he proceeded to contact Odin, but the Alfather had fallen into the Odinsleep and was impossible to call. Loki contacted the sorceress Karnilla, asking her to wake Odin from his slumber, a thing that she did. Odin immediately helped Thor, who was shielding himself from the unstoppable Destroyer with Franklin’s original body, by forcing the man’s soul into his mortal body again. Thor took Franklin and escaped from the Temple of Darkness, destroying it and burying the Destroyer under tons of rubble, never to be found again. This, at least, until Loki decided it would have been useful to him once again.

The Destroyer is a tremendous weapon, wielding the power of many gods at once. Its strength easily surpasses Thor’s or even Hulk‘s one, its defense is impenetrable, and also its speed, both in running and in flying, are simply amazing. Its energy beams are capable of destroying a whole planet, while the main one, coming from the helmet, can destroy at molecular level any known substance. Despite being just an enchanted armor, the Destroyer possesses some degree of sentience, even if at a simple level: its only desire is for destruction and battle, and only a strong will (such as Odin’s or Thor’s) can inhabit the armor without being overwhelmed by the Destroyer’s lust for annihilation.



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