Bor Burison

Bor BurisonFinally I watched Thor: The Dark World too, and I found it pretty decent, even if with far too many Disney-like gags. Anyway, there are still a couple of characters appearing in the movie we didn’t speak about yet. In the prologue, during the flashback showing Malekith‘s first attempt to conquer the universe, we see Asgard‘s first king, and Odin‘s father: Bor Burison, portrayed by Tony Curran. In the movie he doesn’t do anything else but defeating the Dark Elves and hiding their Aethyr somewhere they’ll never find it again. In the comics, his role is quite different: let’s see together.

After the ages of nothingness ended with the birth of Yimir, first of the Frost Giants, and Audmilla, the cosmic cow, another entity, first of the gods, emerged: it was Buri, who married a Giantess and gave birth to Bor. Bor was a warrior born, a fierce fighter who built the universe along with other gods, and later ruled a part of it, the dimension that would have later been called Asgard. When Buri abdicated the throne in a self-imposed exile, Bor became king, andborcomics1 chose Bestla, a Mountain Giantess, as his queen. Bor ruled over the gods, and led his people to the total domain over the newborn universe. Bestla gave Bor four sons: Cul, Odin, Vili and Ve, with the second being the king’s favorite, and the destined heir. Bor taught Odin everything he knew: how to fight, how to rule, how to serve his people and how to instil fear into his enemies. Odin was a fast learner, but he also had a strong character: soon he developed his own ideas and dreams, and created mankind without Bor’s order or approval. The king couldn’t accept that his son was something different than a younger version of himself, and tried to undo what Odin did, with no success. He then conjured every kind of pains and sufferings for humans, such as hunger, plagues, natural cataclysms, so that he could at least ruin the work of his son.

From that moment, the father and son relationship between Bor and Odin cracked, and the prince of Asgard started to harbour quite a bitterness towards the king. Eventually, the Frost Giants came back to threaten Asgard, and Bor answered with an all-out war, with Odin at his side. The combined might of the two gods proved to be too much for the Jotuns, who were annihilated. When, on the battlefield, Bor saw an enemy trying to escape, he chased him, faithful to his borcomics2nature. Once he had reached him, however, it turned out that the Giant was actually a powerful sorcerer in disguise (present day Loki, back in time to set in motion the events that would have led him to the court of Asgard), who turned the powerful king into snow. Odin arrived just in time to see his father melting, and, when Bor asked his son to find a sorcerer to help him, the prince ignored him and let him die, claiming the throne for himself. Odin would have been haunted for years by a ghost he believed to be Bor, actually Loki (once again!), who promised him to leave him be once Odin would have taken care of a foreigner prince taken from a beaten king: when Odin killed Laufey, king of the Jotuns, he adopted his son, Loki, and present-day Loki abandoned his Bor appearance and came back to his time. The real Bor came back years later, when Loki undid the spell he used on the ancient king to bring him back to life. He also casted a new spell on him, making him believe to be in the middle of his last battle, surrounded by Jotuns. When Thor arrived, Bor sensed the Odinforce coming from the Jotun he was seeing, and believed to be facing his son’s assassin. Overwhelmed by grief and fury, Bor attacked his grandson, starting a destructive battle with the potential of annihilating the entire Earth.

Bor is a wise king, committed to serving his people, but he is also an arrogant and proud warrior, self-confindent and sure of his strength. His power, however, is quite remarkable indeed, able to easily surpass also the Odinforce: with unmatched strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, an absolute mastership over armed and unarmed combat, and power over natural elements such as wind, water and even storms, he is one of the most powerful Asgardians ever lived. Despite his pride, he’s however a noble soul, found worthy to lift the magic hammer Mjolnir (which he didn’t find worthy of himself, however, preferring his axe and scythe), and one of the greatest kings Asgard will ever know.



  1. […] magic to appear as a Jotun in a battle between the Frost Giants and the Aesir, led by the mighty Bor. The Jotuns lost the battle, and Loki, knowing Bor’s pride, allowed himself to be pursued by […]

  2. […] in mystery, history fused with myth and legends. It appears that Odin was born the second son of Bor, one of the first Asgardians ever and ruler of Asgard itself, and Bestla, a mountain giantess. […]

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