KorgTime for another character appearing in Thor: The Dark World, maybe the unluckiest in the movie: Korg the Kronan, the hulkling stone giant faced by Thor during his battle in Vanaheim. In the film, his role is incredibly small: he is the champion of the Marauders, the ace in the sleeve meant to solve the battle in the bandits’ favor. Unfortunately, a single hit by Mjolnir is enough to reduce him to a pile of stone, an exhibition of strength more than enough to scare the other Marauders and to endorse the Asgardians‘ victory. In the comics, he has quite a larger story, and he is actually the first foe ever faced by Thor, appearing as an enemy on Journey Into Mystery #83, during the God of Thunder‘s first story. Let’s see together who Korg is in the comics.

The Kronans were a race of powerful warriors, cosmic conquerors who sought to invade other worlds to expand their influence. They targeted Earth for the first time around 3000 B.C., but they were defeated by Gilgamesh (actually an Eternal under disguise) and Captain America, victim of a time displacement. The Kronans left the planet, but founded a base on Saturn, a planet close enough to continue studying Earth, sending scouts in order to chose the better way and moment to fight Earthlings. Korg, along with his brother Margus, was among the warriors sent to Saturn to prepare Earth’s invasion. After centuries of waiting, they finally decided the moment had come to take over the planet, and they once again attacked Earth, this time landing in Norway. Their arrival was sighted by Donald Blake, an American doctor who took refuge in a nearby cave…a cave in which he found the mystic hammer Mjolnir, becoming the Norse god Thor. While a small squadron was purchasing Blake, the Kronan army attacked the forces of NATO, annihilating their resistance and making them flee terrified using advanced technology, illusions and their superior strength. When Thor arrived on the battlefield, the Kronans immediately understood he was no ordinary foe, and, when he smashed every weapon they korgcomics1tried to defeat him with, they finally released the Mechano Monster, a robot intended to be their secret weapon…which was destroyed with a single blow. Defeated and humiliated, Korg and his companions left Earth, once again vanquished by a single, extraordinary individual. The ship Korg, Margus and their troops were on suffered great damage from the battle, and they lagged behind seeking materials for reparations. Earth’s space didn’t deploy any planet with suitable technology, and the Kronans ended up spending years looking for the right place; eventually they found a Kree colony, and they conquered it, killing every inhabitant. Finally, they were able to repair their ship using Kree technology, and they left the planet in order to reach Krona at last. They, however, never reached their final destination: a wormhole (the Great Portal) appeared from nowhere, and sucked their ship in.

Korg and the others found themselves transported on the desertic world of Sakaar, in the Tayo Star System, light years away from Krona or Earth. The following crash killed most of the crew, and Korg was sent flying miles away from the ship. When he woke up, he believed to be the only survivor (there were actually other five, Margus included), and spent some time exploring the new planet. He found a good place to stay in the Maga Mountains region, where the population of a small village took him for a rock god who had come to protect them. Korg, who survived only because of the people’s offerings, started to act as their protector for real, and helped them preventing landslips and fighting away the soldiers of the Sakaar Empire, a tyrannical government with no regard for its own people. Eventually, Korg was attacked and imprisoned by Death’s Head Guard, the elite squad at the Red King‘s (the planet’s ruler) orders. Korg was enslaved and transformed into a gladiator thanks to an “obedience disk” that prevented him from rising up against his captors. During one of his first matches, he was forced to fight against the other Kronan survivors, Margus and other four, who had become mindless beasts, with their brains korgcomics2suffering major damage in the effort of resisting the obedience disk: Korg ended up killing them all, with the grief and guilt haunting him for the rest of his life. When an Earthling monster, Hulk, was exiled from his planet and sent to Sakaar, Korg found himself in his same cell block, and the two became allies on the battleground, and later friends out of necessity. When also the Silver Surfer became a slave on the planet, he used his Cosmic Power to destroy the disks, and Hulk started a rebellion that ultimately led to the Red King’s death and the slaves’ freedom. Korg helped the Green Goliath to transform Sakaar into a paradise, building what the previous government had destroyed, with Hulk as the new king, with a queen and a son. The ship Hulk had arrived on, suddenly, started bombarding the planet, destroying the ex-gladiators’ efforts. Enraged, Hulk decided it was time he came back to Earth, and formed the Warbounds, a team composed of former gladiators, Korg included, that would have brought death and destruction over the Illuminati, the chaste composed of Earth’s most intelligent men who decreed Hulk’s exile and, apparently, Sakaar’s destruction.

Korg used to be a pitiless and brutal conqueror, with no regards for life at all, but the years on Sakaar changed him: now he is a warrior who knows honor, and is ready to fight to the death for his companions and his freedom. Despite being quite brutal all the same, he now understands the value of life, since his own has been put at stake too many times just for somebody’s fun. As a Kronan, he possesses incredible strength and durability; plus, his experience has a gladiator has gifted him with mastery over armed and unarmed combat, and he’s extremely proficient in using both the sword and shield of slaves, and the warhammer of a free warrior. Loyal, strong and honorable, haunted by his brother’s death and eager to give a meaning to his life, Korg is an irreplaceable ally and a force to be reckoned with.


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