Gwendolyn Maxine “Gwen” Stacy

gwenstacyfilmAnother new pic has surfaced from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and this time we get a first look on Peter Parker‘s love interest since the first movie: Gwen Stacy, portrayed by beautiful Emma Stone. In the previous movie, Gwen had helped Peter fighting The Lizard from inside Oscorp, where she works as a researcher, but her love story with the hero seemed to end when her father, George Stacy, had Peter promise never to see Gwen again (in order to keep her safe) just before dying. Well, it seems that the promise will be short lived. The character already appeared in Sam Raimi‘s original trilogy, in Spider-Man 3, where she was portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard. This version was the stereotypical dumb blonde girl, who went out on a date with “evil” (= ridiculous) Peter Parker when he wanted to make Mary Jane Watson jealous, and who unconsciously was also Eddie Brock‘s love interest. Anyway, Marc Webb‘s version is much better, even if it’s different from the comics’ nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy, Gwen for everybody, was born in New York City, daughter of George and Helen Stacy. She grew up in a normal family life, even if she often worried about her father, a police captain, who she loved with all her heart. When she finished high school, she entered Empire State University, aiming at a major in Biochemistry. In the University she met many new friends, such as the boastful athlete Flash Thompson or the carefree Harry Osborn, but she developed a special interest for intellectual Peter Parker, who she started to court. Peter, however, was too much committed with his duties as Spider-Man to notice Gwen’s advances, and the girl, clearly unaware of the boy’s superhero identity, just felt wary for his (lack of) reaction at her interest. Gwen used to be at the center of everybody’s attention since her very childhood, and the young man’s lack of interest deeply insulted her. Also her new friends Harry and Flash, trying to score some point at the girl’s eyes, sided with her, starting to bully Peter because of his lack of “manhood” in realizing a girl’s feelings, but Parker, got down because of Betty Brant breaking up with him and worried for Aunt May‘s health, didn’t even notice. Eventually, Gwen learnt of Peter’s old aunt’s health issues, and felt bad for the way gwenstacycomics1she and her friends behaved with him. The three had Peter join their circle of friends, something the boy gladly accepted. Between Peter and Gwen something like a romance started soon after, but Parker met in those days Mary Jane Watson, a girl he couldn’t help being attracted from. The two of them started dating, and Gwen became so jealous that she started to date Harry Osborn in retaliation (a move that only ended up hurting Harry, since Peter was too interested in Mary Jane to worry about what Gwen was doing). Oddly enough, Gwen’s father, George, tried to convince his daughter to maintain her interest in Peter, waiting for the right moment (George actually knew Peter was Spider-Man, and greatly respected him).

After a while, however, Peter broke up with Mary Jane, feeling the girl was too self-centered. As a result, also Gwen broke up with Harry, much to the boy’s regret. Gwen and Peter started flirting once again, even if the double life of the second often made things between them even more difficult. They went to a science exhibit together, for example, and when the supercriminal Looter (a thief powered by a meteor stolen at the exhibit) attacked, Gwen saw Peter running away, and decided he was a coward… when actually Parker was going somewhere safe to change his clothes and fight the Looter as Spider-Man. Hanging out with Peter, however, convinced Gwen that he was a good man, courageous and honest, and the two eventually became an official couple. Again, Spider-Man’s life interfered with Peter Parker’s, as he was always late for dates, if present at all; Gwen wanted to leave him, but again George intervened, asking Gwen to believe that, regardless the appearances, Peter was in love with her. Father and daughter had a little misadventure when Kingpin brainwashed the captain and forced him to steal some documents he needed from the archives; Parker tried to stop George, thus making Gwen believe he attacked her father, but then Kingpin kidnapped both George and Gwen, and it was up to Spider-Man (helped by Norman Osborn, who at the time had forgotten he was the Green Goblin) to save gwenstacycomics2them. Thankful, Gwen was starting to like the hero, until tragedy struck: when Spider-Man was fighting against Doctor Octopus, some debris fell from the roof they were battling on, almost crushing a little kid. George Stacy saved the kid, but was hit at his place, losing his life in the process. From that moment, a distraught Gwen developed quite a grudge against Spider-Man, something that clearly didn’t help her life with Peter Parker, who had to play the devil’s advocate anytime his girlfriend started with the Spider-Man topic. Wanting to take some time for herself, Gwen moved to London to stay with Uncle Arthur and Aunt Nancy for a while, hoping that Peter would have asked her to marry him to prevent her to leave. She was disappointed, and left. She would have returned months later, on the advice of Arthur, ready to take her life back.

Gwen Stacy is a brilliant young woman and a skilled chemist. Most of all, Gwen is a good-hearted and sweet girl, who cares about his family and friends above everything else. Her relationship with her beloved boyfriend, Peter Parker, is even more complicated due to Peter’s secret identity, the hero Spider-Man Gwen despises, considering him responsible for his father’s death. Despite some moments of personal weakness (one of which led her into the arms of Norman Osborn), Gwen is a loyal friend and girlfriend, a pillar for the lives of the people around her.



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